5 Must-Know Tips When Hiking With Weed

Hiking with weed

Hiking with weed is an activity that’s almost old as time that goes back centuries. The practice began in Ancient Egypt and found its way into Morocco, where people smoked kief in the foothills of the mountains

Enjoying a freshly packed joint while overlooking a fantastic view is an unbelievable experience. Hiking with weed in itself, too, also presents several advantages. From allowing you to appreciate nature in its entire splendour to providing a healthy energy boost, people aren’t just blowing smoke when they say they’re hiking with weed! 

Weed brings a lot to the table when it comes to the outdoor experience, but that doesn’t mean you should be rushing to wrap up your dab rig before you hit the trailhead. 

If caution is thrown entirely to the wind, getting hurt or lost while out on your outdoor excursion is entirely possible. The risks are low, but that doesn’t mean you should not play it safe! 

Below, you’ll find our top 5 tips for bringing cannabis with you to the great outdoors.

5 Tips for Hiking with Weed

Choose the Right Strain

The right strain at the right time can make all the difference in the world. A potent indica such as Death Bubba will knock out insomnia with its heavy body-stone and sedative effects but probably wouldn’t make a great choice before a party! 

Similarly, an energizing sativa such as Jamaican Haze might have you ready to party, but good luck getting some shut-eye afterwards!

When you’re hiking with weed, you need to think carefully about the flower you plan to bring with you. Indica strains are great, but a hybrid or sativa strain containing THCV might be a better choice. 

You wouldn’t want to get sedated midway through a switchback! 

Bring Lots of Water

Water is a hiking essential. Hiking on a hot summer day without water is already risky. Throw smoking weed into the mix, and you’ve got a deadly combo for dehydration! 

Weed is also known to cause cottonmouth. Bringing your usual water bottle will not be enough to keep you going if you’re hiking with weed. 

Make sure to bring more water than you think you need. Licking your sweaty lips while you climb in elevation with a deadly thirst can lead to sun exposure or even worse! 

Bring Extra Snacks

hiking with weed tips

Just as weed causes cottonmouth, it will also cause weed munchies. A granola bar, some trail mix or some fruit are excellent choices, but they’re not going to be enough to tackle your appetite! 

On average, hikers burn 430-440 calories per hour. You need food to fuel your body, and while bringing candy, chips and or chocolate might sound like an excellent choice for the post-sesh munchies, it’s not going to do you any favours on the actual hike. 

Packing a sandwich or some fruit will have you ready to hit the trail again and won’t make you feel horrible while doing so.

Don’t Litter While Hiking With Weed

Regardless of what you’re doing in the mountains, being respectful is paramount. 

Especially during the summer, continuous hot and dry weather will dry out trees and increase forest fire risk. Even without introducing live joint butts into the mix, the sun’s reflection focused off of some water can be enough to cause a spark. 

Even if you’re not smoking a joint in the mountains, not littering is the least you can do when you’re outdoors. Nobody likes seeing joint butts, snack wrappers or plastic water bottles in an otherwise pristine setting.

Leaving your stash box and rolling papers at home and instead opting for a THC vape pen can help you avoid this situation altogether. Not only that, but since they don’t require a physical light to ignite, it also helps reduce the risk of potential for fire risk.

Vaporizers also pose a more portable and discreet option to toke on the go. So, you can puff, puff, pass while you’re on the move! Not only that, but since it’s vapour instead of smoke that you’re inhaling, vaping is also safer for your lungs.

All in all, using a vape pen is a win across the board!  

Be Respectful

Doing your best not to litter is respecting the environment, but what about other hikers on the trail? Despite the legal status of cannabis in Canada, smoking weed in a park or other public outdoor setting is still not entirely legal. 

Many tokers think that weed smoke is regarded more favourably than cigarette smoke by nonsmokers but let’s be honest, no smoke is best. 

If you’re smoking a joint or sparking a bowl while hiking with weed, try to move off the trail to a discreet, safe location. Not only will you not block the trail for other hikers, you also won’t have to make them uncomfortable with your weed smoke. 

We know it’s a shocker, but not everyone will enjoy the smell of weed! 

As we said, alternatively, you could also bring a vape pen. Weed vaporizers are great because they’re odourless and smokeless. You’ll be leaving behind a thin cloud of vapour that’ll disappear almost immediately and without any smell to boot.

Vape pens are also rechargeable, so you won’t need to bring your entire stash box with you to get lit on a hike! 

Post-Hike Recovery 

If you’re no stranger to hiking or other forms of extensive exercise, you likely know that it can leave your legs and other muscles throughout your body feeling sore and inflamed. 

That said, there are ways to help alleviate these symptoms to boost your recovery time, one of the most effective being CBD! We know. It may sound weird to suggest using weed after already hiking with weed, but hear us out. 

CBD will not get you high. Unlike its co-cannabinoid THC, CBD does not produce any psychoactive properties to alter your mental state. However, what it does possess are various therapeutic qualities to help soothe your sore body.

CBD can help relieve various post-hike symptoms, including pain and inflammation. Additionally, CBD will also help ease your mind and mellow out your mental state, providing an ideal set of effects to help you come down and relax after your trek. 

Luckily for you, Buy Low Green has a vast assortment of different CBD products to choose from to help you determine which might be the best fit for you! 

Concluding Thoughts on Hiking With Weed

Hiking with weed is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in an alternative way. Whether you’re trying to get some exercise, escape from the city or just try a new experience, weed can enhance the experience immensely. 

When done correctly, it can help you naturally attune yourself to nature and appreciate its splendour. If taken for granted or done incorrectly, you might just meet an alpine rescue crew

That said, if you are careful to be as safe as possible, take the necessary precautions, pack the right provisions and remain respectful of your surroundings and fellow trekkers, you’re in for an excellent and unforgettable experience. 

After hiking with weed once, you’re sure to want to do it again as soon as possible. 

Happy trekking and have fun!

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