The Benefits of Vaporizing Cannabis

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Its no secret, technology is improving every day. From simple stone pipes to hookahs, big blunts to bongs, it seems like there are never enough ways to smoke cannabis. Whatever the next big technological achievement in pot smoking is, we certainly know what the top of the hierarchy is now: Vaporizing Cannabis.

Yes, vaping is no longer limited to blowing obscenely large clouds of nicotine based liquid vapour, you can now vaporize your weed. Vaping weed is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of ingesting marijuana. It is easier on the lungs, more discrete than smoking a joint, and in some cases much more powerful than traditional methods of getting high.

But how does vaporizing cannabis work? Well, by using a heating element, the vaporizer warms your cannabis to the temperature where JUST the high inducing THC will be vaporized. This leaves your Cannabis un-burnt, and you inhale the THC vapor completely smokeless.

Okay, that’s all well and good, but why should you vaporize your weed anyway? Well to start, smoke (of any kind) is bad for you! While Cannabis compared to tobacco contains much less toxic, added in chemicals, the fact is that smoke inside the lungs will never be healthy. Just due to the quality of it being smoke, when inhaling it you are allowing things other than THC into your body. Sometimes these unnecessary chemicals can cause negative effects, such as headache, dry mouth and anxiety.

vaporizing your cannabi, vaping weed, vaporizer, vaporizing cannabis, vaporize your weed
But what are some of the benefits of vaporizing your cannabis? First of all, rapid delivery. Inhaling THC is by far the fastest way of achieving a high. Edibles must be digested by the body before any effects can be felt, whereas with vaporization, the THC is absorbed into the blood stream directly through the lungs, allowing for a noticeable effect in mere moments. Many users also report a crisp, clear headed high from vaporizing cannabis when compared to smoking and eating. This high is very useful for those professionals who use cannabis, who want to enjoy the effects of smoking marijuana but remain on top of their game for the many important tasks they handle.

Another key benefit of vaporizing cannabis lies in its discretion. Most cannabis based vapor smells very little like weed (many people say it smells more like popcorn) and flavored varieties have no similarity to the smell of weed at all. In addition to its lack of smell, most vaporizers look identical to their fully legal, nicotine-based counterparts. For the first time in history, you can walk down a busy street enjoying your Cannabis without any judging looks or worry about interference by law enforcement.

Finally, one of the benefits of using a cannabis vaporizer is the STRENGTH. Smoking concentrates like THC distillate or CO2 extract oil allows you to achieve much greater highs with much less vapour/smoke intake. Gone are the days of puffing endless bowls of grass, coughing up a lung to achieve the same high that you can get with a few simple puffs off a vaporizer pen.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Well, there you have it folks. All of the benefits of vaporizing your weed, along with some of the downsides of smoking it. We hope you enjoyed this guide, and found it useful for learning about the relationship between cannabis and your health. Now then, why don’t you head over to the shop section of Buy Low Green and check out some of the strains and vaporizer options they have on off!

I’m sure you’ll find something to your taste.



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  1. dirtzmgirtz says:

    I found that vaporizing weed buds itself is less lucrative and creates waste, whereas smoking shatter via vape pen was almost 10x more efficient. It also made my head sweat,which is indicative of a job well done.

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