What is Popcorn Weed? 3 Reasons You Should Try it

popcorn weed

Despite what might come to mind, popcorn weed, popcorn nug or popcorn bud isn’t weed-infused popcorn. 

While that does sound good and would undoubtedly be delicious, popcorn weed is a slang term used to describe the fun little popcorn-sized nugs of weed you can sometimes find at your local dispensary. 

You might have heard this term used before. Popcorn weed and popcorn nugs have been providing tokers with a budget-friendly way to get high for decades, but not every toker enjoys a bag of popcorn bud. 

Today, we’re hoping to change that. While popcorn weed isn’t as glamorous as full-sized nugs, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider picking up a bag of popcorn nugs the next time you see some for sale. 

Stay with us as we ‘pop’ the myth on popcorn weed.

What is Popcorn Weed?

As the name suggests, popcorn weed describes popcorn-sized nugs of weed. If you’re familiar with the biology of Cannabis Sativa L., you’ll likely know that cannabis buds are grown from the plant’s colas, which grow on top of the plant above the stem. 

When growing conditions aren’t optimal, or if the plant is not adequately pruned or trimmed, colas can develop at the base of the plant. Typically, growers or cultivators prune these colas to maximize the amount of nutrients and water the colas at the top can receive. 

However, if left to their own devices, these colas can develop into a bud, albeit not as large as the ones on top. They’ll still have trichomes, cannabinoids, terpenes and everything else that makes weed, weed, but it might not be as potent, flavourful or large as the other colas. 

Despite advances in cannabis cultivation, these colas are still able to evade the eye of growers, and so, popcorn weed persists. 

In other words, popcorn weed may be small, but it’s also mighty and doesn’t go down without a fight! 

Will Popcorn Weed Make You High?

smoking popcorn bud

Popcorn weed is almost identical to regular weed. To make a comparison, if you were enjoying a quad AAAA strain, popcorn weed of that same strain would likely be AAA instead. When was the last time AAA weed didn’t get you high?

Many people mistakenly believe that, since popcorn buds aren’t as developed as the other buds, they won’t get you high. To be fair, they aren’t as developed. Popcorn nugs don’t receive the same amount of nutrients and water as their brothers, so, naturally, they’re smaller. 

However, as we’ve said before, this difference is mainly superficial. The buds may be smaller, but everything you need to get lifted is still all there in the popcorn bud. 

Although popcorn nugs are smaller than their full-sized counterparts, they’re still packing close to the same potency. Sure, they might not have the best bag appeal, but you’ll still be able to blaze up and get high with it no problem. 

Why You Should Try Popcorn Bud

Still unconvinced that popcorn bud is worth a try? Here are 3 reasons you should pick up a bag of popcorn nugs the next time you’re dankrupt. 

Popcorn Weed is Affordable

Not every occasion calls for a AAAA strain. On some occasions, enjoying something cheap and affordable with friends and spending your money elsewhere just makes more sense. If you plan on hitting the town later that night, it might be a good idea to keep your budget open for what’s to come later on. 

Or maybe you want to take a step back and watch your spending for a while. After all, you can’t eat Wagyu beef for dinner every night, right? 

If any of this describes you, then popcorn weed is the bud for you. 

You’ll save money, get high and have a great time. Say hello to your new best friends!

You Can Control the Potency

Have a little or have a lot! Some strains, such as Rockstar OG or Northern Lights, hit you like a truck. You might not even burn down a ¼ of the doob before the effects start slamming into you. One bowl of something potent might be enough to knock you out for the night and ruin your plans! 

Even if you’re a seasoned smoker, some strains can creep up on us. If that’s what you’re looking for, great. If not, then give these lil’ buds a try.

While extremely close to regular weed, popcorn bud will still come up short in the potency department. However, this is more of a blessing than a curse. 


While there is a drop in potency, it’s not to the point where it’s comparable to ditch weed. You’ll still get high. It might just take you a bit longer to get you there. If you’re an infrequent smoker or with someone who is, popcorn weed is a better choice than full-sized flower. 

With these buds, you can really ease into the experience without putting your entire foot on the gas.

You’ll be able to roll a full-sized joint without throwing it away or saving it for later when you get too high. You’ll be able to finish a bowl without feeling like your soul has left your body. The point is, popcorn weed helps you control your potency. 

You Can Use it to Make Edibles

Vaping and smoking let you appreciate the aromas, flavours and terpene profile of weed but the same can’t be said for edibles. THC is the name of the game here. What strain you use to make infused oils and butter really isn’t as important as the THC content.

In that case, popcorn weed is a perfect choice. The buds are small so you can grind them easily, the price is affordable so you can make more edibles and last but not least, they’re still potent enough to create some amazingly dank edibles! 

Popcorn Bud is an A-Maize-Ing Choice

So, what do you think? Are you turning over a new leaf after reading our guide on popcorn weed or are some things ‘butter’ left unsaid? 

Sure, they might not look as great as regular bud or deliver as potent of a high, but popcorn weed still has a lot to offer! Their discounted price makes them incredibly appealing for those on a budget. 

Popcorn nugs have been around for a while, so, clearly, they’re popular. Who knows, you might just end up sharing a few grams of popcorn weed the next time you sesh with a friend! 

Until then, we wish you happy toking and all the best!

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