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Northwest Territories are among the most sought-after places for weed lovers who can appreciate the picturesque views of giant mountains, forests, deep lakes, and high waterfalls.

Whether you’re up for hiking or simply want to unwind by the lakeside with an elegant, neatly rolled joint in your hand, then Northwest Territories will be your best bet.

However, while many provinces are leaning toward the free market and allow private retailers to run marijuana dispensaries, weed is regulated in Northwestern Territories by their Liquor and Cannabis Commission.

This governing body has the power to decide which products can, and which cannot be, allowed for sale in licensed dispensaries, which isn’t the greatest news for weed aficionados like you, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, you can always order your weed online. Here at Buy Low Green, we’re always at your service.

Buy weed online in Northwest Territories

Adults 19 and over can grow up to four cannabis plants per household and buy marijuana products from NTLCC-approved vendors or from the NTLCC online store.

Or, you can ‘break the shackles’ and visit Buy Low Green. We offer competitive prices for our premium cannabis flowers and other marijuana products. If you can’t find something at your local dispensary in Northwest Territories, you may be pretty sure we have it.

Signing up for our online dispensary is fast and easy. All you have to do is enter some personal information and provide us with valid proof of age to make sure you’re 19 or up.

Upon registration, you receive 3 grams of premium marijuana flowers or pre-rolls for free.

So, you’ve just opened your freshly-bought bag of Nuken and you’re ready to explore the incomparable landscapes of Northwestern Territories?

Check out Great Bear Lake, Cannada’s largest, where you can enjoy the boost of energy and creativity floating through you after a smoking session with your buddies.

If you’re a fan of hiking, take your vape pen and enjoy a few puffs while feeding your eyes with the monumental views of Grizzly Bear Mountain.

Northwestern territories have some of Canada’s heaviest winters, so you might want to spend that time dabbing some concentrates or THC distillates bought at Buy Low Green to keep your body warm. If that’s your cup of tea, we’ll gladly fill it up.

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