What Does Being Crossfaded Feel Like? What’s the Crossfaded High?


Being crossfaded is one of those experiences that you just have to go through to understand what it’s all about.

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve probably consumed alcohol and cannabis at the same time. You might’ve even done it both at the same time!

However, is the experience really worth it?

Many anecdotal accounts and stories stem from the crossfaded high. Some regard it as a technique to get you the most high and drunk at the same time while others describe it as a recipe for disaster. However, the majority of tokers won’t have an idea of what it is, or what causes it.

If the latter describes you, then you’re in luck! Today, we’ll give you a first-hand account of what being crossfaded feels like, why it happens and how to deal with one if you’re going through it!

What Does Cross Faded Mean? What Does Being Crossfaded Feel Like?

cross faded high

A cross faded high becoming ‘crossed’ happens when an individual is both drunk and high at the same time. For most people, it happens out of sheer coincidence, but if you haven’t experienced a crossfaded high before, here’s what you can expect.

You might be enjoying a cold one in hand and puffing on a joint in the other – these things just kind of happen when you’re having a good time. The alcohol is making you feel nice and loose, and you’re at that nice in-between space between buzzed and drunk.

Then, you leave the bar and go out for quick smoke with your friends. The stars are out, the vibes are good and the weed is dank. How could you refuse? You have no idea of the crossfade meaning but you’re sure that it’s not serious. You could ask your friends “what is crossfade,” but why kill the vibe?

Your friends take one or two tokes from a joint before passing it to their left. Finally, it’s your turn. You take a few puffs and you can almost feel the effects coursing through you. Suddenly, you begin to stumble and grow unsteady as your head starts pounding lightly.

Shaking your head, you brush it off and head back inside the bar for some water. You’re no stranger to greening out and if you can get through that, you can get through anything to be sober again.

On your way to the table again, you feel it in your head. Your head starts to pound and you being to lose control of your motor functions.

Your understanding of the situation diminishes and soon, you’re struggling to even keep your eyes awake. Soon after, your head starts spinning and you become extremely nauseous. Eventually, you pass out and wake up in your bed with the most debilitating headache of your life.

Of course, our experience of being crossfaded might differ from yours. Weed affects everybody differently, after all. With that being said, getting drunk and high at the same time is an easy way to ruin your night.

Why Does a Crossfaded High Happen?

Despite many tokers having suffered from a crossfaded high before, scientists still aren’t sure why this happens. There aren’t many studies available explaining the effects of mixing weed with liquor. However, there are some studies that could point us in the right direction.

In one study, researchers found that THC actually reduced how long ethanol lasts in the body. To put it more simply, THC acts to level out the bio-availability of alcohol, allowing our body to get rid of it faster. To put it even simpler, combining alcohol and weed could sober you up!

However, this is just one study.

In another study, researchers found that combing alcohol and weed showed that smoking before drinking increased the amount of THC in the body. To put it more simply, if you toke up after drinking, alcohol can improve the bio-availability of THC. So, smoking weed could actually make you even higher!

As both of these studies have shown, the science behind combining weed and alcohol is still unclear. However, what we do know is that being crossfaded sucks (for the majority of people) and it’s not a state you want to be in.

With that being said, here are a few things you can do to stop it!

How to Stop Being Crossfaded

crossfaded meaning

While these aren’t proven techniques, these tips and tricks have helped save us from the effects of being high and drunk simultaneously.

If you’re feeling like a wreck and you want to get off of the dollar coaster, remembering some of these techniques could be the difference between sobering up from the effects of being a crossfader, meaning you can be sober faster or a bad night!

Drink Some water

Drinking water is already a proven way to sober up after drinking too much. If you’re drunk and high simultaneously, then staying hydrated is even more of a priority.

Alcohol acts as a depressor and a diuretic. In other words, alcohol serves to dehydrate your body and slow down your immune system. This effect is why we have to go to the washroom so often when we drink alcohol.

Drinking water will also prevent you from going through cottonmouth. Every toker that’s smoked a joint, bong or vape will be able to tell you how parched your mouth gets after smoking up and the feeling it brings. Therefore, drinking water is great for dealing with weed AND alcohol!

Lower Your Body Temperature

Does your body heat up after holding a few drinks? That’s because alcohol increases your blood flow. Thermoreceptors located in the skin detect an increase of blood which causes your skin temperature to rise. Your body increasing its temperature is actually how it cools everything down.

Bringing a cold towel to your forehead and neck or drinking some ice-cold water can re-hydrate you while cooling you down! It might not stop the effects of greening out, but it might make you feel better!

Eat Some Food

Why does greasy food taste so when you’re drunk? From donairs to fries, nothing hits the spot like some fat, carbs and protein. Anecdotally, eating something carby and fatty has always helped us feel better after both drinking and smoking.

However, this doesn’t mean you should indulge! Overeating can cause you to feel worse.

Calming the Crossfade

Despite popular culture suggesting otherwise, being crossfaded is not something you want to be. It might be enjoyable at first, but soon you’ll be reminiscing of the time before you decided to make such a foolish decision.

Combining weed and alcohol, but like many things in life, is best in moderation. Overindulging with either can start the most debilitating and crippling experience of your life.

While the tips in this guide might not stop you from suffering the actual effects of the crossfaded high, they can help to alleviate them.

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