Cannabis 101 – What Is Dank Weed?

Dank Weed

What is a dank weed? 

The word “dank” translates to “disagreeably damp, musty, and typically cold,” which isn’t the best of adjectives, especially when used to describe cannabis. 

The good news is, the word dank actually has several meanings. In cannabis culture, dank weed is the ideal type of weed. It’s sticky to the touch, vivid in color, and can take you on an unforgettable high.

So what makes weed dank? And how can you spot it? Without any further delay, let’s jump right in.

What is Dank Weed?


Dank weed is a blanket term used to describe the most desirable types of cannabis on the market today. 

To keep things simple, there are no particular strains or species that are by default considered dank, but it’s the general qualities of the bud that will give it the dank rep. 

One of the main factors in determining whether weed is dank or not is the freshness and THC content of the weed.

Simply put, dank weed means good weed, and what “good” means may differe between different users!

How to Tell if You’ve Got Dank Weed

Visual Cues

One of the easiest ways to tell if you have some dank weed is to analyze the overall look of the bud. Aesthetic cues can lead you in the right direction, even at just a single glance.

When looking at the surface of the bud, you’ll want to look for a large number of crystal bulbs called trichomes covering the entirety of the bud. 

Trichomes are the resinous glands that form on the surface of the cannabis plant, carrying vital cannabinoids essential to providing a superior high. That said, the higher the number of trichomes, the more potent the high will be.

Another aspect you should take into consideration is the richness of color the weed has. Good weed or dank weed is known to carry all the similarities of a healthy plant, as it should.

Dank weed will have a more vibrant or deeper hue of green, sometimes with orange or purple specks, blemishes, hairs, or veins running throughout. 

On the other hand, lower quality cannabis will likely take on the appearance of more muted tones like brown or yellow. 

If the weed you’re looking at has the color of dried grass or hay, that usually is a good sign that it’s not a high-quality bud and could contain additives like pesticides and chemicals.


If you get the chance to feel the weed, dank weed is also sticky to the touch due to the sheer freshness and abundance of trichomes coating the bud. 

Dank weed is stiky thanks to the kief that can be found on the tip of resin glands (trichomes) of the cannabis plant. The more kief your plant has, the more stickier will be your weed. 

In this case, the stickier, the better.


Building on the fact that the word “dank” is used to describe moist areas, it’s important to stay clear of excessively dried marijuana with a high amount of leaves and seeds in it. 

A surefire way to tell if the weed at hand has been dried into oblivion is to pay attention to how shrivelled or brittle it is. The drier the weed, the rougher the smoking experience will be.

One last thing we recommend paying attention to is the presence of white hairs on the weed. 

Make no mistake about it, orange hairs are a good sign, signalling that the plant has fully matured, and proper care was taken in the harvest, but white hairs are a signal of something much worse, spider mites. 

If you come across some weed with white hairs throughout it, we recommend staying away as there is a high likelihood of it being infested with spider mites.

The Effects

It probably comes at no surprise that dank weed will give you a fantastic smoking experience and an incredible high. 

Of course, the most effective way to tell if you have some dank weed is to pay attention to its effects and smoothness. Cannabis that’s truly classified as dank will be easy to smoke, giving you a buttery smooth draw that will have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine in seconds.

On top of the superior high dank weed is known to produce, you’ll have the added benefit of getting to experience a broader range of deeper and more varied flavors that are otherwise not present in low-quality or “reggie” weed. 

The flavor of your weed will vary greatly depending on the strains you smoke. Some dank weed has spicy undertones, while others may have tropical, citrus, or even herbal subtleties to them.

Take, for example, our Platinum Bubba Kush strain. A crossover between Bubba Kush and Platinum OG Kush, this strain has a spicy aroma with a deliciously sweet flavor.

Platinum Bubba Kush

This strain is known to carry a THC level of around 25 percent, to help you to improve your focus and take all your pains away.

In addition, this strain can also help with anxiety, insomnia, pain, stress and a lack of appetite. A few puffs of this dank strain can improve focus and revive your energy, pulling you out of depression.

So if you are looking for a dank weed and something to uplift your mood and get rid of stress, try Platinum Bubba Kush.

Pleasant Smell

Burnt marijuana can smell quite awful, in fact, a lot of people equate it to the smell of a skunk, but that’s not the case with fresh, dank cannabis. If you haven’t gotten the chance to get a whiff of some fresh, dank weed, we highly recommend you do so!

Dank weed has a smell like no other. It carries the natural floral scent of the cannabis plant, sometimes with hints of other notes that also tie into the flavor of the bud.

Lemon Haze

For example, strains that have a sense of zestiness in their scent will likely also have citrus undertones in their flavor. A great example of such strains will be Lemon Haze and Lemon Thai. These strains are known for their citrusy flavor and their ability to combat depression and anxiety while also giving you a sudden improvement in your mood and state.

Some strains also have spicy or woody notes that accentuate the bud’s overall flavor when smoked.

Long story short, you’ll be able to instantly recognize good weed from the bad just by the smell. 

Sometimes the dank weed can be of such high-quality that the aroma can penetrate through its packaging and fill the room.

Dank Weed – Is It The Best Weed?

Dank weed is the epitome of a quality flower. 

Although what constitutes as “great” or “dank” weed is highly subjective, some basic rules can be followed to determine the overall quality of the weed at hand.

All in all, dank weed should resemble a healthy plant that is visually appealing. Dank weed should carry no seeds at all and should be free from any excess fan leaves. 

Ultimately, when you buy from a trusted dispensary like Buy Low Green, you’ll always know you get some high-quality and dank weed!

Happy smoking!

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