How Does CBD Make You Feel? Smoking, Eating and Topical Differences

There is an abundance of options when it comes to how you can consume CBD. It all comes down to your preference. Some people aren’t the biggest fans of oils, especially when swallowed, while other people would reach for CBD oil over any other option. Likewise, not everyone feels that vaping is a healthy hobby to have in their lives, whereas other people don’t see an issue with vaping. One major factor in what method you choose is the effects of different forms of CBD on your mind and body. You may have guessed, but a lot of the time, CBD seems to work behind the scenes in ways that help people to feel better overall, but it’s not possible to consciously feel CBD taking action in our bodies. If you’ve ever wondered about the different forms of CBD, we’re going to break down these effects so you can make an informed decision. how does cbd make you feel

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

In general, CBD makes people feel calmer than usual, though not necessarily in a sedated way like many other substances do. The primary reason for these calming effects has everything to do with the receptors that CBD molecules act on when they reach the brain. Other known effects of CBD include…
  • Minimizes anxiety symptoms
  • Reduces manifestations of stress
  • Relieves physical pain
  • Elevates depressed moods
  • Known to take away feelings of nausea
  • Diminishes sensations of vomiting
  • Helps manage inflammation of organs
  • Lowers the frequency of epilepsy-related seizures
  • Assists with lowering already-high blood pressure
  • Pairs well with addiction management
However, not all of these effects of CBD can actually be felt by the body. In order to answer the question of, “How does CBD make you feel?” it’s effective to pick a couple of forms of CBD and zero in on how those forms make you feel. Today, we’re going to focus on two forms of CBD in particular, each of which yield similar effects despite the very unique approaches. These two forms of taking CBD are by vaping and by using oils. At face value, the process of using these two forms of cannabidiol are vastly different, but they are both ways of obtaining the effects of CBD. How about we explore vaping first, and then we’ll jump into a discussion about how cannabidiol oil makes you feel in contrast! Doing so will give you a more in-depth understanding of how vaping oil feels compared to CBD in oil form, and that will help you decide which form is better for you.

How Vaping CBD Makes You Feel

Vaping CBD is an increasingly popular way of taking cannabidiol. Rather than swallowing CBD in an edible form, or applying CBD products externally to the skin, vaping gives people the option of inhaling cannabidiol. It’s simple, fast and effective, which appeals to many who want instant relief on-the-go. As you might assume, vaping entails CBD turning into vapor right before it is inhaled by the person vaping. When you vape CBD, you will not get high, which goes for cannabidiol in general, no matter the form in which it comes. However, vaping CBD has a very to-the-point effect in the sense that the vapor reaches your brain relatively quickly. When you vape CBD, the cannabidiol comes in the form of an e-juice, and that transforms into CBD vapor when heated by the coils of your vape. Powered by a battery source rather than a flame, CBD vapor doesn’t reach the point of combustion, which helps to maintain the natural effects of cannabidiol. As a vapor, CBD causes you to feel alert and aware of your surroundings. At the same time, you’ll feel at ease and more capable of taking in stimulation without feeling overwhelmed. This ties into the anti-anxiety properties of CBD.

effects of different forms of cbd

How CBD Oil Makes You Feel

When swallowed, CBD oil has a very calming nature. It is especially beneficial for people who are experiencing physical discomfort. CBD oil soothes the muscles and alleviates the high pain intensity that you are feeling. CBD oil is frequently applied externally, just like a lotion or a cream. This is an even more effective way of utilizing CBD in situations where you have body aches or pain. The oil settles into your pores and calms your body from the outside, reducing inflammation and causing a light numbness that makes the pain less detectable.

The Other Forms of CBD

Although all of our focus has been on vaping CBD and using CBD in oil form, there are many other forms of cannabidiol on the market. When looking at other CBD products, you have more options to choose from, including but not limited to…
  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Capsules
  • Pills
  • Lotions
  • Creams
  • Moisturizers
  • Bath bombs
  • Chewables
  • Other edibles

Final Thoughts On The Effects Of Different Forms of CBD

Thankfully, even if vaping CBD or taking cannabidiol as an oil are not necessarily your cup of CBD tea, there are many other forms of CBD out there. There aren’t any limitations and the form of CBD that you take is yours for the choosing. No matter what, CBD can genuinely improve your quality of life, particularly if any of the aforementioned conditions are true for you. Choose the form of CBD that appeals to you the most, and give it a shot!

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