Moon Rocks – The Scoop Behind “Weed Caviar”

moon rock guide

Moon rocks – these amazing cannabis products have been rightly called “cannabis caviar” — making them a definitively top-shelf product. In fact, these tasty and potent nugs are a combination of several different marijuana products.

As the name would indicate, these little rocks have a sparkly appearance that is said to resemble moon rocks. More appropriately, these strong moonrocks have a potency that will take you to the moon and back.

Think of these products like ice cream with sprinkles. In other words, awesome piled on top of more awesome, that is what Moon Rocks are all about.

Put simply, these rocks are made from marijuana buds dipped in hash oil and then covered in kief. Yes, they are that amazing! Before we dive into how to use these for the first time, we’ll talk a bit about safety and intent.

Intentional Consumption and Safety

We should start with this important note about the strength of the moonrock. As you may have guessed, the mixture of two potent concentrates and regular nugs makes for a strong combo. So much so, that you should proceed with caution.

Stay within your tolerance, start low, and go slow!

The reason why Moon Rocks are so strong is due to the amount of THC packed inside. As most of us know, this compound is largely responsible for feeling ‘high’ on weed. Notably, these nugs contain markedly higher levels of THC than regular dried flowers out there.

Due to their potency of THC, they are likely to impair executive function and motor control. What this means, is that consuming these bad boys is best left for after you’ve gotten daily to-do list completed.

Unless you have a high tolerance, expect some potential decreased energy levels. This is totally fine for watching a movie and going to bed but it isn’t so good during a busy workday. If you can, clear your schedule so you can fully enjoy getting high on Moon Rocks.

In the following guide, you’ll learn all about Moon Rocks. Specifically, you’ll discover more about how they are made, how to best use them, and more.  Let’s get started!

How to Use Moon Rocks

With safety concerns discussed, let’s discuss how to get high from these bad boys. One of the best features of these moonrocks is versatility. In fact, you can smoke these nugs in just about any way you like.

One thing you need to know – DON’T USE A GRINDER – If you use your grinder, you’ll mess up both the rocks and your grinder. Specifically, moon rocks are too sticky to be ground, and so they will completely clog your grinder. In fact, you’ll also have a hard time actually getting this mess into your bowl, and likely waste much of it.

Although these rocks are sticky and resinous, the best way to break them up is by hand. You can break it up and smoke the pieces in your pipe, joint, bowl, or even vape.

Once you fill up your bowl, joint, or pipe, next up comes smoking moon rocks. Like with smoking hash, you may notice that it takes some time to light up this cannabis product.

Once lit, moon rock pieces will burn nice and slow. A moon rocks joint may resemble a joint sprinkled with hash, for those who have that experience.

Up next, comes the fun part. You can expect effects to kick in over the next half hour or so. This potent high can linger for hours. Enjoy these psychedelic effects however you like! For those with less experience, expect this high-THC level to lead to possible lingering aftereffects. In fact, you may even notice a bit of a weed ‘hangover’ the next morning.

How Are Moon Rocks Made?


First things first, there are two major misconceptions we should get out of the way.

First, we should note that we are not talking about the Moon Rocks made from MDMA (ecstasy). These are VERY DIFFERENT products. The actions of methamphetamines within Ecstasy Moon Rocks act on your brain completely differently than cannabis products.  

Second, Moon Rocks are not only made from the Girl Scout Cookie strain. In fact, these moon rocks weeds of choice can be any strain you like. In addition, the same can be said about the concentrate(s) used.

As you can use whatever bud, hash oil, or kief that you like. It does not matter what strains are used to make these extracts.

Put simply, Moon Rocks are cannabis nugs that are doused in cannabis concentrates and then dipped in kief. Generally, this involves hash oil, but any liquid concentrate may work for you. Once the bud is nice a saturated, it is dipped in kief, which comes in the form of a powder. The end result is cannabis nugs, drizzled with hash oil and dunked into kief.

Can You Eat Them? 

Eating moon rocks would be an unfortunate waste. Please remember that eating them will not produce psychoactie effects. In other words, you won’t get high from it. This is because the cannabinoids require heat to convert to their active forms. Put another way, cannabinoids are only bioavailable or bioactive after they undergo decarboxylation.

For those who don’t know, dried flower contains acidic precursors to the cannabinoids we love. The process of decarboxylation is how we get THC from THCA and CBD from CBDA. In the dried plant matter, you’ll find almost no THC, as the compound is in the THCA form, and the same goes for CBD and CBDA.

Beyond not tasting good at all, eating Moon Rocks is also ineffective. That said, after you smoke moon rocks, you may get some munchies so do keep some healthy snacks on hand!

How Potent Are Moon Rocks?

smoking moon rocks

As with all cannabis products, the cannabinoid content is variable. Firstly, it depends on what cannabis strain is used.

This strain can be high-THC or even low-THC with high-CBD. Secondly, the concentrates used have variable levels of THC as well. Generally speaking, hash oil and kief have a much higher potency than dried flower.

The end result is Moon Rocks with a THC concentration of around 50%. Keep in mind, that who makes it and what process they use also impacts the final product. That all said, review the specific batch of Moon Rocks you’re considering buying to see where it lands on the potency spectrum.

Beyond the cannabinoids, there are high levels of terpenes in a Moon Rock. The result is a delicious terpene-rich flavor and aroma. With each hit providing a new adventure down the high rabbit hole.

You may want to keep a drink nearby, as these potent nugs can induce some coughing after taking a few hits. Ensure you go slow and stay within your tolerance level.

After you take a few hits, you may notice a head high first. After that, this slow-burn can spread down to your doors. It won’t take long, as these effects occur quickly after smoking.

Keep in mind that the effects can increase in the following 30 minutes or so. That means you should wait before sparking up another bowl or pipe. If the high kicks in and starts to get overwhelming, do your best to relax your body and mind. Just remember, these effects will pass.

The best thing you can do is be aware of your tolerance level, along with your set and setting. You may want to try these Moon Rocks in the comfort of your home before trying them out at a social event.

For those with a low tolerance, you may want to only take a toke or two to start.

You can always smoke more, but you can’t take it back after the fact. For those with more tolerance and experience, these Moon Rocks will easily become another option in your repertoire of weed products.

Concluding Thoughts on Weed Caviar

Moon Rocks are renowned for their potency, versatility, and appeal. Even experienced weed smokers can get real baked from these little gems. Always proceed with caution, especially for those without experience with cannabis concentrates and extracts.

The other critical factor is product quality. Make sure that you visit a reputable dispensary or website to make your purchase. Speak with trained staff or medical professionals as needed to get the information you need.

Once you get back home and are ready to smoke a moon rock, get ready for a fantastic baked experience.

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