Using CBD? Mandatory Drug-Testing is No Biggie!


With the cannabis industry growing around the world and the CBD industry estimated at 2 billion in 2018, there are many questions surrounding the myriad of products available that are derived from cannabis. 

Clearly cannabis is becoming part of our lives, whether it’s for medical or recreational purposes. But the concerns come when many of our jobs require us to pass drug tests, sadly making us think twice about using marijuana. Which begs the question, “Does CBD show up on a drug test?” Can you fail a drug test with CBD?

We’re here to put your mind at ease.

Here we cover why CBD is no big deal when it comes to drug testing.




Why Should I Consider CBD?

 While THC should not be given to anyone under the age of 24 (before the brain is deemed fully developed), CBD is not toxic or harmful to adults, children, dogs/cats or seniors and has no reported medical aversions or conditions against it. In fact, CBD has even been used to help children and pets treat epilepsy, anxiety, emotional disorders and more.

Another reason? We have an endocannabinoid system in our bodies, which is a molecular structure that affects the central nervous system and helps maintain homeostasis – the “Goldilocks zone” for our cells. The “Goldilocks zone” is what keeps everything in balance, our body temperature, our bacteria levels, literally everything. Our cannabinoid receptors absorb compounds from fresh produce, herbs and even the cannabis plant to keep us healthy. CBD and THC when used effectively can be as good for you as the fresh herbs in your garden!

Many people who are not familiar with using cannabis may not know that you can extract the specific compound, cannabidiol or CBD, separately from THC. CBD is non-psychoactive and can be used for a wide array of medical and therapeutic needs. Being non-psychoactive means you will not get high! In fact, you will not feel any different than when you take a vitamin or have an herbal tea.

 This is why CBD is such a great product for anyone who wants to incorporate natural medicines and remedies into their health-care routine, but with the worry of drug testing at work and at roadside police checks, many people keep away from trying CBD and cannabis altogether due to misguided and misinformed concerns.


What Shows Up In A Cannabis Test?

It’s easy to think any compound of cannabis could be detected by the various methods of tracing it, most advertising from police and government departments state “cannabis testing” but the truth is these devices can only detect THC and illicit drugs.

It is unlikely that governments and police departments will demand money and research be spent to include CBD in this testing in the near future as it does not provide any safety benefit to the public. CBD will not alter your state of mind, will not impede your vision or reaction-time other than in the same way a vitamin might. Therefore, it is not a compound we need to be concerned with when it comes to driving and operating machinery.

The most common method of roadside drug testing in Canada (legalized nationally in 2017) is the Draeger 5000 saliva test. It takes just under 5 minutes to collect a swab and the results appear on the device after a minute or so but is reported to have obscured results from eating, drinking or smoking anything before taking the test.

Urine testing is a common method used in police precincts, workplaces and other organizations as it is the most effective and convenient method of onsite testing. Results show within 5 minutes of the test and is as easy and very similar to a drug-store pregnancy test. Manufacturers of these test strips are claiming up to 99% accuracy and detection within anywhere up to 31+ days, depending on how much the user consumes. 




Word of Warning

While CBD will not show up in your drug tests, that doesn’t mean that all CBD products are completely void of THC. Full Spectrum CBD oils and extracts will still hold traces of the THC compounds of the plant it was derived from. This is why many farmers and growers have made efforts to create CBD-only strains like Charlotte’s Web, Harle-Tsu and Ringo’s Gift.  

In a search for high CBD, many strains will show as very low THC and high CBD; 10% CBD and 4% THC for example. These strains are great but keep in mind anything over 1% THC has a risk of showing up in any kind of drug testing so if you do have to satisfy drug testing for work or are concerned about upcoming roadside checks for your holiday, make sure you can explain why you have THC in your system and when you consumed it – if you have had the proper amount of sobering-up time, of course!

The US federal government deems anything with less than .33% THC is considered hemp and therefore only contains legal CBD wherever hemp and CBD products have been decriminalized or legalized.

Don’t Panic

CBD is a great supplement to add to your wellness routine, whether it’s in your skincare, your diet, or you enjoy consuming cannabis as its own entity in your self-care practice. 

Remember, it is okay if a roadside test or even a work-place test show positive for THC. A regular consumer of cannabis can show THC in their system for up to 30 days after consuming it. Make sure you work within your region’s laws and your work’s HR department should this come up directly.

Make sure to do your research, ask questions and find a good quality product that is legal in your area! 

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