8 Visually Stunning Video Games to Play While High

Games to play while high

We know, we know, when enjoying a bit of the green leaf, it’s always best to adventure outside and enjoy nature. Soaking up some sun with your friends and taking in that light summer’s night breeze is truly a magical experience. But what about those days when it’s raining, and going outside looks more like a shower than fun? 

It’s no doubt that the stoner culture has had a symbiotic relationship with video games, since well, the dawn of time pretty much. Anyone who’s enjoyed a puff or two at some point has picked up a game, whether at home or friends, and got lost in its world.

Selecting a list of the best video games to play is tough, because of any video game, no matter how trash becomes appealing after a few hits from the bong. So we decided to bring you a special countdown. Sit back and enjoy the 8 most visually stunning video games to play while high.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where robots have run ramped and are leaving no stone unturned to see the end of “humans”. Everything from the landscapes to robotic creatures, fight scenes and open-world exploration is breathtaking.

The developers at Guerilla Games have come out swinging and successfully hit Zero Dawn right out the park. Even though the visuals are out of this world captivating, don’t forget to take a break when playing or you’ll turn into a robot!


2. Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

Attention all warriors, choose your fighters! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reintroduces the fan favourite everyone grew to love. With all new fighters and levels, Super Smash is an instant party classic that doesn’t lack on visual enjoyment. 

Nintendo really upped the ante by handing the reins to Bandai Namco Studios and letting them run loose. While it was a long time in the making, Super Smash Bros. is no longer just a fighting game, but a work of art.

3. Spider-Man 

If any of you have watched the new Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse, then you know the direction the Spider-Man series is taking. Focusing heavy on visually stunning scenery instead of the usual storyline based adventure has taken it to the next level.

While the game itself is great to watch, the web-swinging action is quickly being viewed as iconic. The streets of New York have never been so much fun, and you can even drop by for a quick visit the Avengers headquarters.

4. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

If you’re in for a bit of learning and over the top lazers, spaceships and levels that stimulate the mind, then this is your game. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is an absolute hoot, and it teaches you a thing or two while at it. 

While you may think it’s somewhat a rip off of Galaga, which it is, this isn’t your parent’s regular arcade game. Who said learning, getting stoned and playing video games can’t all be done at the same time!


5. Minecraft

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had more than a handful of lego sets in your life (and probably stepped on more pieces than you’d like to admit). Minecraft takes lego to the next level and easily one of the best video games to play while high.

In Minecraft, not only is the world your oyster, you design the world as you see fit. It’s easy to use your creativity after smoking a joint or two and coming up with a crazy architecture that only a stoner could envision. Make sure to check out youtube videos on Minecraft, some people (with presumably too much time on their hands) have designed levels that are literally out of this world.

6. Journey

If you’ve ever wanted to get absolutely lost in a video game’s scenery and landscape, Journey is right up your alley. Take this snippet, and tell me you’re not impressed.

Journey‘s story is told wordlessly through gameplay and using cutscenes. The player’s character begins on a sand dune in a seemingly endless desert. In the far distance looms a large, foreboding mountain with a glowing crevice that splits its peak. As the character approaches the mountain, they find remnants of a once-thriving civilization, eroded by sand over time.”

Pack your bags, we’re going to the desert. 


7. No Man’s Sky

While the reviews in the beginning may have been a bit dodgy, there’s no doubt that No Man’s Sky is one of the most visually stunning games to play while high. 

No Man’s Sky is a free world game that puts you in the driver seat of creating your own destiny. Almost like real life, it’s a choose your own path and create the life you see fit. From interplanetary space stations to grazing cattle, the story completely relies on you.

8. Anthem

While it’s new to the scene, Anthem is already making some big waves. While it may look like a Halo clone, the truth is it’s far from it. 

Bioware is known for its gameplay and graphics, but no one thought that they could really take the game to the next level. But here we are, with arguably the most beautiful game on this list. Enjoy its graphics and intense gameplay, video games to play while high like this don’t come around too often.


There are No Wrong Choices

When it comes down to it, playing video games while high is always fun. And there aren’t many games that can be that bad that you don’t immerse yourself even a little bit. Well maybe MindJack, but we’ll leave that for another time. 

Call your friends, grab a bag of weed and turn that system on. Let’s make this dreary and rainy day into a fun-filled afternoon. 

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