Cannabis Culture – Events & Etiquette

cannabis culture

Cannabis culture is all about growing, using, and consuming various parts of the cannabis plant. 

The act of smoking weed has been a staple of cannabis culture for hundreds of years and has been an effective way to bring people together — giving them an improved sense of connectedness and wellbeing. 

Any activity done socially typically requires you to conduct yourself in a certain way, and consuming cannabis is no different. There is an unspoken code of etiquette that polite stoners abide by to keep the smoking circle peace. 

For you, novice smokers out there, remembering them all can be close to impossible (especially if you try to remember them while you’re toking). 

This is why we outlined the most basic but important rules to follow to keep you from rubbing your fellow smokers the wrong way and ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience!

What is Cannabis Culture?

what is cannabis culture

As the legality and social acceptance of weed and cannabis in general keep evolving — so does the concept of cannabis culture. 

Today, it encompasses many different things: growing methods, the tools and accessories used, the negative and positive implications of its use and the many different ways to consume it. 

Yet, cannabis culture runs more deeply than that. It’s how culture members share experiences, nurture ideas, and grow their knowledge about current and new discoveries about this unique little plant. 

Cannabis culture is as conflicted and diverse as any other culture on earth.

Let’s not forget it’s also an economic cash cow, but more on that later.

There are also other elements infused into the cannabis culture framework, some dating back to the 1960s. These values are directly responsible for jumpstarting the cannabis legalization movement — which includes: 

  • Being welcoming of all races, cultures, and sexual orientations.
  • Being committed to upholding individual liberty.
  • Refusing to be involved in a war or any other type of violence.
  • Refraining from consumerism.
  • Accepting of new age religions and spirituality

Cannabis Culture Events

Cannabis culture is very expansive and much more inclusive than it used to be. 

Today, you can find fun, local events where you can socialize and network with other like-minded cannabis aficionados, including Seattle’s HEMPFEST, California’s Emerald Cup, the Boston Freedom or Denver’s 420 Rally.   

Cannabis and marijuana-centric events like Meetups are also great resources for connoisseurs, workers, students, entrepreneurs, and new users that live in legal states.

In fact, there are Meetup groups that are all about making professional network connections with other cannabis industry workers. Another great event is the National Cannabis Policy Summit.

Every year it unites a diverse assembly of leaders and activists from civil rights organizations, the government, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and veterans groups to exchange views about the most pressing opportunities and policy changes governing legal cannabis.

Cannabis Culture and Weed Etiquette

cannabis culture etiquette

Stoner jokes and 4:20 sessions aside, the majority of cannabis culture focuses on the act of ingesting cannabis in one way or another. 

The most significant part of cannabis culture remains focused on smoking it, and with that, there are some universal weed-smoking etiquette rules you should be aware of.

Here are ten weed-smoking etiquette rules to get you started on the basics of cannabis culture:

Give Your Guests the First Hit

Being polite is always great when it comes to your guests. A good host always serves their guests first, and the same rule applies when smoking weed. 

Don’t Peer Pressure

Just because smoking weed is fun to you doesn’t mean it is for everyone. If you notice anyone is hesitant or uninterested in getting high— respect their feelings and decisions. 

Sharing is Caring

We all know how expensive smoking weed can get, especially among larger groups, which is why it is always polite to bring your own bud.  

Don’t Drool 

There isn’t anyone in this world who wants to smoke a mouthful of someone else’s spit. So be nice and try to keep your saliva to yourself and wipe the mouthpiece before passing it on. 

Don’t Partake with Others if You’re Sick

No explanation is needed here.  

Puff, Puff, Pass

Don’t bogart the weed by taking more than two drags. Puff twice and pass it. 

Don’t Camp

No, we don’t mean tent camping — we mean remembering to pass the bowl. Understandably, some people are chattier than others, but keep the bowl moving! 

Don’t Blow Smoke in People’s Faces.

Again, this one should be a no-brainer, but it is never polite to blow anything in anyone’s face, especially your second-hand smoke

Don’t Pass a Cashed Bowl 

If you noticed you took the last viable hit. Don’t pass it to the poor soul next to you that will end up with a mouthful of ash, make sure to announce that the bowl is cashed and reload it. 

Be Nice!

Aim to be nice and polite towards others in any given situation. When you’re with a large group consuming a mind-altering substance. Being kind makes all the difference in terms of how enjoyable your smoke session will be. 

Cannabis Culture – Let’s Build it Together 

Advancing our understanding of cannabis’s science, how it affects our minds and bodies, the commonly held values, basic weed-smoking etiquette, and local events are all that bring the cannabis community together. 

These are what make cannabis what it is today: one of the fastest-growing cultures in the world.   

Thanks to the evolution of the cannabis movement, the economy is more vigorous. Countless lives are different for the better because of the therapeutic benefits cannabis provides to millions. 

Let’s represent it well and make sure to do our part to treat everyone enjoying and serving this industry with the love and respect they deserve.

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