Hide The Smell of Your Weed With a Sploof


Despite the funny name a sploof might have, this contraption might just be your next favourite smoke buddy.

Suppose you are a regular cannabis consumer living with somebody who loathes the scent of marijuana. Or living in an area where the smell of ganja isn’t too highly respected. In that case, a sploof is exactly what you are looking for to mask the smell. 

Whether your parents don’t approve of your smoking habits or roommates who despise the dank weed smell, a sploof is guaranteed to improve your stealth. 

The best part? It can be made in minutes with only a few household materials. 

Here’s what you need to know about sploof to make your own. 

What is a Sploof?


A sploof is a device that utilizes dryer sheets as filters for cannabis smoke, removing odour particles from smoke that is blown into it. 

The purpose of a sploof is to exhale your smoke from one side and through the filter as clean air. The chemicals from the smoke are meant to stick on the dryer sheet and thus reduce the scent of cannabis significantly. 

It is usually in the shape of a cylinder and can be homemade or bought through several different companies ranging from $15 to $30. 

Now, if you require a quick sploof, we have a DIY solution for you that we will explain in detail later on, but for someone looking for a more durable option, there are plenty of purchasable sploofs on Amazon.

Why You Need a Sploof

If you live in a country such as Canada, where weed has been legalized, we can guarantee that you have sniffed the burning weed scent before. 

Different cannabis strains carry different scents and tastes, which is why cannabis breeders have many names for their strains. The scent of marijuana comes from terpenes inside the flower’s trichomes

Cannabis can carry a powerful scent depending on a couple of environmental factors. 

These include whether you are smoking indoors or outdoors and the airflow in the room. For example, if your windows are open. There is a much higher likelihood of the weed smell not being as potent as some of the odour particles will escape into the outside air. 

This is why many people opt to smoke right by the window and blow smoke directly outside. However, this is not a completely effective remedy as the wind can push some of the smoke back into your room.

Your method of consumption also affects how strong a weed smell is produced. Using a bong or weed pipe will produce a weaker smell than the constant burning of a joint. 

Dab pens are even more effective as they burn THC oil at lower temperatures, and the scent from the smoke doesn’t stick to your clothes as from burnt joints. .

For more tips on storing your weed and keeping it fresh, check this guide, ‘How to Keep Weed Fresh – The Best Way To Store Weed.’

How to Make a Sploof

If you decide that you don’t want to pay the money for a sploof and want to learn how to make your own, you can create one at home with materials most of us have. 

To make a DIY sploof, you will require:

  • toilet paper roll
  • dryer sheets
  • rubber bands

Using a finished toilet paper roll would be the most optimal. Begin by packing the empty toilet paper roll with 3-4 dryer sheets. 

The dryer sheets will absorb most of the smell from the cannabis. With your packed toilet paper roll, wrap one dryer sheet at one end of your roll. The other end will remain open as a mouthpiece so you can use it to exhale your smoke into it. 

To keep the dryer sheet attached on the end of your sploof, use a rubber band and wrap it around the roll. 

There you have it, a perfectly functional sploof! Give it a try and exhale some marijuana smoke and watch as the sploof prevents most of the fumes from escaping.

Be sure to replace the dryer sheets on your sploof from time to time to ensure its stealth efficiency.

Alternatives to Sploofs

If you decide that making your sploof will be too much of a hassle. You also want to try other options available on the cannabis market, you can try vaping your weed. 

Vaping weed has been proven to be more effective, pleasant and, most importantly, better for our health. Specifically, smoking cannabis harms our lungs and vascular systems, reducing its ability to contract and dilate appropriately.

Vaping vs Smoking Weed Differences: A Beginners Health Guide

In addition, vaping your weed instead of smoking reduces the chances of people even smelling it. Since vaporizers produce vapour that doesn’t contain much odour. If you are not allowed to smoke inside your household, then a vaporizer might be a solution for you.

Vaporizers are also great for those who like to take their cannabis discreetly and on the go. Whether you are on a hike with friends or strolling in a park, vaporizers can be used in a minute to get that hit of marijuana.

Lastly, vaporizers are available in many different types, such as THC vape pens, wax pens, tabletop vaporizers and many more. 

There are also options available for those looking to get a hit of CBD, such as CBD vape pens

A vaporizer or vape pen is an excellent choice for any connoisseur. Either you want it as your trusty backup when you don’t have a sploof nearby or as your primary smoking device, a vape pen is a great investment.

It’s Time to Get to Smoking

Now that you know how to make your own sploof and weaken the scent of cannabis in your room. What are you waiting for? Get to smoking without the worry of a roommate or parent berating you for your smoking habits.

And if you want to try something different and more potent, you can always opt for vaporizers. Next time you shop online for some cannabis products, be sure to add vaporizers to your cart and try them out.

Happy toking!

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