What is a One Hitter? How You Can Use One to Microdose Weed

one hitter

One-hitters are a great addition to any cannabis user’s gear collection, but newbies may not understand their purpose or even what they are. These discreet, portable and straightforward pipes are suited for a quick hit on the go or tasting a new strain and are perfect for both veteran smokers and new users.

What is a One-Hitter?

what is a one hitter

A one-hitter is a small pipe with a bowl piece built to fit roughly the amount of weed needed for a single hit, hence the name. They come in various shapes and sizes, just like any other pipe and are often made of glass or metal with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other.

One-hitters are also commonly known as “bats” or “chillums,” some coming as a set known as “dugout.” The terms are frequently used interchangeably, but there are key differences to understand what you’re talking about.

What is the Difference Between a Bat, a Chillum and a Dugout?

A bat is essentially a slang term referring to any one-hitter. Chillum is a more formal term for a bat or one-hitter, and these styles of pipes have been used for centuries in India. 

Some people believe the difference between a bat and a chillum is the size of the bowl, but this comes down to nitpicky semantics.

Chillums do not have a choke on them. Instead, they’re a straight-tube pipe. Some are made of stone or wood, while others are crafted from intricately designed glass. There are also the commonly found cigarette-styled chillums that offer increased discretion when using in public settings.

A dugout is a case with a space built into a typically rectangular box to fit a one-hitter and another area for storing ground-up weed. This design makes it simple to pack your one-hitter on the go by twisting the one-hitter into the pre-ground weed and filling the bowl.

What are the Benefits of Using a One-Hitter?

If you’re interested in using or getting a one-hitter pipe, there are quite a few benefits to having one.


With the size of most one-hitters being relatively small, they’re portable and very discreet if you’re worried about keeping things on the down-low. The size of the bowl piece is perfect for a quick snap of weed, too, so you won’t be blowing massive clouds of smoke if you’re using it in public settings.


One-hitter pipes are typically low-cost, so if you’re in search of a new piece without a high price, they’re great products to get.


They’re also great for rationing your weed, so you’ll be less likely to use a ton of your cannabis and can use the exact amount you need every time. Many people choose to microdose cannabis. 

If you want to try microdosing cannabis for the ultimate level of control, this is the most accessible tool of any smoking accessory to measure your use.

Simple to use

New smokers have a ton to learn when diving into using cannabis, so keeping the gear knowledge to a minimum at first is ideal, and one-hitters are some of the simplest pieces to use. It’s just a straight tube pipe, so it’s as simple as smoking a joint when hitting it and is as user-friendly as smoking accessories get.

What are the Disadvantages?

Despite one-hitters being an extraordinarily versatile and straightforward pipe to use, they do have some disadvantages. That shouldn’t discourage anyone from getting one, but these pipes have a few things to consider.

Small Bowl Size

The small bowl size is perfect for some people since it offers the ability to take one hit and be done with what you’ve packed in the bowl, but this could be a problem for others. If you’re looking to have a more extended session, constantly packing one-hitters could become an annoyance while you’re just trying to get high.

Harsh Smoke

With the size of these pipes, your hit can also feel a little harsher on the throat than other pipes, bongs or whatever else you decide to smoke weed out of. 

The harshness of the smoke will depend on the quality of the weed you’re smoking, but generally speaking, one-hitters tend to have a bit of a harsh and hot hit when you’re smoking out of them.

 Using a glass piece instead of a metal one will help with this, but it can still be a problem due to the short length of the pipe.

High Temperatures

Due to its small size and all-metal construction, one-hitter pipes can heat up extremely quickly. Just one toke is usually enough to make the tube challenging to handle. If you’re not careful, you could singe or burn your fingers from continuous use. 

How to Use a One Hitter

how to use a one hitter

Using a one-hitter pipe is very straightforward and requires little thought or time to set up. If you are looking for the simplest way to smoke your weed, these will be the perfect tool for your needs.

The first step is tightly packing your ground cannabis into the bowl piece. If you fill a one-hitter pipe loosely, you’ll run the risk of having everything fall out since it’s held horizontally while in use. 

Since there is no choke on one-hitter pipes, simply place your mouth on the mouthpiece, light the weed and inhale. When you’re done, tap out the ash, or if it’s stuck, you can also blow the ash out using the mouthpiece.

How to Clean a One Hitter

These products are small. Continuous makes them get dirty fairly quickly.

Fortunately, cleaning them is extremely easy!

Cleaning a one-hitter pipe is essentially the same as cleaning any other piece. 

With their small size, the easiest method is filling a bowl or Tupperware with a glass cleaning product or isopropyl alcohol and letting it soak for a bit.

After 10-30 minutes, pull it out and rinse it with hot water. If there is still residue left, scrub it with a bottle brush or soak it again. You can also use coarse salt such as rock salt or epsom salt to help lift residue from the piece while it soaks.

Is a one-hitter the right pipe for me?

Whether or not a one-hitter is right for you ultimately comes down to preference but weighing the pros and cons of this style of piece will show you it’s a decent tool to have on hand. They carry a low cost compared to other accessories, are simple to use, and have benefits with the tiny bowl piece they carry.

Hopefully, now that you’ve finished reading this article, you can appreciate all the benefits that the one-hitter can offer. If you’re looking for some flower for your one-hitter, head over to our online dispensary Canada to get the best prices on a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid strains!

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