GreenSociety vs BLG: Which Dispensary Is Worth The Visit?

greensociety vs blg

It’s 2020, the beginning of a new decade and the start of a worldwide cannabis revolution. The barriers to cannabis legalization seemed almost insurmountable a few years ago and now, country after country have begun to either decriminalize marijuana or legalize it completely for recreational use.

Ever since Canada legalized marijuana in the Autumn of 2018, numerous countries have joined the fold as well. Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California and 7 other American Stateshave made cannabis legal for recreational and medical use while countries such as Mexico, France, Finland and the United Kingdom among a host of others have legalized cannabis for medical use.

This wave of legalization hides a larger movement for cannabis legalization across Canada and across the world. The worldwide perception of cannabis has been slowly changing for the better, with the majority of the negative stigma either disappearing or becoming positive.

Numbers from 2 years ago in 2018 paint a picture of a bustling cannabis scene in Canada. An estimated 4.2 million people in Canada have reported consuming cannabis purchased from a government dispensary either daily or weekly – a nearly $1.6 billion industry.

However, in spite of federal legalization and government dispensaries, there’s one thing that still hasn’t changed. 60 percent, or an overwhelming majority of Canadians still choose to purchase their cannabis from non-government sources.

Why, in the wake of a global cannabis legalization movement, are Canadians still choosing to purchase from quote-on-quote “gray-market sources” when dispensaries were supposed to solve that problem?

Let’s find out.

What Online Cannabis Consumers Want

green society vs buy low green

While the Canadian government has taken that bold, first step forwards towards providing Canadians with reliable access to potent, affordable and varied cannabis products, they are unfortunately falling short.

There’s a good reason why only 40 percent of Canada’s cannabis consumers actually purchase from government dispensaries. One owner of a small cannabis lounge has cited the lack of a “strong product at a competitive price” as one the main factors driving business away from government dispensaries.

Other industry experts have cited consistent “supply shortages” and “lagging online delivery times” as additional issues that have been plaguing government dispensaries. Affordability, perhaps one of the most important factors influencing government cannabis sales, has been a problem for many consumers as the government is struggling to even come close to offering prices that 60 percent of consumers are already used to paying.

CBC has reported that Canadians wanting to purchase cannabis from a government dispensary pay “about $10 a gram” while grey-market products are priced at an average of $6.37 a gram.

The problems that government dispensaries face are systematic in nature, and we haven’t even talked about their lack of product variety and potent cannabis concentrates such as edibles, shatter, and distillate.

Long before government dispensaries made their debut, Canadians in the know have been sourcing quality cannabis products, concentrates and accessories from one reliable market: mail-order marijuana.

For years, online cannabis consumers have enjoyed the ability to consume premium, affordable and potent cannabis products shipped right to their door.

If you’re unsatisfied with the current state of cannabis legalization, the lack of product variety and unaffordably high pricing, then your best option would be to order from a mail-order marijuana dispensary.

However, with so many mail-order marijuana dispensaries out there, picking one that best suits your specific needs is a challenge – especially if you’re just now making the transition from government dispensaries into mail-order marijuana dispensaries.

Here are some common elements of a great mail-order marijuana dispensary.

Does Green Society Have These Factors

Any mail-order marijuana worth a visit will try to offer these following features:

  • Extensive product variety including but not limited to cannabis flower, cannabis concentrates and cannabis edibles
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use site
  • Satisfactory customer support
  • Affordable pricing with daily/weekly discounts and sales
  • Reliable service without any website downtime
  • Trusted by the community

While mail-order marijuana as a whole provides great service, finding an online dispensary that fits your individually unique needs is just as important as finding one that fits all of these individual elements.

We’ll review Green Society and Buy Low Green, 2 of Canada’s most popular online dispensaries to see which one is most deserving of a visit!

Green Society or Buy Low Green?

Based on the above criteria, let’s see how these 2 online mail-order marijuana dispensaries stack up against each other.

Buy Low Green Green Society
Huge product variety
Intuitive and easy to use site
Satisfactory Customer Support x
Affordable pricing with daily/weekly discounts
Reliable service without any website downtime
Trusted by the community x
Loyalty points system x

We discovered the following from our personal experiences shopping at these mail-order marijuana dispensaries:

Green Society’s Features

buy low green vs green society

We’ll even go as far as to say that Green Society has even more product variety than Buy Low Green. According to their vendors page, they proudly present the fact that they work with 29 different cannabis vendors.

Buy Low Green doesn’t have their own vendors page but our own experience leads us to believe that they work with 20-25 vendors and offer cannabis flower, cannabis edibles, cannabis tinctures and cannabis vaporizers.

Green Society’s website, just like Buy Low Green’s, is well-designed and extremely easy to use. Pages load fast and everything from the pictures to the overall user experience is fantastic.

Despite their larger product variety and great-looking website, there are a few glaring problems that stood out to us when we were reviewing Green Society.

What Green Society Lacks

Satisfactory Customer Support

The first thing we noticed was their lack of satisfactory customer support. If you or someone you know is unfamiliar with cannabis then learning more about the information or even having access to some product recommendations is invaluable.

Green Society offers a chat function, but if you’re looking to chat with a real person then you’ll be better off heading somewhere else.

Here’s what their chatting service actually offers:

buy low green vs green society customer support

The primary reason I shop online is for the convenience and price savings that it offers – not for the customer service. With that being said, we still found it disingenuous of them to disguise an automated, bot service as a “chatting service” to try to trick their customers. Frankly, it’s disrespectful to even think that their customers would be gullible enough to believe that their “chatting service” was anything other than a bot giving responses.

What if you had a shipping problem or an issue with payment? How about receiving a faulty product or a missing item from your order? Who would you be able to contact in such a situation other than waiting for an email response from their automated “chatting service?”

Seeing this automated bot had already removed some of the trust that we had for Green Society as a mail-order marijuana service.

Conversely, Buy Low Green’s customer service is nothing short of amazing.

Not only do they have an actual, real live person doing LIVE CHAT services, their customer service specialists are actually knowledgeable about cannabis products and are fluent in English to boot.

Here’s how a Buy Low Green customer service specialist handled the same questions we had:

buy low green green society

To think that an online mail-order marijuana dispensary would have better customer support than some brick-and-mortar retail stores is unbelievable.

At Buy Low Green, Live Chat is actually live chat. The fact that they don’t try to trick their customer into thinking they offer chatting services when they only offer automated bot responses like Green Society makes us trust Buy Low Green more than other online dispensaries.

Loyalty Points System

This element isn’t as large of an issue as Green Society deceiving its customers into thinking they have a live chat service, but is worth mentioning nonetheless.

At Buy Low Green, each $1 you spend on their site is equivalent to 1 point. Each increment of 50 points is equal to $1 of credit on the site. This is effectively a 2% cashback bonus in points, which is better than what some banks can actually offer.

Buy Low Green also offers 25 points for each product review posted on their site and 150 points for reviews on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. We really enjoy this system because it incentivizes customers to post their honest reviews on Buy Low Green’s own site and on social media by tagging Buy Low Green.

The incentive to post an review is not large enough to cause customers to post reviews everywhere to artificially inflate the Buy Low Green’s trust or their quality. We can be certain that each review is true and comes from a place of complete honesty.

Which is a good segue into another issue that Green Society has:

Trusted By The Community

For any organisation you plan on doing business with, it’s important to have trust in both the business and the integrity of the business transaction. It’s great that a place has good reviews but what does that matter if they’re all paid and/or fake?

For us, the fact that Green Society actively tries to deceive their customers into thinking that they offer chatting services when they didn’t was enough to leave a sour taste in our mouths. It’s deception at best and outright lying at its worst.

However, this next element has effectively made us lose the majority of the trust we had for Green Society.

How did we know that Green Society was one of the most popular, high-quality and well-reviewed site?

Because they have an abundance of users reporting that it’s the most popular, high-quality and well-reviewed site.

Here’s what Green Society has on their rewards page:

green society mom

You’ll see that their page is plastered with incentives for their customers to earn extra points to spend on Green Society’s website.

We don’t know about you, but when has a paid review ever been completely and 100% objective – especially when they offer as many platforms and rewards as Green Society does.

Green Society’s artificial inflation and manipulation of public opinion on trusted cannabis platforms such as WeedMaps, Leafly and WikiLeaf is nothing short of dishonest.

How could we trust any review of theirs on any of those sites now that we know that their users were paid to do it?

You might think differently, but such shady practices shouldn’t exist in the first place and the only way to let these businesses know that is by voting through your wallet.

We ended up not making any purchase at all through Green Society because our trust in them had completely eroded.

Buy Low Green As Alternative to Green Society

Through our review you’ll see that Green Society lacks 3 core elements that Buy Low green offers.

  1. Satisfactory customer support
  2. Loyalty points system
  3. Community trust

The most damning and primary reason why you should NOT shop at Green Society is their deceptive business practices and belief that their customers can be so easily fooled.

I don’t have to be personal friends with a business in order to give them my business but they should at least respect me enough to not try to deceive me.

Still not sold on the benefits of shopping at Buy Low Green? Visit their site and have a chat with one of their live Customer Support Specialists and experience the respect and personal care they give each and every one of their customers.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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