Master How to Vape Concentrates and Flower in 5 Minutes

Quickly master the steps of how to vape weed with our guide.

There’s something magical about sitting down, grinding up some cannabis and rolling a jam-packed joint. It’s been the usual suspect at every gathering and dinner party since society can remember. But the times are quickly changing, because cannabis is no longer recognized as just a recreational activity. Instead, it’s becoming one of the most revolutionary medicines to ever flourish in the legal market.

Whether you’re of the medicinal faction, or simply enjoying the herb to unwind and relax after a long day at the office, your health is first and foremost. Enter the cannabis vaporizer. With it being superior in so many ways when compared to smoking, it’s probably a good idea to pick up the practice – and we’ll show you how!

Grab your pads and pens, let’s master the process of how to vape weed.

Selecting the Right Vaporizer

No two people are alike, and that also goes for vaporizers and preferences in styles. We won’t go to depth on the differences of vaporizers and the nuances that make each unique, but here’s a brief overview before breaking down the steps of how to vape weed.

Table Top vs Portable Vape Pens

There are in essence two different varieties when it comes to vaporizers. In those varieties there are many subsections and styles, but the main categories are portable and tabletop. The former is becoming much more prevalent than table-top vaporizers.

Portable cannabis vapes have exploded onto the scene, and for good reason. They come in many shapes and sizes, such as pens and mods, are extremely discreet and convenient. All this has led to people flocking over to the new and improved way to medicate with cannabis.

Let’s break down the portable vaporizer in more detail.

What’s a Portable Vaporizer?

Portable vaporizers are the most used, and often considered the best method to vaporize. With a portable vaporizer, you can go into incognito mode easily, not to mention adjust the heating temperature of how your cannabis is being vaped.

While they come in many shapes and sizes, portable vapes can be separated into two categories: dry herb and concentrate vapes. Let’s take a look at how to vape weed from each.

How to Vape Weed with Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate vaporizers are the most common, and can generally be bought at any headshop. These vaporizers are to be used strictly for cannabis extracts, so using any other type of cannabis will likely result in a broken vape! They come in a variety of shapes, but more often than not, they’re designed as pen shapes. Here’s how to vape using a concentrate vaporizer.

1. Select the concentrate you’d like to use. In terms of cannabis concentrates, you’ll normally be using either shatter, wax, budder, live resin, distillate or a CBD isolate.

2. Once you’ve selected your extract of choice, proceed to remove the loading chamber or cap, and add the desired amount to your vape. Generally, you don’t want to add too much, as it will vaporize unevenly and could leave a gunky residue in the atomizer. After you’ve loaded your concentrate, reseal the chamber.

3. Now that your concentrate is loaded and ready to go, it’s time to turn on your vape. Some disposable vaporizers can skip this step as they’re “always on”. For those that require to be powered on, you’ll either need to press the power button 3 or 5 times in a row. If you are having troubles with this step, refer to your manual as every vaporizer is unique.

4. Piggy backing off the last step, higher end vaporizers will allow you to switch the power settings from low, medium and high or just low and high. Normally this will be done by pressing the the power button 2 times to switch between settings.

5. Time for the best part of all – hitting the weed vape! Simply hold down the power button and inhale slowly but surely. You don’t need to take very deep breaths or hold it in forever, as the cannabinoids will interact with your biology almost instantly.

6. While this step gets often looked over, it’s arguably one of the most important: make sure to keep your vaporizer clean. Use a Q-Tip with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol to clean the chamber. Also very important – make sure to let it air out after, as inhaling alcohol can be very dangerous.

How to Vape Weed with Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb vaporizers function very much the same way that concentrate vapes do, except their loading chambers are designed for flower instead of cannabis extracts. One advantage they hold is being able to consume just dry flower, therefore, avoiding potential filler contents in concentrates and oil cartridges.

With the above steps in mind, picking up the practice of how to vape weed with a dry herb vaporizer will be piece of cake.

1. Select your strain of choice. Getting to know the effects of sativa vs indica will help a great deal towards selecting the proper medicine. As well, knowing individual strain profiles and tendencies is extremely useful info.

2. Using a grinder, or scissors if you don’t have one on hand, grind your flower until it is light and fluffy. You don’t want to turn it to powder, but having it well ground will help your vaping experience immensely.

3. Unscrew the chamber and load the desired amount. Don’t put too much cannabis in the loading chamber, as this could result in an uneven vaporization and leave certain parts spent, while the others are still fresh.

4. Turn on your vaporizer by pressing the power button. Most portable dry herb vaporizers will have the option to adjust it’s settings.

5. Now that your vape is on and all ready to go, inhale slowly and steady for the best results. Like we mentioned earlier, you don’t need to take huge puffs or hold them in until the next full moon – simply allow a little bit of vapor to enter your lungs, and then,  exhale.

6. Just as we mentioned before, maintaining your vaporizers and keeping them clean will greatly improve their life cycle and overall effectiveness.

What are Table-Top Vaporizers?

Last but not least, there’s our stationary little friends – table-top vaporizers. These are the grandparents of the vaporizer world, and the roots of the entire vaporizing culture. We can attribute and thank them for launching consumers of cannabis into a healthier realm of living.

These are by far the easiest to use, and only require you to select the temperature. Choosing the right temperature isn’t hard, especially after this brief guide we’ve set up for you.

What’s the Best Temperature to Vape Weed?

Cannabis is a very unique plant, as its chemical makeup is unlike any other. The myriad of cannabinoids have specific features and functions – not only do they have their own attributes, but they also vaporize at different temperatures.

If you set your vaporizer temperature too low, you run the risk of not activating each cannabinoid, therefore effectively nulling it’s medicinal benefits. Too high, and well, you’ve gone overboard and the compounds have broken down and are far less effective.

Choosing the optimal temperature is easy, here are the temperatures in which the most common cannabinoids activate at.

  • THC: Vaporizes at 315° F:  For a laid back and relaxed cerebral high, select this temperature
  • CBD: Vaporizes at 355° F: Cannabidiol is an important compound for a myriad of medicinal benefits.
  • CBN: Vaporizes at 365° F:  This specific compound is great for alleviating insomnia
  • Humulene and Linalool: Vaporize at 388° F:  If you’re looking for a sedating effect and getting glued to your couch.

Ready to Master the Process of How to Vape Weed?

By setting your vaporizer and catering it to your needs, you’ll take advantage of every medicinal compound in cannabis.

Using a vaporizer, whether portable or tabletop, dry herb or concentrate, is easy with a little bit of know how. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, it’s time to put it to use!

Best of luck!

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