What is Shake Weed? Can it Get You High?

shake weed

Shake weed is a misunderstood commodity. While marijuana shake is present at the bottom of almost every toker’s grinder and stash box, shake weed gets a rap, for no good reason at all. Commonly viewed as the leftovers of the weed world, shake weed is actually incredibly versatile and can be used in numerous ways to help you make the most of your stash. 

Not only that, but it’s a great way to get high without breaking the bank.

But what is weed shake, exactly?

Today, we’re taking a deeper look at these oft discarded scraps and some of the best ways you can use them to help shed new, favourable light on shake weed. 

That said, let’s get straight into it! 

What is Marijuana Shake? 

Weed shake goes by many names. Marijuana shake, shake weed, and shwag are just some of the words in the toker lexicon used to describe the tiny, perfectly imperfect bits of weed you find lingering at the bottom of your grinder, dime bag or stash box.

Shake weed gets its name from the way it’s stored. In the years before legalization, many Canada dispensaries sold weed in large glass jars. If a customer came in and wanted to purchase some weed, the budtender would open the jar, take a few nugs out and weigh it out to distribute the desired amount.

weed shake

In the process, the jar would inevitably move, shaking the buds contained inside. This shaking dislodges some of the bud’s leaves and kief, causing it to collect at the bottom, and, thus, shake is born. 

That said, shake weed has earned a somewhat unwarranted ‘cheap’ reputation because of how it forms.

After all, shake weed is bits of bud that fell off from the main plant. Since it’s not full bud, the potency, flavour, and aroma will also be lacking. Sometimes, budtenders might even reuse the same jar, mixing different strains of shake together. 

That said, marijuana shake isn’t as bad as you might think.

While the potency and flavour might not be on par with fully intact nugs, it’s essentially the same as the weed you grind up. 

Can Shake Get You High?

Shake weed is weed. So, it will undoubtedly get you high.

However, the effects you’ll feel will be a mystery. Since it’s almost impossible to tell what strain your shake actually is, the high you’ll experience might differ from sesh to sesh. 

In this sense, one handful of marijuana shake might contain an abundance of indica strains while another might contain more sativa.

Additionally, the potency of shake is also lower than that of whole bud cannabis. You’ll find some kief swimming around in your shake, but it won’t be comparable to the amount you’ll find on full nug bud.

What is Weed Shake Used For?

Weed shake might not be identical to full bud, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its uses. Shake weed is essentially ground-up cannabis with less potency, so there’s really nothing stopping you from using it like you would with regular kush.

If you’re dankrupt and strapped for cash, marijuana shake is an excellent opportunity to get high on a budget. As well, most dispensaries often sell shake weed at a discount, so it’s perfect for getting high without breaking the bank.

Some dispensaries will also often use shake to fill their pre-roll joints, but the chances of you knowing what strain it is are unlikely! 

Fancy yourself a chef? Weed shake is also a budget-friendly way to make weed oil, cannabutter or anything else weed-infused. Shake’s crumbly nature ensures a high surface area which speeds up the decarboxylation and infusion process. 

Since you also can’t experience the effects of different weed strains when consuming it as an edible, what strain the shake actually is isn’t as important. 

Negatives of Weed Shake

The worst thing about shake weed is that, well, it’s shake weed.

It’s never going to be comparable to smoking full bud, but, hey, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad! Whether or not you’ll enjoy shake depends on the kind of experience you want out of your cannabis. 

Are you just looking to get high? Don’t care much about the flavours or terpene profile? Don’t have a lot of cash on hand? Just want to make weed brownies and concentrates? Weed shake is the way to go.

Care about the terpene profile? Looking for a more holistic experience? Want the full entourage effect? Stick to full bud. 

If there are any straight negatives about weed shake, it’s that there might be weed stems, seeds and other undesirable plant matter included in the mix. These can be easily picked out by hand, but it’s definitely annoying. 

Shake is Worth a Take

What’s your opinion on shake now that you’ve been educated on its in and outs? Do you still think it’s worth snubbing your nose at, or does it warrant trying out? 

With so much versatility, there really isn’t a wrong way to enjoy marijuana shake. Whether you choose to make weed oil, edibles or simply burning it up in a joint, you can rest assured knowing that you utilized the plant to its fullest potential!

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Happy blazing!

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