Is Weed Legal In Canada? – Cannabis 2.0

Is Weed Legal In Canada

Is weed legal in Canada?

Before we dive deep, have you ever heard of Cannabis 2.0? Or even Cannabis 1.0?

If these terms seem new to you, then you’re not alone. Cannabis 1.0 and Cannabis 2.0 are directly related to the Canadian government’s approach to making recreational and medical marijuana legal in Canada. 

When cannabis first became legal in Canada, the government decided to do a two-step process to create the right regulations and research the huge selection of modern cannabis products already available throughout Canada.

The only problem with that approach was that the Canadian government was working overtime to grasp the industry by its horns and introduce their own variants of these products. 

Having also been late to the game, that was a difficult endeavor as many of the most cutting edge recreational cannabis products like vape pens, edibles, and concentrates could all be purchased safely and reliable through online dispensaries in Canada.

So what exactly is Cannabis 2.0, and how will it affect you and your relationship with recreational marijuana?

What is Cannabis 2.0?

The first wave of legal cannabis or Cannabis 1.0 arrived onto the scene on October 17, 2018. This wave brought legal cannabis in the form of dried flower, cannabis oil, and cannabis seeds to many dispensaries for consumers to purchase.

Exactly one year later, on October 17, 2019, Cannabis 2.0 of the cannabis act was implemented. Federal cannabis regulations were expanded to accommodate for the addition of these new Cannabis 2.0 products.

What this second wave of legal cannabis brought to the table were:

The Regulations of Cannabis 2.0

Is weed legal in Canada? - The Regulations of Cannabis 2.0

At first glance, it might seem great that the government has finally introduced edibles and these other new products to the market, but the truth is, it may have done more harm than good.

Following the release of these Cannabis 2.0 products in Canada, the government had created new rules and regulations that severely restricted the production capabilities of many of their offerings. 

While we agree that regulations are essential for cultivating an environment to produce quality products, it seems the government may have taken it too far.

Even though the selection of products available for purchase had grown substantially, the particular rules imposed on many of these products rendered them ineffective and overpriced for many.

To start, edible cannabis had been relegated to a 10mg THC limit per product, vape cartridges required a THC warning label, and the cherry on top was, all of these products were priced significantly higher than their predecessors.

Basically, anyone who required a stronger dose of cannabinoids was forced to buy multiple quantities of the same item. And it also made a few dents financially due to the premium that the government was charging. 

To give you a good idea of what things once were, you could easily purchase a 200mg THC edible, a 400mg THC edible, or even an 800mg THC edible, and it wouldn’t cost you much more than the government-issued 10mg ones.

Luckily, there is an alternative option.

Online Dispensaries

Forget about black-market weed. Recreational cannabis can now be purchased through much safer and reliable sources like online dispensaries.

By now, we’ve already mentioned that online dispensaries are a safe and reliable option when it comes to your weed needs. And they are!

In fact, online dispensaries seem to be leading the charge in offering their consumers a balance of fair prices and diversity in their offerings. It’s as simple as having your weed mailed directly to your house without ever having to set foot outside.

Keep in mind, the legal age to purchase from an online dispensary in Canada is still 19 years old.

Why Purchase Weed From Online Dispensaries?

We know you can purchase your weed from a government-operated dispensary.

Still, when it boils down to raw value and selection, online dispensaries are an incredibly viable option worth considering. Here’s why.

More Variety, Stronger and Fresher Products

It goes without saying that the introduction of Cannabis 2.0 left a lot to be desired. 

Online dispensaries fill that void by offering a wider selection of products that are more fairly priced, stronger and usually fresher than their government counterparts.

Pyro distillate

Forget being limited to only a handful of strains and a few types of distillates, with many online dispensaries, you have the luxury of picking out your favorite products from a library of high-quality options.

Sugar Jacks's edibles

On top of this, many online dispensaries also offer cannabis edibles in much stronger potencies, an issue that hasn’t yet been addressed in many government dispensaries. 

What that means is, you get better prices for stronger products, also meaning more purchasing power for your dollar.

The Next Step for Cannabis 2.0

Since the introduction of Cannabis 2.0, the prices of cannabis products have been higher than what many people hoped it would be. 

However, the prices are beginning to move in the right direction slowly, but still have a long way to go. 

An ounce of pure dried flower (around 30 grams) is at one of the best prices it has been at for a long time, and these prices have cascaded onto various other products like cannabis oils and tinctures.

While government dispensaries in Canada may not drop their prices anytime soon, online dispensaries have had their prices hit an all-time low, giving you another avenue in which you can get your cannabis.

Final Thoughts on Legal Weed in Canada

As far as the selection of products and pricing goes, people in Canada are hoping for more than just cheaper weed. 

Canadians are hoping to see newer and more fair regulations emerge in regards to cannabis use, and hopefully, we’ll see these changes penetrating all levels of legislation, with a big effort on increasing the current THC limit on edibles.

In terms of when these changes will take place, it’s a shot in the dark, to say the least, however, if you don’t have the patience to wait for these changes to come into full effect, online dispensaries are the next best option.

They are your affordable and convenient way of buying a variety of recreational and medical cannabis that is more reasonably priced, potent and usually fresher than in government dispensaries.

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