How to Roll a Joint For Beginners

How To Roll a Joint For Beginners

Alright there folks, Buy Low Green coming at you again with another in depth, step by step guide. This time we’re covering How To Roll a Joint for Beginners, specifically, how to roll a joint with zig zags, and how you can make that joint a beautiful, awe-inspiring, let me hit that shit CONE.

People have been smoking joints for a long time. Aside from possibly the pipe, it is the oldest method of smoking marijuana that we know about. Ancient cultures would often use dry leaves to smoke their cannabis, but don’t run off the woods just yet! You’re local head shop will carry a variety of rolling papers for you to choose from, but today we’re going to stick with the simple classic, and show you how to roll a joint with Zig Zags.


Step One) Grind Your Herb

how to roll a joint, how to roll a join with zig zags, how to roll a joint for beginnersFirst you take your delicious nug of Buy Low Green Cannabis and grind it into a more manageable size. You can use a proper grinder, scissors, or even your fingers, just so long as it reaches the correct consistency. Your joint fodder should be broken up into pieces roughly the size of course salt.

Don’t grind it TOO fine though. If its super sandy, you may pack the joint too tight, making suction difficult.


Step Two) Prime Your Paper

This is a step people often don’t think about but can make a huge difference in the success of how to roll a joint for beginners. Its called priming your paper, and by doing this you’ll give the rollie a natural curve, making it easier when it comes to the actual roll.

Place the folded paper between your fingers and roll it up and down WITHOUT any herb in it. You’ll notice the paper now has an inward facing curve. Congratulations on completing step two.


Step Three) Roll and Place Your Filter

how to roll a joint, how to roll a joint with zig zags Filters can be bought from head shops, or in a pinch just take an old card bus-transfer or business card and tear a small rectangle out. Next, roll it into a cylinder and place it inside your paper (see above photo)  

Step Four) Distribute Herb Inside Rolling Paper

Now, this step is the most important when it comes to how to roll a cone joint. You’re going to want to place more weed near the end of your joint, away from the filter. By doing this, then gradually having less and less weed leading back to the filter, you’ll end up with a natural cone shape in your joint. This cone shape will improve the burn and keep your joint burning nice and even until the finish. This is what you could consider a PRO TIP!  

Step Five) Pack It Down

Using your Zig Zag pack, a lighter, or your finger – press down on the weed while its in the paper. This will help compress it into a tube shape, making it easier to roll in the next step.


Step Six) Roll It Up

This is where learning How to Roll a Joint shows it’s fruition. Starting from the middle and working its way out, use your thumbs to roll the paper back and forth, pressing down on the weed as you go. Now, starting from the filter side over, roll the paper over the crease and carry on till the whole joint is nearly sealed. Lick the glue strip and finish rolling.


Step Seven) Light It Up

how to roll a joint, how to roll a join with zig zags, how to roll a joint for beginnersCongratulations on your first joint! You now know how to roll a joint with zig zags! Now, put on some reggae, slip into your favorite robe and light up that fine cone. Cannabis was made to be enjoyed, and now after your long journey to the perfect joint, its time to relax and get blazed.

Cheers everyone, and thanks for reading.

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