Get Kush vs Buy Low Green : Who is Superior?

Thanks to the legalization of cannabis back in 2018, the start of a worldwide cannabis revolution began. This wave of legalization hides a larger movement for cannabis legalization across Canada and across the world. From delicious gummies, potent distillates and concentrates or regular cannabis flowers. It is easier than ever to get your hands on cannabis products. Today, we will outline what you should look out for when choosing a dispensary. We’ll look at some of the differences between two cannabis dispensaries Get Kush vs Buy Low Green. If you’re tired from purchasing from government dispensaries and want to find a trusted, mail-order marijuana dispensary for all of your cannabis needs; read on as we break it down. 


Things to Look Out For When Choosing Online Weed Dispensaries (MOMs)

Let’s consider some of the factors that make up a well-trusted and quality mail-order marijuana dispensary:

  • A variety of cannabis flower and cannabis products
  • A user friendly website
  • A Cannabis blog with cannabis news, information and recipes
  • Reliable website
  • Trusted by both the industry and consumers alike
  • A user friendly website Customer support that answers all of your cannabis questions
  • Affordable pricing and weekly discounts

Let’s review two of the most popular online dispensaries. Get Kush and Buy Low Green.

Get Kush vs Buy Low Green: Website

One thing that sets Get Kush and Buy Low Green apart is their websites. While each site has its own strengths and weaknesses, the design of the Get Kush website is frustrating. Get Kush’s website seems to be disorganized. The website’s interface is difficult to use, and its design is dated and unattractive. Plus, the website is poorly optimized for mobile devices and can be challenging to use on phones and tablets. It does have plenty of information on products available.

By comparison, Buy Low Green’s website is clean, uncluttered, and easy to use. As soon as you load the site you can find what you are looking for almost immediately. It features filters that allow customers to easily search for cannabis products based on their desired price point, THC level, and product type. It doesn’t hurt that the website loads fast and smoothly. The website’s design is attractive, and it’s easy to use on all devices.

In Conclusion, Buy Low Green offers a superior website when compared to GetKush, in terms of speed and attractiveness alone.

Get Kush vs Buy Low Green: Price

Another significant difference between Get Kush and Buy Low Green is the price of their cannabis products. While Both MOM’s ship Canadawide, BLG can offer same day shipping within Vancouver as well!

Taking a look at Buy Low Green, it’s evident that their cost savings are delivered directly to the consumer. “Sugar Cookies” a Hybrid strain available on both sites, is available on Get Kush for $57.00 for 7 grams. 

Alternatively, on BLG the same strain is offered at only $32.99 for 7g. Over $20 of savings from just buying from BLG.

The comparisons don’t stop there! As you can see on our next example, Get Kush offers the Twisted Extracts Gummies for $16.00. The same exact product at Buy Low Green comes in at only $9.99. You can find plenty of these savings across the board! To us the winner is clearly Buy Low Greens!

Get Kush vs Buy Low Green: Customer Service

If you or someone you know is unfamiliar with cannabis then learning more about the information or even having access to some product recommendations is invaluable. The only way you can chat with a Customer service representative, is when your order is already placed on Get Kush. On the other hand, you can easily get into contact with a customer service agent on Buy Low Green! At Buy Low Green, Live Chat is actually live chat. The fact that they don’t try to trick their customers into thinking they offer chatting services when they only offer automated bot responses. We trust Buy Low Green more than other online dispensaries.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best online dispensary or mail-order-marijuana provider, consumers have a lot of choices. While many of these choices are great, a majority of them remain dubious.

Separating the great dispensaries from the best dispensaries took some time but personal and anecdotal experience has directed me towards Buy Low Green as my online dispensary of choice.

In fact, it’s arguable that Buy Low Green is one of the best, if not already the best online dispensary in Canada today.

With a plethora of different products from a variety of vendors, instant live chat support from real people, a free knowledge base for all things cannabis and free shipping over $150, Buy Low Green is the people’s choice for choice cannabis.

With an additional referral program, a $25 sign-up incentive, weekly savings of up to 50% or more and free gifts with every purchase, Why pick any other dispensary than Buy Low Green?

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