High CBD Strains For Every Occasion

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If you’re already a regular in the cannabis scene, chances are you’ve heard of CBD. If you haven’t, here’s a refresher – high CBD strains are some of the most in demand cannabis strains out there.


High CBD strains emphasize the “therapeutic” side of marijuana consumption. Without any psychoactive “high” of any sort, they’re effective in alleviating anxiety, treating depression and reducing stress.

Generally speaking, high CBD strains are bred from different sativa-dominant strains or sativa strains themselves so they’ll provide a more light-hearted experience. Coupled with CBD’s calming and rejuvenating effects, they might just be the flower of choice for those of us looking to unwind after a long, arduous day.

The medical community is just now starting to recognize the health benefits of marijuana and its other constituent compounds so high CBD strains remain rather elusive for the average consumer.

Fortunately, we’ve assembled a list of our top 6 favourite high CBD strains. Curious about which ones are best for each occasion? Let’s find out together!


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6 High CBD Strains For Every Occasion


If you’ve ever consumed cannabis in any form, then you’re aware of the dreaded experience of “greening out.” Basically, consuming too much THC at once can cause a person to suffer sweating, severe anxiety and possess an elevated heart rate. Generally speaking, greening out is an all-around bad time. However, Unbeknownst to many are the THC mitigating effects that CBD is able to provide.

CBD is able to counteract some of the severe side effects of THC. If your aim is to remove THC’s effects as best as you can, ACDC might just be your go-to CBD strain of choice.

ACDC provides a heavily relaxing and sedating effect without any intense, psychedelic high. With a CBD to THC  ratio of 20:1, ACDC is almost as potent as a high CBD strain can get.


Harlequin is a fan favourite among the cannabis community and for good reason. This strain offers a CBD to THC ratio of 5:2 – perfect for getting a nice little kick without any of the debilitating psychoactive effects.

However, this strain’s high CBD content isn’t the only reason why this strain is so popular. This strain also offers a flavour profile that’s reminiscent of fresh mangoes, radiating with an aroma that’ll leave your taste buds tingling.

Harelequin’s strain genealogy comes from breeding a Swiss landrace, a Thai landrace and a “Columbian Gold” strain creating a hybrid cross that’s sativa dominant.

With Harlequin, you’re likely to feel a soothing balance of euphoria, relaxation and alertness. However, it does come with a cost. Some users report that it can cause slight headaches, nausea and dry eyes. That aside, the strain packs a THC and CBD punch, making it a great afternoon option that allows calms its users down while allowing them to remain active.

CBD Mango Haze

Out of all the high CBD strains that are available today, CBD Mango Haze stands as one of our team’s favourites. With a CBD to THC ratio ranging from 1:1 to 2:1, this strain delivers a THC kick as potent as its CBD counterpart. While not as potent as the other high CBD strains mentioned, its lower CBD content is actually beneficial in improving this strain’s psychoactive experience.

In fact, combining THC with CBD produces more potent and powerful medicinal effects than consuming THC or CBD alone. A 1:1 or 2:1 ratio is perfect in balancing out the effects of both compounds.

With a higher THC content and an equalized amount of CBD, this strain provides a potent calming and tranquil effect.


A cross between “G13 Haze” and the famous “MK Ultra” strain, Cannatonic’s high CBD to THC ratio is known to treat a whole host of psychological issues from anxiety and stress, to even migraines and muscle spasms.

The hybrid strain often produces a relatively short-lived, soothing experience with an aroma that’s earthy and a flavor profile that’s somewhat citrusy and sweet.

Ringo’s Gift

Remember ACDC’s formidable 20:1 CBD to THC ratio?

Well, Ringo’s Gift, a very high cbd strain can come with a CBD to THC ratio as high as 24:1. A CBD dominant hybrid bred from ACDC and Harle-Tsu, many users report their experiences with Ringo Gift as uplifting, soothing and completely cerebral-like without any psychoactive effect.

However, do keep in mind that not every variety of “Ringo Gift’s” has a CBD to THC ratio of 24:1. Given that the strain comes in a variety of forms, take care to be sure that the variety you’re purchasing is actually 24:1. A 1:1 ratio experience is vastly more different than a 24L1 experience, especially if it catches you by surprise.

Charlotte’s Web

Named after Charlotte Figi, a young epilepsy patient, Charlotte’s Web is perhaps the most famous CBD strain that’s recognized for its medicinal use.

Hovering around 15-20% CBD, the strain was popularized by the headlines of CNN when it was alleviating Charlotte’s rare seizure disorder. This inspired many parents in similar situations to look for similar solutions in the form of high CBD strains.

Charlotte’s Web is a hybrid crossed from hemp and another unknown strain, created by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado. Its aroma is generally piney with slight vegetal notes. Charlotte’s strain is great for alleviating pain and controlling inflammation without any intense psychoactive effects.


High CBD Strains – Explore Many More

In terms of high CBD strains, Charlotte’s Web, ACDC, Ringo’s Gift, CBD Mango Haze, Cannatonic and Harlequin are just the tip of a growing iceberg. Candy Jack, Red Congolese, Island Sweet Skunk and many more didn’t make our list, yet hold just as valuable a CBD profile as its cousins.

As medical research advances, the amount of high CBD strains available for consumption will undoubtedly increase. We’re already seeing many products featuring CBD in their ingredients list ranging from skin care products to topical ointments and even dog food!

Explore and find the right CBD dominant strain for your circumstance because it’s well worth it. To view the full selection, be sure to check out our shop!

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