What is CBD Isolate?

Cannabis is becoming legal in many pockets of the world right now. And with that, research and new ways of extracting from this healing plant are increasing rapidly. Concentrates or extracts have become an increasingly popular product in the cannabis industry ranging from rosin to high-end extracts such as terp sauce, THC Isolate, live resin. The list goes on. With so much variety, what exactly is CBD Isolate? CBD iso-what?    cbd-isolate  

CBD Iso-What?

CBD Isolate is exactly as it sounds; pure CBD that has been extracted from a CBD-dominant cannabis plant and processed into a concentrated form. Isolate usually takes on a white crystal-like powder consistency with mild scent profiles, unless the producer has added cannabis-derived terpenes. The look, taste, smell and texture will all vary based on the producing plant, cultivation process and then, of course, the extraction process. CBD Isolate has become popular because it’s such a great method of treatment for patients with epilepsy, muscle spasms, RLS and the like. Basically, any muscle or nerve-related symptoms that disrupt or diminish the quality of life for the patient. CBD Isolate will have very mild flavour profiles and scents as the terpenes within CBD are not as potent as those in the THC compound.  Typically, extra terpenes are added to the isolate to give the CBD Isolate a bit of a boost and a more flavourful profile. Many consumers should notice a slightly stronger effect using cannabis-derived CBD in comparison to hemp-derived CBD. Especially if the producer has added terpenes to the product.   

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Extracting CBD Isolate From The Cannabis Plant

To extract CBD Isolate, you can use several different methods such as Co2, dry-ice and solvents. Co2 extraction pressurizes the plant in a chamber and literally pulls the trichomes and terpenes off of the plant material. This method is typically very clean and safe, leaving no residue behind. However, because of the equipment necessary to create the extraction, it can be expensive and complicated. The dry-ice method is a tried and true for many concentrate connoisseurs who have been making products like bubble hash for decades. Although it’s a much more basic process than Co2 extraction, dry-ice can be dangerous and can burn your skin. It’s important to wear protective clothing and eyewear during the process. It requires a few house-hold essential tools and items making it an affordable extraction method. Solvents are typically the most common extraction process and usually use butane, alcohol or ethanol as the base. Each different solvent is argued as ‘better’ than the other for various reasons. For example, butane may leave residue behind which could be an irritant to the lungs. In comparison, ethanol will strip the chlorophyll from the plant which can end up causing a reaction in the user if not filtered out correctly. After the initial extraction is complete, the CBD oil is mixed with another solvent and frozen. Once completely frozen, the mixture is then put through a filtration process to remove every last trace of plant material. Finally, you end up with what looks like powdered diamonds from the bottom of a very expensive snow-globe.  

Is CBD Isolate for the Medical or Recreational User?

Even though CBD Isolate is non-psychoactive and contains less than 0.3 percent THC, it still has a place in recreational use. Because it helps focus and relieves anxiety, CBD Isolate is perfect for being social and exploring your nearby parks and shops or enjoying the nightlife. Or even committing to a personal or creative project that requires focus. CBD is also amazing to counteract when the THC hits a little too hard! Since CBD Isolate is a concentrate, so little is needed to feel its effects. Typically inhalation of CBD Isolate is the best for fast-relief and possibly, the most effective method to consume. You can take CBD Isolate in a variety of ways such as vaporizing, smoking and ingesting as is or with food. Try measuring your dosage into your morning smoothie… or a chocolate milkshake, we don’t judge here in the cannabis community. Do this every day for a couple of weeks and you should begin to feel like you are gaining better focus and have more bounce in your step!   what-is-cbd-isolate  

Final Thoughts On What Is CBD Isolate

Whether you choose to inhale or ingest, treating cannabis as a supplement or vitamin is an effective way of incorporating into a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you speak with a naturopath or nutritionist who is experienced in a cannabis-friendly diet. And supplement plan before you just go ahead and sprinkle CBD Isolate all over everything, it’s not sugar on your Cornflakes! If you’re unsure about trying CBD Isolate, treat yourself and give it a go. Especially if you have issues relaxing, relieving stress, if you suffer from tense muscles or body pain, please give this product a try. Being non-psychoactive there is really nothing to lose and you will find the effects are quite lovely. Whether or not you’re a fan of the recreational side of cannabis and the “lifted” sensation it gives you, everyone can benefit from the use of CBD. Especially a product such as CBD Isolate that has been so carefully purified into some of the cleanest medicine Mother Nature could help us create.

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