THC Spray & The Benefits of Using it

thc spray

If you are concerned with the effects of smoking cannabis, there are smoke-free options out there for you! With so many ways to get our daily dose of THC, we can find ones that best suit our needs. 

Today, you’ll learn about one fantastic alternative to smoking that is, in fact, far easier, more convenient, and likely safer than most other options.

Discover all the fun facts worth knowing about THC spray!

What is THC Spray?

When it comes to THC oral spray, pretty much everything you need to know is right in the name. These products contain THC compounds, although the potency varies from product to product. 

We can also deduce that the ‘oral’ spray is meant to go in our mouths. Finally, the ‘spray’ word tells us to expect a squeeze-and-spray container design. And that’s it! Straightforward, right?

Inside each THC oral spray container, you’ll find cannabis oil. We can call it THC oil, but cannabis oil is better since the product may contain other cannabinoids as well. 

For example, many sprays contain some CBD, as described on the product label, using the same system as we explained for THC. Besides cannabinoids, the liquid mixture can involve terpenes, more oils (like MCT oil) and possibly other ingredients. The product’s label will list all ingredients found inside.

THC Content and Dosing

 thc spray content

When looking for the THC content, check out the cannabis products’ bio or review the label. The information may be presented as a percentage or in milligrams per millilitre (mg/mL). You can multiply the mg/mL number by the number of mL in the product to get the total mg’s inside.  This information is critical for comparing products and finding the right one for you.

The special consideration for oral sprays is the size of each spray. The package label will inform you of the ml dispensed per spray. What is the dose per spray if a spray contains 25 mg/mL of THC and the spray size is 0.1 mL? You multiply the numbers together, and you get the answer: 2.5 mg of THC per spray.

Be sure to pay attention to the mg/ml and total THC content, as these are both critical factors. Depending on your needs and goals, you can decide what dosage is right for you. 

On the other hand, you can always adjust your dosage size. If you find a THC spray with doubled potency, you can use half as much and get the same dosage. With cannabis sprays, this equates to the number of sprays you use per session.

So, how much oral spray should you use? The first tip is to start low and go slow. This is the best way to assess the effects and avoid over-consumption. 

After you determine how the cannabis oil affects you, the dosage can be adjusted. The effects of these cannabis spray products will depend upon your tolerance, sex, age, and many other factors. Keep this in mind while experimenting to find the perfect dose.

CBD Oral Spray

When it comes to cannabis oral spray, the world is bigger than just one cannabinoid. THC and CBD oral sprays can be found in a variety of potencies. 

You will likely find balanced hybrid THC oral spray, 1:2 ratio, and 100% CBD-only options like Mota CBD medicated spray. Many consumers feel that CBD helps to balance or mellow the effects of THC. By itself, CBD produces a deep calm with gentle stimulation.

New consumers and those with less experience should strongly consider picking a spray that includes plenty of CBD. 

There are many THC and CBD oral spray options available to consumers and medical patients in legal markets. CBD sprays are worth exploring all on their own, but our focus today is less on CBD.

How Can you Use THC Spray?

Don’t worry. This part is straightforward! 

All you need to do is press down and spray the cannabis oil into your mouth. You have two options for where to spray it: under your tongue or on the inside of either cheek. Both options are free 0f lighters and combustion! 

Putting it under your tongue is thought to be the best way to enhance absorption.  That said, spraying your inner cheek is probably just about as effective. Either way, the cannabinoids will enter your bloodstream and start circulating and doing their magic.

How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects of THC Spray?

Sprays operate on a different timetable than smoking or vaping. Generally speaking, these sprays take longer to produce their effects but less time than other oral THC oils. 

Furthermore, the timeframe will vary based on the ingredients, yourself, and how well they enter your body.

You may feel effects as fast as 15 minutes, or it could take upwards of 1 hour or more. 

While it may take longer to produce effects, sprays also tend to produce more sustained effects. With less spiking and crashing, these sprays produce a consistent high that can last several hours or more. This is especially helpful for medical cannabis patients seeking prolonged relief.

What are the Benefits of Using THC Spray?

thc spray benefits

For a start, it is quick and easy! There is no more painless way to get cannabinoids into your system. You may find yourself using the spray in all sorts of places, and nobody will notice.

Another obvious benefit of consuming oral spray is feeling the effects of THC. Cannabis sprays are one of the best smoke-free options to deliver the cannabinoids inside your body. 

We know that THC can produce euphoria, appetite promotion, relaxation, sedation, and feelings of wellness. These are fantastic benefits provided by many other THC-containing products, but few are smoke-free.

Research has demonstrated that cannabis oral sprays are safe, effective, and well-tolerated

Concluding Thoughts

See, wasn’t that easy? You have made it through and can now describe yourself as an expert on THC spray. 

THC sprays are amazing little helpers that can be applied in all sorts of places. What’s more, they are one of the best smoke-free options to deliver THC/CBD inside your body.

That being said, if you are a new user, consider starting with high-CBD hybrid THC sprays before exploring more potent cannabis options. THC sprays are not for the faint of heart.

And remember that the effects may take an hour or longer to be felt and last hours. Keep this in mind to lower the risks of overconsumption.

Happy trails!

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