Tips for Throwing a Kickass 420 Party

420 party

The time is approaching. On April 20th, or 4/20, this is the ultimate day to celebrate smoking pot, all over the world. And with so many states have legalized marijuana, many of us will celebrate weed day by going to their local rally, or a live concert, but we can think of one more idea that’ll bring two of our favourite things together – throwing your own 420 party with your favourite plant and all of your mates. 


If you’re going to throw a 420 party, you want it to be kickass. So, we’re going to give you a step-by-step to cover all the basics, from food to stocking up on smoking accessories. This is going to be a kickass 420 party, without breaking the bank. 


1. Location, Location, Location

Make sure your house is adept at smoking tons of marijuana in. If you live in an apartment or condo where you normally don’t smoke pot in I’d choose a different location. Pick a friend’s house that’s 420 friendly to keep the good vibes going.


2. Grab your pot EARLY

You’ve got to get in early and be organized on this front – when 420 is approaching there’s the risk you’ll be caught without any herb and that would be a quick end to what could be an awesome party! Get in early and think about what to buy for all your different guests. Select 4 or 5 different strains with varying effects, a heavy indica for those looking to get real stoned is always great, a sativa for some upflighting energy great for any party, as well as some hybrid options to keep people’s options open. 

(Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash)


3. Stock up on Food, and Make Your Own Cannabis Edibles! 

If you want to throw a kickass party, you can do better than putting out a bowl of Doritos. Without fail, there will be hungry mouths to feed, and if you don’t got munchies there might be a mutiny. Sushi, pasta salads, and fresh homemade pizzas will up the standard a little bit, but what could be even more impressive is cannabis-infused foods. We’ve got recipes (Cannabis Cooking article Once published) on THC ice cream, canna milk, weed cookies, and even cannabis milkshakes here if you want to surprise your friends with some new creations. 

Whether you purchase or make them yourself having some medibles will spice up the party.


4. Hydration Station

Nobody wants to smoke a bunch of weed and not have beverages to get rid of those pasties. Interestingly, mango juice is chock full of Myrcene, which actually increases your high. If you can’t get your hands on this, then just keep everyone hydrated, at the very least, with a good selection of fruit juices, water and sodas. 


5. Smoke Utensils Smorgasbord

Everybody smokes differently, and maybe most people like to chop the bong. Have a nice variety of smoking accessories so everyone can stay blazing! Have lots of papers on deck, and an extra grinder is always a good idea.


6. Pre-Roll for the Kick-Off

As people arrive, having some pre-rolled joints will get the bash started off properly. No one will complain if they arrive and have a nice fatty sparked up instantly. They’ll feel like you’re an amazing host and it’s a great conversation starter to set the party off on a good note. 

(Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash) 


7. Good Environment and Music Equals Good Vibes 

Without music, a party can feel like a meeting, so turn up the tunes and set the mood with a chilled-out playlist. Part of establishing an atmosphere is by creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. This may seem pretty straight forward for all those who keep their house tidy at all times. But for the stoners who have a little bit more trouble keeping their house clean make sure you tidy up before you have guests over. Not only that, but artfully arranging cushions, pulling couches together and spaces to hang out will bring people together and keep the good vibes in the air! 


8. Have all the Fun 😀

No matter where you’re at and who you’re with have fun. It’s meant to be a happy day to spend with your friends toking for the good times. 

Spark up and enjoy the holiday with a dope marijuana party, we only get one a year!



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