How to Roll a Blunt: The Definitive Guide

How to Roll a Blunt: The Definitive Guide

Creating a blunt is a skill that takes some practice and patience. Blunt rolling isn’t as simple as rolling a joint or spliff, but it’s not impossible either. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t believe how much time you waste before getting the process right. If you don’t know how to roll a blunt, your smoking sessions are going to be very limited from here on out. A perfect blunt provides a smooth smoke and eliminates the risk of burning your fingertips on a joint or downstem from your pipe. There are different ways to roll a blunt, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Whatever technique you choose will depend largely on personal preference: some common methods include the double barrel, backwoods, and cigarillo. Read on for everything you need to know about how to roll a perfect blunt.

What You’ll Need

There are a few materials you’ll need in order to roll a great blunt. The most important is the blunt wrap. You’ll want a wrapper that’s about the same size as a cigarette and can easily roll into a cylindrical shape.

Blunt wraps are a popular option that are pre-cut and ready to use. These days you can usually find blunt wraps at any corner store — they are like one giant rolling paper made of a tobacco wrap. Many blunt fans enjoy the tastes and smells that come from the tobacco leaf wrap. You can also use standard rolling papers if you prefer, but they’ll take a little more effort to roll properly.

A blunt roller – These tools are specifically designed to make rolling blunts easier. They typically have a blunt end and a joint end, so you can choose which type of paper to use. Some also feature a filter end, allowing you to roll a filter-blunt hybrid.

Scissors – For cutting the ends off of your blunt papers.

A Weed Grinder – For grinding up your herbs and creating a consistent texture.

A Rolling Tray – It might get messy. You better have a proper tray to hold your equipment.

How to Roll a Double Barrel Blunt

A double barrel blunt is one of the easiest types of blunts to roll. You’ll want to start with a double barrel paper that’s the same size as a cigarette.

Fold the paper in half, then roll it into a cigarette-sized cylindrical shape. Double barrel papers are usually very thin, so you may want to use a couple of papers for a thicker roll.

Next, open the paper up, and place it in the blunt roller. Place in your ground weed, like you would a normal joint paper.

Roll the paper into a cylindrical shape and cut the ends to your desired length. You can also place the paper in a bowl after it’s been rolled to create a wider blunt.

Now that you’ve got a blunt rolled, all that’s left is to light the end and enjoy it with some friends!

How to Roll a Backwoods Blunt

The Backwoods blunt is a common, quick, and easy technique for how to roll a blunt. The name is derived from its simplicity:

You simply use one sheet of paper. Blunt papers are laid out flat and a few small pinches of tobacco wraped in the center.

You fold the paper in half and roll up completely, with the open end facing outwards. You roll the paper inwards so that the tobacco is pressing against the inside of the papers.

Then you fold the paper upwards towards the open end of the papers and twist into a cylinder.

The final product is a blunt that tapers towards one end. The edges of the papers are then cut to the desired length.

How to Roll a Cigarillo Blunt

First, you need to find a cigar or cigarillo wrap (any type will do as long as it isn’t a flavored one).

Then, you must cut off the end of the cigar, open it up and empty it out so that you have the tobacco leaves inside. After that, you will fill the cigar with marijuana until it’s about halfway full.

Next, you have to roll the cigar back up until it’s fully closed. Finally, you have to place the blunt in the cigarillo wrapper and roll it up.

When done correctly, a cigarillo blunt has a thin cigar wrapper that keeps the tobacco out and the THC in.

How to Roll a Mega Blunt

The mega blunt is the king of all blunts. It’s large enough to share with two or three people, and it’s got a long enough burn time that one person can easily get high off of it.

You’ll need a large blunt paper and a lot of herbs to create a mega blunt.

Roll the paper into a large cylindrical shape. Leave the paper open or fold it in half and roll it into a blunt roller.

Keep in mind that a mega blunt will burn slowly and steadily, so it’s best for relaxing and chilling out with friends.

How to Preserve Your Blunts

If you’re going to store your blunts for a long time, you should put them in a freezer. The freezer will kill off any bacteria that could be living inside your blunts, so you’ll be able to safely smoke them later on.

Blunts last longer when they’ve been put in the freezer. Blunts are made from cigars, so they are much more delicate than joints. If you want to store your blunts for longer than a week, you should put them in the freezer.

There’s no need to put them in a special container or bag. Blunts are best when they’ve been stored for a month or longer. If you don’t plan on smoking them for a month, you should put them in the freezer.


Blunts are a great way to enhance your smoking experience. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to ease into smoking or an experienced smoker who wants a more intense high, blunts are a fantastic option. Blunts will give you a smoother smoke than joints, but they’re not quite as smooth as a pipe. A big draw for some blunt smokers is the addition of tobacco. If you have the time and patience to learn how to roll a blunt, it’s worth the effort. Blunts are also more discrete, allowing you to smoke without having the ash and smell of a joint. They’re also a great option if you have sensitive fingertips or prefer a slow, calm smoking experience. Hopefully this guide helps with a few creative ways to roll blunts!

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