How to Make Hash – 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Own!

how to make hash

Learning how to make hash is a rite of passage for novice smokers who want to reap the benefits of cannabis for themselves.

Hash making is an ancient process that has been around for a long time, even before our generation was born. For example, Indians have been making hash for centuries and using it to make hash balls called “charas.”

That said, if Indians were able to make hashish without any special equipment, you could do it as well.

Today, we’ll tell you all about hash, how to make hash, what the ways to make hash are and the best way to consume it.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is Hash? And How is it Made?

Hash, or hashish, is a cannabis concentrate made from rubbing trichomes and separating them from the cannabis plants.

If you don’t know what trichomes are, they are resinous glands located all over the cannabis plant in various concentrations. The reason why trichomes are essential is that they carry a vast amount of cannabinoids and terpenes. The combination of these two can lead to what’s known as the entourage effect – a synergy of cannabis compounds that produce more potent results.

Since hashish is a direct concentration of the cannabis plant’s trichomes, it carries a full spectrum of cannabis compounds that can make you very high and provide powerful therapeutic benefits for those looking to medicate with cannabis. 

Now that you know what hash is, let’s cover how to make hash and whether you can make it at home.

How to Make Hash at Home

To start on a great note, yes, you can make hash at home! 

In order to make hashish at home, a few methods can be used. Below we’ll outline 4 ways to make hash using various techniques and materials so you can enjoy your own hash pucks at home, with or without twaxxing! 

Here are four methods to make hash:

Dry Sift Hash

Dry sifting is a relatively simple process. All you will need is your favourite weed strain and a silkscreen.

You can also freeze your cannabis for a few hours to make the separation easier for the best results.

Place your silkscreen on top of a clean and flat surface and start rubbing the plant material against the screen. Through the process, the trichomes will separate from the strain and fall on the surface below.

Once you are done sifting cannabis, collect your trichomes and press them. And voila, your dry sift hash is done!

Ice Hash aka Bubble Hash

bubble hash

Bubble hash is another excellent method to make hash known for its high-quality results.

Here’s what you will need to make bubble hash:

  • Ice water
  • Cannabis
  • A glass bottle
  • A coffee filter (to strain the mixture)

Now that you have all your materials gathered, follow the steps below:

  1. Put cannabis, ice and water in a glass bottle and shake for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Once shaken, leave the mixture rest for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Come back to your mixture for check-in. Now you should see kief settled at the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Pour slowly 2/3 of water into another container avoiding losing the kief at the bottom.
  5. Fill the glass bottle with more ice water and shake again for 3-5 minutes. Repeat steps 2 and 3. Once your kief is settled, you can repeat the steps to obtain as much kief as you can.
  6. Drain water without losing the kief. Take your coffee filter and strain the remaining mixture through it.
  7. Squeeze the filter to remove excess water.
  8. Now you should have a wet kief mixture that needs to be dried out.
  9. Once dried, compress the kief into pucks and you’ll have some bubble hash ready to enjoy!

Hand Rolling

This method is super straightforward and does not require as much time or effort as bubble hash.

All you need to do is rub cannabis buds in your hands to form a black layer of sticky resin. Now it’s done, you can roll your hash into small balls. Originally, this was how cannabis cultivators in India made finger hash, otherwise known as “charas.” 

Keep in mind that the more cannabis you have, the better the result will be because more trichomes will yield more hashish.

Making Hash From Kief

You may probably already know what kief is. Remember when you were grinding your bud and noticed a fine powder at the bottom of your grinder? That was kief.

Now, all that is left to do is to apply some pressure to kief to obtain hashish.

To do so, we will need a pollen press. A pollen press is an ideal device that can compress kief in a perfect hashish with its pressure.

And that’s it! Now you know four ways of making hash.

How to Use Hashish

how to use hash

You’ve gathered your hash and are ready to put it in use? But what’s next?

Well, you have a couple of fantastic options here.

The first and the most common way to consume hashish is by smoking it. It is not commonly smoked on its own, however many users like to put a little hash to their bowl, bong or bubbler to enhance the experience.

You can also put hashish into your joint. Next time you are rolling your joint, sprinkle some hash on top of your flower and be prepared for a rich experience.

Using a pipe is also an option for smoking hashish. To smoke hash from a pipe, insert a glass screen in the bowl’s opening and place a piece of hash on top of the screen. Heat your hashish with a lighter to get a stream of smoke, remove the light and inhale through the mouthpiece. 

“Hot knifing” is also another popular method of smoking hash. You put hashish between two extra hot knives and inhale the vapour produced from the heating. 

Want to take your joints to the next level? Try twaxxing them with kief! Check out our full guide to twaxxing to learn how you can supercharge your joints with shatter, distillate, or another kind of cannabis concentrate you like! 

How to Make Hash – Worth the Endeavor? 

As we’ve learned today, many methods can be used to extract and make hash.

From dry sifting to hand-rolling to making hashish with ice water and pollen pressure, your options here are endless.

When it comes to the best hashish, we recommend bubble hash for its high quality and purity. Using this method, you will be able to preserve maximum terpenes and extract hashish with a sensational flavour.

Finally, if you want to avoid hassle and make complex DIY hash, try hash from an online dispensary Canada.

Our dispensary carries a massive variety of high-quality hash at the best prices. While you could waste your time making your own hash at home, why dilly-dally when you can get high right away with hash delivered right to your door? It’s a win-win in our books!  

No matter how you source your hashish, we hope you learned a bit about how to make everyone’s favourite weed concentrate and wish you a happy sesh!

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