Blue Dream 101 – Is It The Strain For You?


We are currently experiencing the golden age of medicinal cannabis. The flood of strains provides patients with the opportunity to explore which ones fit their specific needs.

With an explosion of lab testing and documentation, the guessing game has all but vanished.

Today we’re covering Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid regarded as one of the most therapeutic strains to date. Blue Dream, originating in California, has achieved legendary status among West Coast strains.

Novice and veteran consumers alike enjoy the level effects of Blue Dream, which will  ease you gently into a calm euphoria, amongst other effects – let’s explore all of its effects, its appearance and when you should use this dream strain.

what is blue dream

What is Blue Dream?

Blue Dream is a hybrid derived from the Blueberry and Haze strains. It first made an appearance in the state of California, spreading its roots in the medicinal cannabis community.

Seeing the potential for mass cultivation, DJ Short, a prolific breeder at the time, brought it from the underground into the mainstream. Now you’d be hard-pressed to see it left off the shelves of any reputable medicinal or recreational dispensary.

Blue Dream has an above-average THC content, ranging from 16-20 percent. Alongside THC, Blue Dream features 2 percent CBD and 1 percent CBN, both highly medicinal compounds. The inclusion of CBD makes the strain highly sought after.

For ages, THC was at the forefront of cannabis. But further study of the cannabinoid spectrum shows the importance of the entire cannabinoid family – specifically CBD.

The adage of CBD makes medicating with Blue Dream easier. CBD buffers the psychoactive effects of THC. Meaning those prone to psychosis and schizophrenia are likely to avert an adverse reaction.

Blue Dreams Aesthetics

The Blue Dream strain is characterized by its medium-sized buds that are loose. It features a lime green hue, with orange hairs outnumbering the tight curling leaves. Many find the strain needs a trim, but the strain is leafy by nature.

Blue Dream is easily palatable for novice medicinal users. The combination of pepper, pine and sweet blueberry is also unique to Blue Dream.The sweet and blueberry aroma is a signature feature from its blueberry lineage, while the robust pine and peppery flavour derives from the haze parentage.

If you’re not into a sweet, fruity flavour profile, we’re gathered more of the best cannabis strains on offer, depending on what you need.

What Are Blue Dreams’ Effects?

Blue Dream has a wide range of effects, depending on the dosage. In lower doses, the strain is energizing, giving its users a boost.

Blue Dream focuses on mental activity, increasing attention, alertness. It also features mild euphoria that’s uplifting when taken in the lower dose range. This range is from 0.1 to 0.3 grams smoked or vaporized.

However, when taken in excess of 0.5 grams, Blue Dream takes on a completely different feel. The hazy strain produces a dream-like state that invigorates imagination and creativity. Users often describe falling into an intense world of fantasy, spawning borderline psychedelic visions.

This makes Blue Dream a strain that artists, creatives or those looking to find more in-depth insight often seek.

In both high and low doses, Blue Dream is an uplifting strain. It creates a sense of cheerfulness and peace within, alleviating stress and depression.

the blue dream strain

Who Should Use Blue Dream

It’s easy to say everyone Blue Dream is for everyone. But for medicinal applications, Blue Dream works wonders for mental conditions.

Most notably, Blue Dream is prescribed for mild to severe cases of depression, stress and anxiety. It’s uplifting and euphoric nature melts the mental constructs that produce stress and depression. It’s known to be a “get out of a rut” strain.

With depression and anxiety comes a slew of physical symptoms. Often these manifest as lethargy, lack of enthusiasm and restlessness. With the diminished effects of depression, Blue Dream reinvigorates users with energy, emotion and joy.

Alongside aiding mental conditions, Blue Dreams CBD content makes for a mild sedative, alleviating minor aches and pains.

Similar Strains to Blue Dream

Many of Blue Dream’s features are unmatched, particularly in flavour and aroma. If you’re looking to expand your cannabis repertoire and try similar strains, high CBD sativas are your best bet.

These include Harlequin, Charlotte’s Web, ACDC and Cannatonic. For a fruity experience but slightly higher in THC, your best trying Blue Hawaiian, Super Silver Haze and Girl Scout Cookies.

A Quick Blue Dream Recap

In essence, Blue Dream is a sweet, berry-like strain that provides an optimal mix of euphoric and uplifting effects. The high CBD content makes it perfect for those breaking into medicinal cannabis as it doesn’t produce psychotic or schizophrenic episodes.

Blue Dream is mentally invigorating, relieving depression, stress and anxiety, all while providing a boost in energy. Users that want to think outside the box are also encouraged to explore its creative powers.

Does Blue Dream sound like the strain for you? Visit our shop and try it for yourself, it’s the only way to find out!

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