Roach Clip – A Hot Hit on Weed Tools


What is a roach clip, and how can you use it? In the cannabis industry, a roach clip is a tool used to enhance your experience with joints and help you enjoy even the last bits. 

As you probably already know, it’s too small to even get close to your lips without burning either your mouth or fingers. Yet, there’s a very easy way that people use to avoid this tricky little scenario. It’s called a filter.

However, we don’t always get to roll our own joints, so a filter might be something that’s not available to us every single time. And a joint without a filter is a clear sign that you’ll likely end up with burned lips or thrown-away roach. 

But please fear not, there are ways to cope with a roach. Let’s dive into and learn if you should consider a roach clip for yourself.

What’s a Roach Clip?

Roach clip

A roach clip is a little contraption that many of us first got acquainted with through The Big Lebowski. 

But this word is actually way too fancy for such a contraption. Please don’t get us wrong, roach clips are great and can be quite useful. However, many people would say that this is a product that you don’t really need – that is, unless you’re bent on getting the most of your joints! 

That said, a roach clip is a device that should be accounted for on every serious stoner’s arsenal for those times when the cannabis stream is running dry. A clear sign that you should be happy with every gram of flower you can get your hands on. 

If you don’t have one yet then we have good news for you, you don’t need to go out and get one, you can actually get one for free right now on site and use it immediately –  just go to your desk and search for a paper clip, or go to your bathroom and search for a pair of tweezers.

Roach clips are pretty much anything long and metallic that can help you grip a roach tightly without burning your fingers. 

Why Use a Roach Clip?

Another way of coping with a roach may include using a bong or a vape pen. But we’re basing ourselves on the supposition that we have no time to be packing a bowl, perhaps we’re trying to smoke on the go, and most likely, don’t have access to a vape pen.

Roach clip

There are mixed feelings about why anyone would use a roach clip. The most popular one is that you’re trying to avoid burning your fingers and still want to get the most out of that weed you recently purchased. 

However, there’s also a second school of thought that kind of squashes that idea completely, and it goes as follows. If you’ve burnt through the whole joint up until the point that smoking any more will cause you physical damage, it’s probably a sign that you should not keep smoking it. 

Clips do provide a new and ingenious way to smoke your joint to the very end, but there’s more than one way of putting that cannabis to good use.

Types of Roach Clips

Any pair of tongs, new, old, or makeshift that can hold a roach and prevent you from burning your fingers can be considered a roach clip. 

Here are some of the most common tools that can be used to hold your roach:


Not an amazing name to give to a brand new device, “makeshift”, but these are likely the best kind of roach clips you can get your hands on immediately. A bobby pin, a paper clip, hairpins, or any other small metallic piece related to these can become your new makeshift roach clip.

DIY roach clip

Perhaps the most makeshift roach clip of all is the chopstick style roach clip. 

Imagine holding two matches like they’re chopsticks and using them to hold your joint left-overs. The site of it is probably making you laugh, but like any great invention, it is an innovation that makes it great and not the invention itself.

House-hold tools:

So here’s where we’ll have you search through your closet or bathroom supplies looking for a pair of tweezers. The good thing about tweezers is that they’re already manufactured to be ergonomic, easy to find in almost any household, and best of all, they’re free if you already have them.

Another commonly used house-hold item is pliers. Even though pliers tend to be a bit thicker than a joint, some pliers have a thin enough end. You’ll just have to search for them a little harder. 

But once again, this is something that you’re probably already keeping in your garage with your other tools — so no need to go down to the shop. Just stay on-site, enter your garage, and finish off those roaches.

Designer roach clips:

Here’s where things get crafty. Cannabis consumers and industry manufacturers alike have pounced upon the idea of a new device that could upgrade your smoking kit. 

Enter the designer roach clip.

These are pins or clips that have been fashioned to look crafty and more outstanding. Some may have a figurine at the end. Others have a ring to put your finger through and allow you to hold it easily. The only downside to this type of roach clip is that they’re not free. But who cares if they look cool!

Where Can I Get a Roach Clip?

Now you know how to smoke your weed conveniently and without burning your mouth and lips. 

If you decide that a roach clip might be worth your attention, then go to your closet or bathroom and find a pair of tweezers, or go to your garage and grab those pliers to hold your roach.

And if you are looking for a more fancy approach, Etsy and Amazon would be your way to go to find some crafty, nicely designed roach clips. From alligators with feathers to beautifully designed curvatures, there are lots of beautiful roach clips available on the cannabis market online. 

Give them a try!

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