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Secrets of How to Smoke Hash – Get Your Hashish On in a Hurry

How to Smoke Hash

There are so many ways of how to smoke hash, from vaporizing to smoking in a hookah to even combusting it between two scolding hot knives… So, if smoking hash isn’t your expertise, how do you decide which option is the right one for you? We’ve collated some tips and tricks and simple methods, including…

Tips for Throwing a Kickass 420 Party

420 party

(Photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash) The time is approaching. On April 20th, or 4/20, this is the ultimate day to celebrate smoking pot, all over the world. And with so many states having legalized marijuana, many of us will celebrate weed day by going to their local rally, or a live concert, but we…

420 Friendly Travel Destinations for Your Next Vacation

420 travel destinations

As laws begin to change all over the world, people are beginning to find more 420 friendly travel destinations.  Everyone’s heard of BC’s Finest, and we all know how Colorado and Oregon have been the first states to decriminalize pot, but what about all the other places in the world that deserves recognition?  Long behold,…

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