Weed Pipes – Where Nostalgia Meets Convenience

Weed pipes

Since the dawn of time, when humanity first discovered fire, humans have had an inclination to combust multiple different types of materials. Including plant matter like cannabis, leading to the eventual creation of inventions such as weed pipes. 

Smoking pipes, including weed pipes, have had a rich history in human culture, dating back to ancient civilizations. From smoking tobacco to other dry herbs, the hand pipe has been an iconic tool for smokers in the past and tokers today.

With tobacco consumption much lower these days, one might think that the hand pipe has overstayed its welcome. However, the thing is, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Thanks to the advent of legal recreational and medical marijuana, many different types of pipes like the glass pipe, spoon pipe, and other various weed pipes have experienced a resurgence as they tend to go hand in hand with smoking cannabis. 

Weed pipes come in all shapes and sizes. And when it comes to picking out the right one to smoke with, it’s always helpful to be well informed on what you should be using.

If you’re interested in learning about the different types of weed pipes used to smoke cannabis, then keep on reading. We’ll give you a brief rundown on the different types and their purposes so that you can easily identify them. As well as, figure out which ones will work best for you. 

What are Weed Pipes? Where do Weed Pipes Come From?

weed pipe

With its documented use dating back over 4000 years, pipes have been used in various civilizations, including Ancient Egypt, India, and as ceremonial pipes in many Native American and Indigenous groups. 

Early use of these pipes had been mainly for ceremonial purposes by Native Americans, while many Middle Eastern people used them to smoke hookah.

These days, the use of pipes has shifted more towards the recreational side of things. Having been used for both tobacco and cannabis consumption, pipes have become some of the most popular devices for smoking. 

Time and time again, pipes have proven reliable, cheap, and effective. As well as, being available in all different shapes and sizes to suit each smoker’s style. 

The Benefits of Using a Weed Pipe

Durability & Reusability

One of the most common reasons for using weed pipes is their sheer durability. Unlike rolling papers and filters, a glass pipe can last for ages if taken care of properly. 

Even in the cases that they have been tossed around and treated harshly, glass weed pipes are built to stand the test of time. What’s more, weed pipes can easily be reused at a moment’s notice. If you run out of papers or filters, you’ll have to go to the store before you can smoke again.


Another benefit to using weed pipes is that they don’t alter your weed’s flavour at all. Some rolling papers may add an underlying note to your weed’s flavour, detracting from the overall experience.

When smoking from weed pipes, all you need to do is inhale and reap the healing benefits and delicious flavours and terpenes, unique to the bud that you are smoking.

Smoking Experience

Weed pipes also offer an improved experience for their users. 

Certain designs allow you to see the smoke channeling through the stem and into your mouth. Creating a cool visual experience along with the high. Part of the fun is that weed pipes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, so you can build a collection that each has its own unique features. 

Types of Weed Pipes


 one hitter

One-hitters are “one and done” weed pipes designed to hold enough weed for a single hit or puff. This type of pipe is usually made out of wood, stone, glass, or metal and is among some of the smallest weed pipes in terms of size. 

They can be carried around in your pocket and loaded for a quick hit whenever the time calls for it. One-hitters serve as great miniature and portable weed pipes that can be easily concealed.


Chillum are similar to one-hitters but differ in their size. Usually chillums are not only larger in size, but they also have a larger bowl, allowing for greater smoking capacities.

In North America, you can typically find a variety of chillum that come in different sizes. They’re typically made of glass but can also be found in bamboo, stone, metal, and even clay variants. Chillum are great starter weed pipes for novice smokers.

Glass Weed Pipes

glass weed pipes

Glass blunts are a variant of glass weed pipes that consist of a cylindrical pipe with an opening on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. These pipes feature a loading system, which is similar in function to an auger. 

Twisting the mouthpiece will allow the internal auger to rotate. Helping to get rid of any burnt ash without releasing any unused bud. Glass pipes are simple and elegant and are typically made of a glass construction. 

A glass pipe is great for long excursions or large groups as they allow for the storage of a decent-sized load of cannabis and are highly wind resistant.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are one of the most popular types of glass weed pipes currently available. This type of pipe leans more towards the traditional side of design, with a standard bowl, a carb hole, and a mouthpiece. 

Spoon pipes are loaded with cannabis from the top into the bowl and then ignited while the carb hole is covered. These types of weed pipes come in various colours and aesthetics and are some of the most diverse glass pipes currently available.

Bubbler Pipes

Bubbler Pipes

A glass pipe that is an elegant hybrid of a bong and a pipe, bubblers are unique because they are designed to hold water to filter out the smoke and create an overall smoother smoking experience. 

Bubblers are handheld in size and operate like a miniature bong.

Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock Pipes are a traditional style of weed pipes that feature their own iconic curved design. This type of pipe has traditionally been associated with tobacco, although you can also use it to enjoy some righteous bud.

Sherlock Pipes are some of the most visually appealing weed pipes currently available on the market and come in a variety of different colours and styles.

Alternatives to Weed Pipes 

If you would rather a safer option and healthier alternative to smoking, vaporizer pens and kits pose an excellent option. 

The appeal of vaporizers is that they don’t require combustion to produce the healing effects of weed. In this way, they don’t actually burn the plant material, meaning that you aren’t inhaling any harmful chemicals, tar, carcinogens or excess plant matter. 

Overall, vaping provides a smoother, safer experience than smoking while still being portable enough to toke on the go. 

If you’re new to the world of vaping, that’s totally fine. Below are some examples of available products: 

Pyro Extracts Ceramic Vaporizer Kits

These vaporizer kits from Pyro Extracts contain ceramic cartridges with high-quality THC distillate blended with natural, strain-specific terpenes making each flavour unique in its own way. 

These sleek and comfortable ceramic cartridges are also free of cotton, heavy metal and glue, providing customers with a smooth, hassle-free vaping experience.

Hooti Extracts THC Vaporizer Pen Kit

The THC Vaporizer Kit from Hooti Extracts has everything first-time vapers need, including a battery, charger and cartridge of their choice. 

Each cartridge contains 1 gram of Hooti’s Premium THC Distillate. What’s more, users can select from a variety of different strains to suit their particular weed needs and preferences. Including, Purple Kush, Hawaiin Cookies, Death Bubba, and more. 

Top Shelf Glass Vaporizer Kit

Like the previous option, Top Shelf Glass Vaporizer Kits also come with a battery and charger and cartridge of your choice. 

However, what sets these cartridges apart is their elegant, portable and sleek glass cartridges accompanied by a ceramic coil for the healthiest option available on the market. These kits deliver a full-flavour experience that is ideal to suit any mood. 

Weed Pipes – There’s Something for Everyone 

When deciding on which weed pipes might work best for you. Further, it’s important to take a look at the reputation of the brands you are buying from. Some pipes may work better than others thanks to clever engineering while others may prove to be less than useful. 

It’s also critical to consider the price and other user reviews before taking the leap forward. 

The beauty of weed pipes is in their versatility. As above, there is a wide selection of sizes and styles to choose from. Thus, opening the door to a vast assortment of possibilities. 

Half of the fun is testing out different types to see which works best for you.

Happy toking!

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