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Honey Oil – The Most Versatile Concentrate

weed oil

Honey oil – an amber coloured cannabis concentrate that’s disrupting conventional flower smoking.For as long as we have known, smoking goes hand in hand with marijuana, and for good reason. Smoking is by far the most expedient way to administer THC into the bloodstream. For some, nothing will top smoking a hand-rolled joint, but as…

THC Diamonds – What You Need to Know

thc diamonds

THC Diamonds – from weed shatter to weed “butter” and everything in between, it was only a matter of time until a new, space-age named concentrate would be introduced to the market. The name might be a misnomer, but THC diamonds aren’t literal rocks of THC, the psychoactive component found within cannabis flowers, that are…

Terp Sauce – How To Up Your Terpene Game

thca diamonds

Terp sauce isn’t your typical cannabutter or cannabis infused oil – it’s a flavour packed cannabis concentrate that’s sure to turn heads and blast you off into the clouds.  Ever since becoming a medicinally legal substance — our understanding and application of cannabis products continually deepens and expands. With that, a boatload of new products…

Rosin Press – DIY Cannabis Concentrate at Home

rosin press

Rosin is one of the newest ways to enjoy high-quality cannabis concentrates — and it can be made right from the comfort of your home with a DIY rosin press! Cannabis concentrates are made by isolating terpenes and desirable cannabinoids (most commonly THC and CBD) from the plant material using a variety of extraction techniques….

What is Rosin? Differences Between Shatter and How to Make it


Just when you thought cannabis concentrates couldn’t get any better, rosin comes around.  And no, it’s not full of solvents like it’s cousins shatter, wax, budder or live resin. Instead rosin is a solvent-free concentrate that’s just as easily consumable, psychoactive and flavor-rich.  Unfortunately, the concentrate still lives in the shadows of its more popular…

How to Make Rosin: “Squished” Cannabis


You might have heard of cannabis resin during the pre-legalized days when your friends were trying to scavenge that last black tar residue off of your bongs and pipes. But with the array of cannabis concentrates available today, why collect resin “cigar-butt” style to use afterward when you can learn how to make rosin?  We’re…