Terp Sauce – How To Up Your Terpene Game

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Terp sauce isn’t your typical cannabutter or cannabis infused oil – it’s a flavour packed cannabis concentrate that’s sure to turn heads and blast you off into the clouds. 

Ever since becoming a medicinally legal substance — our understanding and application of cannabis products continually deepens and expands. With that, a boatload of new products are rushing to market, leaving consumers confused and overwhelmed about what they do, and the differences between them. 

As with most things in life, everything is not created equal and some products are just more superior to others. One such product is Terp Sauce. A better tasting and smelling alternative to other cannabis concentrates, this extract is celebrated for its high THC and terpene content that is a rarity in this industry. 

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s break down what terp sauce is. 

Terp Sauce – Definition

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Before we get into what Terp Sauce is, we need to know what a cannabis concentrate is. Concentrates are an extracted form of cannabis that contains much higher percentages of cannabinoids like CBD and THC than marijuana in its traditional flower form. Hence the name “concentrates”. 

What singles out Terp Sauce among the other high potency extracts on the market is dependent on the fact that fresh, not frozen bud is used, and its high terpene content.

We will get into more detail about what terpenes are and what they do in a minute, but for now, all you need to know is because of Terp Sauces overindulgence of terpenes makes it the most aromatic and flavorful cannabis concentrate you can find.

Keeping this in mind, also know that part of the Terp Sauce creation process produces a little extra treat that comes in the form of THC Diamonds — which are 99% pure THC crystals that can be added into Terp Sauce to make potent Diamond Sauce. 

What are Terpenes?

The strong smells associated with pungent aromas like black pepper, eucalyptus, and marijuana can all be attributed to terpenes.

Today, over 200 types of terpene have been discovered in the various types of cannabis strains, all varying in smell, flavor, and not surprisingly — terpene composition. In fact, this is where most weed strains get their names; from how it smells and tastes. 

But terpenes do more than just smell and taste good, their presence is required to induce the world-famous entourage effect

Entourage Effect – How Does It Work? 

If you’re new to cannabis culture and don’t know what the entourage effect is — you’re in luck. In a nutshell, the entourage effect is a term used in the industry to describe the synergistic benefit of consuming full-spectrum cannabis products that retain all the natural properties found in the plant including cannabinoids and terpenes. 

This differs from broad-spectrum or isolate products that have components of the plant removed for various reasons. While there has been some contention from a small number of experts regarding the validity of the entourage effect theory, many studies — including one from 2019 found that there is a mutually beneficial process that happens with full-spectrum cannabis products compared isolate and broad-spectrum ones. 

What Makes Terp Sauce So Unique?

Terp Sauce is unique in how it tastes, smells, and is prepared. While all marijuana concentrates have a high THC profile that will leave you couch-locked — Terp Sauce is also loaded with terpenes and other helpful cannabinoids that help instigate the entourage effect. These types of products are known as full-spectrum in the industry as they contain the “full-spectrum” of plant components. 

Another unrivaled trait we can attribute to Terp Sauce is that it’s flash-frozen before being cured or extracted. This ensures the terpenes stay intact and cannabinoids remain fresh, which is why it’s the best tasting and smelling concentrate around. 

To sum it up, Terp Sauce has it all; it tastes and smells great, provides therapeutic benefit via the entourage effect, and it will leave you feeling like you’re on cloud nine.  

How is Terp Sauce Made?

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Like all other marijuana concentrates, Terp Sauce is made using high-quality weed that has already been grown and harvested. Once this requirement has been met, the plant material is immediately flash frozen instead of cured to preserve and maximize the terpenes and cannabinoid profile. 

Then it needs to be cured and extracted using butane as this is the most effective way to keep all the precious cannabinoids and terpenes intact. THCA crystals form and as the sauce begins to thicken, it’s poured into a container and kept slightly above room temperature.

Pressure begins to build inside the jar, and this is the indication that it’s time for the crystals and terpenes to be separated from one another — which can take anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks.

Once they’re separated, they need to be purged. Terpenes take roughly 60 hours and THCA crystals about 72 hours to fully purge to the point they’re ready to be re-combined, then stored in a UV-proof container until it turns into a thick, rich consistency that is made up of about 30%-50% cannabinoids.  

How Do You Smoke Terp Sauce?

This is the easy part. Terp Sauce can be used with dab rigs, vaporizers, over bud in a joint, pipe, bong, or other smoking contraption. Most concentrates do smoke and burn quickly, so if you’re not using a dag rig, it’s important not to roach your bowls or all your Terp Sauce will literally go up in flames. 

While it takes a skilled crafter and a lot of expertise to create Terp Sauce — it’s figuratively a piece of cake to smoke it. Just try not to overdo it, and you’ll be good to go. 

Will you get high from Terp Sauce? 

Absolutely. Just because Terp Sauce doesn’t taste like other cannabis concentrates doesn’t mean it’s not just as potent in terms of THC potency. For those of you that aren’t aware, THC is the cannabinoid found in cannabis that is responsible for getting you stoned. If you add some THC Diamonds into the mix — you’ll get extremely high. 

If you’re unsure about how much you can handle, always start with the smallest dose possible, and slowly increase it; giving it a good few minutes between hits to gauge your experience.

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