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Pot Cargo Vs Buy Low Green – Which Dispensary Is More Expensive?


2018 broke new ground for Canadian cannabis enthusiasts. On the 17th of October in 2018, Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use nationwide. Canada, host to one of the world’s largest 4/20 cannabis events in the world, allows Canadians over the age of 19 to purchase cannabis legally from their choice of either government approved physical…

Interested in Winterizing Cannabis for CBD Oil? Here’s How


Ever wonder why some concentrates like distillate and shatter have a beautiful, clear amber colour? Why do some cannabis products such as tinctures and budder, have a murky, forest-green colour? The secret lies in a refinement process known as “winterization.” It doesn’t have anything to do with the winter, but extreme cold is definitely one…

High CBD Strains For Every Occasion

vaping vs smoking weed differences

If you’re already a regular in the cannabis scene, chances are you’ve heard of CBD. If you haven’t, here’s a refresher – high CBD strains are some of the most in demand cannabis strains out there. Why? High CBD strains emphasize the “therapeutic” side of marijuana consumption. Without any psychoactive “high” of any sort, they’re effective…

What’s The Best Temperature for Vaping and How it influences Your Experience


If you’re currently vaporizing cannabis, then welcome! You’ve joined the legions of countless others who have chosen vaping instead of smoking as an intake method. Vaping is easier on your lungs than smoking because it doesn’t involve combustion. But, temperature still plays a role. If you’re wondering what the right temperature setting might be for…

Cannabis and Asthma: Benefits and Dangers

marijuana-and-asthma (1)

Smoking anything as an asthma-sufferer is ill-advised. But the surprising thing is that cannabis use may still be of significant benefit for those diagnosed with asthma.  Yes, weed and asthma can live harmoniously side-by-side.  Even if you’re a recreational user you can still consume cannabis even if you suffer from asthma. We’ll discuss how cannabis…