What is BC Bud and What Makes it the Best Weed Around?

bc bud

BC bud, or weed from British Colombia, is recognized worldwide as some of the best, but why is this the case? 

From Canada’s rich history with cannabis to the province’s laid-back attitude towards weed growers and smokers, there are many reasons why weed grown in British Colombia is famous but is it actually as good as people say it is? 

Stereotypes aren’t born in a vacuum, so there must be some truth behind British Colombia’s claim to fame as the source for the best weed around. But before we explore some of the reasons why British Colombia’s weed is so great, let’s dive into what BC bud actually is in the first place. 

What is BC Bud? 

what is bc bud

We’ve all heard the term “BC Bud,” and some older potheads might even know why some of the best cannabis comes from Canada’s most western province. 

However, some members of the newer generations of smokers might not realize that someone breaking out some BC bud could signify that they’re about to get higher than they realize.

BC bud is precisely what it sounds like – it’s weed grown in Canada’s temperate rainforest province of British Colombia. While BC bud is usually grown out of the Okanagan valley and the surrounding interior regions, any weed grown and cultivated in British Colombia can be thought of as BC bud. 

There are many reasons and plenty of outright speculation of how the BC denizens became such artisanal cannabis cultivators. 

Still, there are some big ones that most serious stoners can agree on. 

Let’s look at what factors make BC bud some of the best.

The 3 C’s

First of all, British Columbia was gifted with a gorgeous west-coast climate. If you’ve ever visited, you already know that they have incredible weather almost year-round. 

On top of that, a strong sense of community has taken root in the cannabis enthusiasts that have grown in the region for generations.

This natural talent for growing and the love of the people growing gives rise to a deep and vibrant cannabis culture that continually adds more passion to the BC cannabis industry. 

There could be another reason, but let’s cover the factual information before entering into speculation.

Why is BC Weed so Great? 

bc weed

As we mentioned, there are a few main reasons that the products which growers in BC produce tend to be on the high end of the quality scale. The climate, the community of growers, and the culture of cannabis that has grown over time.


The climate of British Columbia is incredibly diverse, but in the case of BC bud, most of it comes from the southern area of the province. 

The Sunshine Coast, the Georgia Strait, and more metropolitan areas like Kamloops and, of course, Vancouver are home to plenty of rain and a very temperate climate that provides perfect growing conditions for most of the year.

Cannabis thrives in temperatures of 20–30°C (70–85°F) during the day, with nighttime lows that don’t get below about 11-15°C (50-60°F). This makes the climate ideal, whether growing BC bud for medical or recreational products.

If grown outdoors, the soil’s natural fertility in southwestern Canada can be of great use; if grown indoors, the local surplus of relatively cheap hydroelectric power can help growers boost bud yields and quality.


The community of growers and cannabis enthusiasts in the general BC area is fantastic. 

While many in the BC region have grown cannabis for decades, the province’s news legalizing the use and cultivation of bud ended the stigma that many bud smokers faced before the Cannabis Act was passed in 2018.

This ushered in a new day of using and growing bud without the secrecy and helped the BC cannabis community at large to flourish.


Not only are many areas in BC filled with great cannabis-loving communities, but this sense of community creates a rich culture of people who enjoy all aspects of the plant. 

This can be seen in the annual Bob Marley birthday party held in Robert’s Creek, and the BC leads Canada in medical growers. This culture even permeates the city of Vancouver, where they have an annual 420 Cannabis Festival that celebrates cannabis use.

How Did British Columbia Develop Such A Rich Cannabis History?

You might still be asking yourself, well, my region has excellent weather, great people, and a strong love for weed; what makes BC bud so special? Why do people consistently call cannabis from western Canada some of the best?

One theory is that BC bud is the Canadian equivalent of California’s Emerald Triangle products. 

The “perfect storm” of the right conditions for growing and the right conditions to stay hidden mainly in out-of-the-way rural locations.

Good Cannabis Grown By Good People

It represents a region where not only have many locals devoted their lives to growing bud, but where that cottage industry has had generations of open secrecy to flourish, resulting in some of the world’s best cannabis. Families have devoted themselves to producing top-tier cannabis that can be an incredible medical tool or an excellent recreational high.

While many areas of America, Canada, and no doubt the rest of the world has countless regions that might be ideal for growing great weed, areas like the Okanagan, Sunshine Coast, and Texada Island are Canadian versions of Humboldt. 

Not only are they beautiful, fertile, and full of good people, but they are remote enough that finding large grows by helicopter is often just too difficult, costly, and time-consuming for law enforcement to bother much with.

Is BC Really Responsible For That Much Bud?

The ‘open secret’ of BC bud growers being the supply for locations near and far can be seen in the high and quality of the bud these people grow and in the news coverage and crime reports from the pre-legalization era.

As recently as 2015, nearly half of the top 20 locations, per capita, for pot production were in BC. 

And while the production may be there, data shows that local law enforcement simply doesn’t want to waste the resources pursuing criminal charges against people doing a public service. This is perhaps why BC bud continues to be a staple in high-end cannabis products.

Is BC Bud Really The Best?

It’s difficult to objectively classify any cannabis as unquestionably “the best” but BC bud is undoubtedly some of the highest-quality bud around. This is evident by going into any dispensary and asking what’s been locally grown. 

BC bud is so good that some of the best seed banks in Canada sell massive amounts of seeds for strains that were either created in or perfected by BC growers.

At BLG, we carry BC bud exclusively. With decades of experience working with BC craft growers, we understand the difference in quality and potency that working with passionate growers makes. In fact, it’s our history of collaboration with BC’s grassroots growers that lets us keep our prices so low to pass the savings on to you, the smoker! 

BC Bud – Deserving of its Reputation

So there you have it, all the information about BC bud that you could hope to take in one hit. BC bud isn’t just the bud; it’s the people and the love behind the bud that make it so amazing.

If you plan on visiting the province of BC make sure you plan a nice long stay to experience the beautiful scenery, meet some great people, and get just as stoned as you please on the local goods without the stress of keeping to a tight schedule.

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