How to Make Cannabutter

how to make cannabutter, cannabutter

How to Make Cannabutter

4/20 this year has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean its too late to learn some new skills! So dust off your old shake bag, and consider lighting some incense, because it’s about to get a little bit danker in here. Today we’re showing you how to make Cannabutter. What is Cannabutter you ask? I’ll tell ya! It’s the simplest way the average Joe like you or myself can create delicious tasting, couch-crashing, order-a-pizza-because-I-ate-the-whole-pantry EDIBLES! Reader discretion is advised.

Step One: Melt The Butter!

This step is simple enough. Put that butter in a deep pan and melt that sucker down! Low to medium temp for a few minutes should do the trick. Keep an eye on it though you shifty stoner, no one likes the taste of burnt butter.

Step Two: Grind the Weed!

Again, pretty basic stuff here, grind your weed up! You want it busted to roughly the same consistency you would for a joint or bong bowl. More busted means more surface area, which makes it easier for the THC to transfer from your Cannabis to oil. However much you want to use is up to you! I don’t know how strong the weed your using is, or how much oil you dumped in the pan. To do a single batch of brownies for 4 – 6 people you’re gonna want to use at LEAST 1/8th of an ounce of semi-decent weed. If you’re using shake or bottom bag, double that.

For a full stick of butter, I would say a half ounce is about the upper limit I would suggest using, if you want to infuse more than that, throw more butter in!



Step Three: Combine the Two and Cook!

Next you dump the ground Cannabis in the now-melted butter. Low heat, long wait is the name of the game now. You want it just barely bubbling, mixing frequently with a wooden spoon or spatula. Give it about 45 minutes and maybe throw the fan on because this part can get quite stinky. Either hope your neighbors are chill, or take precautions to deaden the smell, because if left unattended this process is almost certain to dank out your apartment for at least a few hours.

Step Four: Separate and Cool

Once your butter is fully infused the liquid will look distinctly greener than when it started, and your ground weed should crispy and brown. Allow the mixture to cool off for a few minutes, then pour it through some cheesecloth overhanging another bowel. The cheesecloth should filter out the nasty, ashy weed bits and what pours through the other side is our now nearly finished product!

Step Five: Form and Cook

At this point you can form your butter into whatever shape you would like! Simply pour the liquid into a dish of your choosing, and when it cools the butter should return to its original solid consistency, taking on the shape of whatever you poured it in.

The simplest way to consume this edible is probably just spreading it on toast, but the sky is really the limit when it comes to this versatile product! For any recipe that calls for oil, simply replace whatever parts oil with your melted Cannabutter! Sit back and enjoy any recipe you want, now fully infused with the amazing high of Cannabis.

Now that we know how to make cannabutter, you can make brownies, cakes, pasta and muffins!

Happy eating ladies and gentlemen.


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