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Cannabis Culture – Events & Etiquette

cannabis culture

Cannabis culture is all about growing, using, and consuming various parts of the cannabis plant.  The act of smoking weed has been a staple of cannabis culture for hundreds of years and has been an effective way to bring people together — giving them an improved sense of connectedness and wellbeing.  Any activity done socially…

Back Away From The Botox! CBD Skincare To The Rescue


You’ve heard of Botox, the seemingly miraculous combatant to time’s inevitable passage. You’ve no doubt heard of face lifts and fillers, too. Be it your next-door neighbour or the Kardashian clan, it seems like near-enough everyone is yearning to turn back the clock and reverse the ageing process.  As far as Botox is concerned, a…

The Best Strains For Sex Will Have You Never Taking Viagra Again


We live in a world where true connection is disappearing. Our lives are on full throttle, from sunup to sundown. We devote all our energy to work, facing these busy schedules with a brave face. Deep down, we all want a slower pace where romance, family and community are central to our lives.  We must…