How To Use Cannabis Oil – Your Quick And Easy Guide

how to use cannabis oil

Wondering how to use cannabis oil? No longer are the days where your options are limited to just eating or smoking your weed. 

The introduction of oil-infused cannabis products has opened up many other routes of cannabis consumption with a host of new innovative products. 

When it comes to oil-infused products, you actually have a variety of ways to consume them and a few different techniques to do so as well. 

Figuring out exactly how to use cannabis oil on your own can feel like being a blind guy in a minefield, so that’s why we’ve created this guide to show you how to make the most of your cannabis oil.

Not sure what cannabis oil is? Let us pave the way for you.

The Basics of Cannabis Oil

how to use cannabis oil guide

Cannabis oils are derived from the cannabis plant and cannabis flower, containing the same cannabinoid and terpene contents of what they were extracted from.

Essentially, they are composed of cannabis cannabinoids and compounds that are suspended in a carrier substance such as MCT oil, coconut oil, or even olive oil. 

The reason why oils are used is largely because the cannabinoids in marijuana are fat-soluble, meaning they absorb much easier in the presence of fats and in turn, create a much stronger effect when mixed with the correct ones. 

Different Methods of Using Cannabis Oil

As it turns out, you’ve got a few different options when considering how to use cannabis oil, each with their own pros and cons.

Inhalation (Smoking or Vaporizing)

how to use cannabis oil vaping

Inhaling cannabinoids is by far one of the most expedient ways to get them in your system. The cannabinoids in the smoke are inhaled into the lungs where they are absorbed by millions of alveoli.

Just seconds after inhalation, the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream and make their way to the brain, providing a rush of psychoactive effects.


You can actually smoke cannabis oils such as THC and CBD concentrates using an oil rig. This method works by heating the chamber where oil is to be placed and then subsequently placing the oil into the chamber using a dabber.

The contact of heat with the oil will cause it to vaporize, producing smoke, which you can then inhale.

Alternatively, if you don’t have access to an oil rig, you could also line your joints with the cannabis oil of your choice in a process known as “twaxxing.” Granted that this method requires no equipment, you will be consuming large amounts THC as the oil will be placed on top of some ground bud.

  • High concentration of cannabinoids
  • Fastest method to consume
  • Easy to control dosage
  • Smoking can cause discomfort in the throat and lungs
  • Requires additional equipment (Oil rig, dabber, and joint crafting supplies)


how to use cannabis oil smoking

You can also vaporize your oils using a vape pen or a vape kit. This is a great way to consume your oils without the harshness of the smoke interfering with your throat and lungs. Many vapes also have the added benefit of temperature controls, allowing you to fine-tune your experience.

  • High concentration of cannabinoids
  • Easy to control dosage and temperature of vaporization
  • Less harsh on the throat and lungs
  • Requires additional equipment (Vaporizer pen)

Under The Tongue

how to use cannabis oil tincture

With cannabis oil tinctures you can apply a few drops under your tongue for a discreet yet effective route of administration. You’ll want to apply a few drops under your tongue, on the mucous membranes and hold it there for approximately 30 seconds.

Once the time is up, you can swallow and you should be feeling the effects in a matter of 15-30 minutes!

This method involves the oil making contact with the mucous membranes found under the tongue.

These membranes have a thin layer of skin close to a large amount of blood vessels, allowing the cannabinoids to freely enter the bloodstream both quickly and efficiently.

Sublingual administration is discreet, efficient, and requires no additional equipment.

  • High concentration of cannabinoids
  • Stealthy, use it at any time without drawing any unnecessary attention
  • Easy to control dosage
  • Easy to use, no additional equipment necessary
  • Long-lasting effects
  • There is a short delay before the onset of effects
  • Some cannabis oil tinctures contain alcohol (Oils made with vegetable glycerin are a great substitute)

Cannabis Topicals 

cannabis topicals

Another way to use cannabis oils is through applying to the surface of your skin similar to applying a balm or lotion

This method is great because it requires no additional equipment and expertise and can be done with discretion.

 Many people opt to use this method to treat things such as sore muscles, migraines, inflammation, and even acne. You can apply the oil to any of the agitated areas or on the temples to alleviate any migraines.

Our endocannabinoid systems are home to several CB1 and CB2 receptors that interact and bind to cannabinoids when cannabis is consumed. T

he skin is actually home to several CB2 receptors and in lesser quantities, CB1 receptors. That said, the CB2 receptors are the main interactors with the cannabinoid CBD. As a result, CBD oil tends to work great for topical application.

  • Easy to use, no additional equipment necessary
  • A great treatment for body aches, chronic pain, or migraines
  • Produces very mild effects, effective for day time use
  • Fast onset of effects
  • The mild effects may require more product to be effective
  • While the effects can be felt quickly, they are often short-lived


cannabis oil edibles

One of the most potent methods of consumption. Cannabis oil can easily be added to any cooking recipes, baked goods, or even smoothies. 

Since cannabis oils are already activated, you can simply mix them into any recipe and reap the rewards. A popular recipe is to infuse cannabis oils in coconut oil, as its fat content is great for cannabinoid absorption. While this is great news, it’s best to take a slow approach as edibles can be overwhelming if taken in high doses.

When cannabis is ingested, it gets transported to the liver where it goes and gets converted into 11-Hydroxy-THC. 11-Hydroxy-THC is actually more potent than the original form absorbed when smoking cannabis. Once it gets absorbed by the brain, the onset of effects is quick and intense.

  • High concentration of cannabinoids
  • Longest lasting effects of all the other methods of consumption
  • Diverse application, there are endless recipes to create with
  • Stealthy, use it at any time without drawing any unnecessary attention
  • Significant delay before the onset of effects (Anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours)
  • Tricker to get the right dosage
  • Can be overwhelming for some

Final Thoughts on How to Use Cannabis Oil

With a variety of ways to consume your favourite cannabis oils now at your disposal, go out and experiment a bit. Cannabis oils come infused with THC, CBD, THCA, and many more and they come in all shapes and sizes to suit your unique lifestyle!

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