Are These The Best Stoner Movies of All Time? Decide for Yourself

best stoner movies

Here at Buy Low Green, we’re always looking to share the MOST perfect accompaniments for our favorite past-time – and part of that mission is, of course, including a list of the best stoner movies of all time.

What follows is a list that spans decades, from the most well-loved blockbusters to the more unappreciated obscure films, that’s sure to tickle your fancy in one way or another!

Break out the buttery popcorn and bust out the medicinal because it’s time for BLG’s top stoner movies!


Classic Stoner Movies

Dazed and Confused

Widely regarded as the best high school movie ever made, this classic film gave rise to the career of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated stoners, Matthew McConaughey: “Alright, alright, alright.”

While not entirely about toking up the medicinal, this movie LITERALLY protrudes of cannabis aroma in just about every scene (…or maybe that’s you). The candidly realistic portrayal of life of Texas high school in the 70’s continues to resonate with audiences, easily making it one of the most laugh out loud funny stoner movies ever made! You can find this one on Netflix, so spark one up and throw it on!


Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke

Hey, young whippersnappers listen up!

Because Cheech and Chong outright invented stoner comedy. Doing so at a time when cannabis still existed on the fringe of society, this due sacrificed more bringing marijuana to the limelight compared to any other comedians in history. To this day their names remain synonymous with the state of being stoned. Cheech and Chong, we salute you.

Just an FYI – this ridiculous comedy is jam packed with off color racial humor, wacky drug references and way too much shagging-like carpet. Clean out your bong and prepare for 70’s cheese this stoner movie delivers!


Half Baked

Dave Chappelle’s allegiance to weed is no secret, but his true colors were definitely shown when he released this funny stoner movie back in 1998. Filled with classic moments like “If I wasn’t from Jamaica, why would I be wearing dis hat?”, Half Baked remains a top pick for any Sunday sesh.

Without revealing too much, this stoner film revolves around Chappelle and his dimwitted cohorts selling weed to save someone from a jail sentence. If your looking to unwind, do yourself a favor, light a doob and throw this on the tube!


Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny

The only musical buddy comedy here, Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny absolutely had to be included for a TRUE list of best stoner movies. No doubt drawing some inspiration from the aforementioned, musical comedy double act Cheech and Chong, Tenacious D brought musical stoner comedy into the 21st century with their hilarious songs, some of which are still being screamed into Karaoke bar microphones to this day.

Focusing on their quest to “Pay the rent with their Rock”, The Pick of Destiny is one of the top stoner movies ever made. Featuring Cameos from legends Dave Grohl, Ronnie James Dio and Meatloaf, this movie is an essential part of anyone’s rock musical education, and if you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favour and throw it on right now! Not tomorrow. NOW!!


The Big Lebowski

Gracing the top 100 lists of practically every movie rating website, this classic can truly be called a good stoner movie. Jeff Bridges’ phenomenal performance as The Dude is the centerpiece of this cult classic. He’s the burnout uncle we all wish we had, a robe-wearing, roach-smoking zen master, who’s cool yet chaotic handling of some bizarre circumstances makes up the plot of this 1998 film.


More Classic Stoner Movies


Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Also taking its place on the Mount Rushmore of comedies, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is an instant cannabis classic!  A movie that’s relatable in SO many ways – get really stoned, get really hungry and proceed to embark on an incredible unnecessary mission for food!

Although, having a White Castle in Canada is out of the books, the movie still hits to home. Enjoy more shenanigans than you can handle with this flick.


Grandma’s Boy

Ever have a roommate spend all of his rent money on questionable things and become evicted on the same day? Forcing him to move into his grandma’s house? If you do, pass him a few stiff ones because he definitely deserves it.

Alex, a video game tester in his 30’s, absolutely loves smoking pot, and finds himself in a pickle after lying his stash around which his grandma makes into tea. Grandma’s Boy leaves you gasping for air at times, with its high class cast of cameos and continuous juvenile video game references.


Super Troopers

“Hey Farva, what’s the name of that restaurant you always like to eat at?”

“Oh, you mean shenanigans?”

Those two lines alone are exactly what you get from Super Troopers. A full-on spearhead of shenanigans that gives the ancient energizer bunner a run for its money.

Super troopers is about a group of local highway officers who are so close in landing the bust of their careers, if they could only puzzle together a few small pieces. If you’ve never watched Super Troopers, then you need to grab your favorite bong, call all your friends and let the good times roll.


How High

Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to **** with!

Methodman and Redman, hip hop icons, instantly become great friends when they accidentally solve each others medicinal woes. The movie takes place while the two are in college, where they realize that studying high gives them HIGHER grades.

Although we don’t recommend this for your studying habits, there’s plenty of sativa strains that do help you focus!  That being said, Method and Red translate their off screen friendship into the perfect stoner movie duo.


Pineapple Express

What would a ‘best stoner movies of all time’ countdown be without Pineapple Express. Canadian legend, Seth Rogen, and Dave Franco, team up for possibly the most recognizable cannabis influenced movie of all time. Even non-stoners will tell you how funny of a movie this is.

And face it, we’ve all had a dealer with backstories to his 50 different strains, wanting to lounge and converse for AT LEAST 30 minutes before leaving. Don’t worry, at BLG we’d never do that to you!

Now that you got some classics to burn through, spark up your favorite strain and enjoy the best stoner movies.


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