Sativa vs Indica – What You Need to Know

Sativa vs Indica – What You Need to Know

For those of us in the know, the difference between Sativa vs Indica is plain as the difference between the Sun and the Moon. For others, perhaps a bit newer to the smokers circle, this can be a confusing distinction. Today I’m going to break it down nice and simple, explaining the difference between the two different types, clearly answering, once and for all, what is the difference between Sativa vs Indica.

Part One: Indica, In-Da-Couch

sativa vs indica, indica, sativa, couch lock The above^ phrase is your new best friend when remember the difference between the two families of Cannabis. Effect wise, Indica weed tends to be a bit sleepier, “dopier” if you will, and often leaves people with an increased appetite (the munchies). Also, if hardcore pain relief is what your after, Indica will generally be the side you’ll lean towards.

Because of these two factors, pain relief and increased appetite, Indica Cannabis is the preferred variety for those going through chemo therapy to treat cancer. While going through any intense medical treatment (especially chemo therapy, which is known to cause nausea and lack of appetite), its extremely important to keep up a healthy, plentiful diet. Because of this, whole Indica strains have been bred and named for this exact purpose,  Pink Kush being the prime example.

Physically, Indica plants tend to be shorter and stouter than their Sativa cousins and will generally have wider leaves. Because of their bushiness, Indica plants will tend to yield greater smokable weight as well.

When it comes to specific examples of Indica strains, the list is LONG, too many to record in this article. I will however, list off a few of my favorites, along with their general effects. Critical Kush (along with other ‘Critical’ strains) is known for being high in CBD, making it perfect for pain relief and a nice, relaxed high. Nuken is another great one, aptly named for its borderline atomic levels of THC. If you’re trying to get blasted, this one is right up your alley, although maybe don’t have much important things planned for later on that day. Finally, a true Vancouver original, Death Bubba. If you suffer from insomnia, this is the strain for you. Its dank, crystal laden nugs have an earthy smell and a sweet taste, ideal for those Sunday afternoons where MAYBE you drank a little too much the night before (I’m not judging).

Creative, Uplifting, Talkative – Sativa

sativa vs indica, indica, sativa, couch lockNow we come to the other half of the happy hippy marijuana family, Sativa! Unlike Indica, Sativa tends to be uplifting, energetic, and a bit more social. Now, many people tend to look at it as Sativa being the “lighter one”, but that is not necessarily the case. While being less physically sedating, Sativa can still get you a very strong buzz. The real difference between the two is that Indica is body, Sativa is mind. That being said, people who get paranoia from pot almost ALWAYS get it from a Sativa! Being head high causes some people to experience racing thoughts. If this happens to you, just breathe, remember that this effect will pass, and try to focus on how nice of a day it is. Yah, that’s it, just look at the pretty flowers man.

Specific types of Sativa are, not surprisingly, just as varied as Indica! They do share certain similar physical straits however, and generally grow taller, skinnier than Indica plants, possessing thinner leaves. Green Crack is a great example of a pure and peppy Sativa. As the name might suggest… Its got some kick to it. This would be an ideal strain for someone engaged in sports, art or music production, although watch out for some burnout at the end, as all highs have lows. Pink Champagne is one of my other personal favorites. If you want to roll up a tasty blunt to treat that special someone, this would be my top recommendation. Be careful though, cause they might just fall in love (for a few hours at least.) Finally, the crowning jewel of any Cannabis aficionado’s collection, Hemp Star. This tasty strain was first created by crossing Northern Lights # 5 and Haze, creating a true powerhouse of a Sativa sure to delight even the most experienced tokers.

… And Everything In Between – Hybrid

sativa vs indica, indica, sativa, couch lockAs the name would imply, Hybrid strains are mixtures of Sativa and Indica. They can vary to either side of the spectrum, some being more Indica heavy, some more Sativa dominant. Simply ask your trusted Cannabis retailer for opinion on the effects, and think about checking out a website like for any further information on these types of strains.

Well, there you have it folks. The difference between Sativa vs Indica, cleanly explained with examples of either. The only thing to do now is to check out in the shop section and get… Experimenting.

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