How to Roll a Joint: The Ultimate Guide

There are few activities that unify people like smoking weed. It has the ability to bring strangers together and create lifelong friends. From lighting up at home to hitting the park with your favorite pals, smoking is one of the most universal hobbies out there. Today we teach you how to roll a joint!

While there are as many ways to smoke weed as there are strains of it, one universal constant is the trusty joint. The humble spliff has been a staple of stoners for decades. Whether you’re looking for a no-frills way to get baked, or simply want something a little more interesting than a pipe or bong – rolling perfect joints is an art everyone should master. If you’re new to joint rolling, the process can seem quite intimidating first time around. Don’t worry though; we have plenty of tips to help you on your way. Keep reading for everything you need to know about rolling perfect joints!

What You’ll Need

Rolling Paper – You can choose between standard rolling papers or hemp rolling papers. Rolling papers are easier to roll with as they are thinner, but they usually take a bit longer to burn.

Hemp papers burns extra slow and extra clean. Hemp papers have a clean tasting smoke that is natural, light and pure. There are different papers out there, from king size papers, to hemp paper, its up to you to choose which size rolling paper want!

A Grinder – For the best results, you’ll need to grind up your cannabis before you start rolling. Grinding allows you to break down the cannabis bud into smaller pieces for a smoother smoke.

Rolling Tray –  They basically provide a flat surface for rolling, high edges to prevent spillage, and an area to hold cannabis and joint rolling and smoking accessories.

Joint Roller – If you don’t want to use paper, you can also use a joint roller. Joint rollers are a bit more discreet, but they’re also trickier to use and roll a joint that’s not as even.

Scissors – If you go for a joint roller, you’ll also need a pair of scissors to cut the end of the paper.

Step 1: Grind Your Weed

Now lets begin the joint rolling process! If you want to roll perfect joints, you’ll need to break down your weed before you start.

This will give you a more even burn, and make for a smoother smoke. You can use a hand-held grinder, or an electric one. When using a hand grinder, be sure to be careful so you don’t spill any of the ground buds. You don’t want to be rolling up with ground up fingers.

Rolling perfect joints is all about the evenness of the burn. If all the bud isn’t ground down to the same size, it won’t burn at the same rate. This will create an uneven burn and make it trickier to smoke. It’s also a lot less wasteful.

Step 2: Step 2: Create a Crutch or Filter

also called a tip or filter. Start with a few “accordion” folds, then roll the crutch to the desired thickness of your joint. We recommend filter tips, which are thin yet stiff pieces of paper. Business cards, rolling paper packs, or other thin pieces of cardboard are solid go-tos as well.

Some smoking shops sell little booklets of ready to use filter tips, which generally consist of little strips of hardened paper neatly cut to size.


Step 2: Add the Shredded Cannabis to Your Joint Wrapping Paper

You can use a rolling tray or just a clean surface (such as a table). Some people prefer to use the palm of their hand because it’s less likely to become damaged. Whatever surface you choose, be sure to wipe it down first. You don’t want to contaminate your weed with dust, germs, and other debris.

Before you begin, be sure to grab a little more than you’d like to finish with. This is because you want there to be some left over for the next person who rolls after you. If there’s no cannabis left, the next person will be left with a joint that’s too short. If you want to be extra kind, you can offer to roll another one for your unfortunate friend.


Step 3: Add the Sealer

The “sealer” is the term for the extra cannabis you’ll be adding to the joint. It’s an optional step, but it can make for a more interesting smoke.

If you use a whole bud or a nug, it will make it harder to roll, and it won’t be sealed properly. If you’re using a whole bud, be sure to flatten it out so you can fit it in the joint. It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth, but you don’t want it to be jagged either. You could end up ripping the paper or hurting your fingers.

Step 4: Roll and Slick Your Joint

This is the part that everyone loves – the rolling! Once you’ve got your cannabis inside, it’s time to roll. The most important thing you can do when rolling is to make sure your joint is even. This will ensure a more even burn, and prevent you from having to re-roll it halfway through. If you’re not sure whether you’ve rolled it evenly, you can always ask for help.

Each type of joint has its own rolling technique. A standard joint is made from a pile of cannabis on the bottom, a pile of cannabis on top, and paper in the middle. A cone is made from a pile of cannabis on the bottom, a smaller pile on top, and paper in the middle. Finally, tear off the excess paper when the paper has dried and twist the end to prevent your contents from falling out. You now have your joint rolled!


Bonus Tips

Joint rolling can be quite a messy process. If you don’t want to be in herb dust, be sure to use a clean surface and clean hands. You can use a brush to clean off your hands, and a pen to clean off your table/surface.

If you’re smoking with other people, it’s a good idea to keep your supplies separate. If you’re using the same rolling paper, herbs, or whatever, you could contaminate the weed. Joint rolling is a fun and interactive way to smoke with friends.

Before you start rolling, you might want to make sure you’re in a comfortable environment. You don’t want to be interrupted by people who aren’t smoking, so be courteous and ask if anyone minds if you smoke in the room. When you’re done rolling, store your joints in an airtight container. You can use a paper/cardboard box, or a plastic jar/container.

Keep your joints in a safe place, away from children and pets. Marijuana can be toxic if eaten, and it’s important to keep your stash away from little hands.


Joint rolling is a tried and true way to consume cannabis, and it’s a great way to bond with friends. If you’re still unsure of how to roll the perfect joint, don’t worry – practice makes perfect. With a bit of patience and experimentation, you’ll soon be rolling like a pro. And remember, rolling perfect joints is a skill that you can always improve. So even if you’re a joint rolling veteran, you can still make room for improvement. Keep reading and learning about new techniques, and you’ll be a cannabis joint rolling master in no time.

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