Honey Oil – The Most Versatile Concentrate

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Honey oil – an amber coloured cannabis concentrate that’s disrupting conventional flower smoking.For as long as we have known, smoking goes hand in hand with marijuana, and for good reason. Smoking is by far the most expedient way to administer THC into the bloodstream.

For some, nothing will top smoking a hand-rolled joint, but as of late, dabbing has propelled itself to the top ranks among cannabis connoisseurs and has proven to be a newfound staple in cannabis culture. With that being said, the advent of honey oil has caused waves in the industry, offering a new and innovative way to experience the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

Is this sweet, amber-coloured concentrate right for you? Let’s find out.

What is It?

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Today, honey oil stands as the more potent brother of traditional cannabis. Being a THC concentrate, honey oil sets the standard when it comes to sheer power and efficacy of cannabis treatments.

Setting aside the obvious benefits of a high potency product, honey oil has value that stretches far beyond that.

Not only does the refinement of THC create a more delicate and nuanced flavor profile, but it also addresses issues relating to a speedier relief and treatment in consumers who are seeking something a bit faster acting.

The experience of honey oil is also commonly considered to be easier on the lungs and redolent of a crisper and cleaner overall experience when compared to smoking joints.

Honey oil, also known as butane hash oil or simply hash oil, is a liquid cannabis concentrate that gets its name from its thick and gooey consistency as well as its rich amber-like hue. Since honey oil is a cannabis concentrate, it is created through the refinement of THC from high-grade marijuana.

The concentrate endures an extraction process that preserves many of its resins and terpenes in the process.

The result is a highly viscous cannabis oil that generally contains a THC content of around 50-75 percent with instances of concentrations reaching records as high as 90 percent. For reference, your typical high-quality harvest of marijuana will consist of approximately 20 percent THC.

Honey oil is highly regarded for both its intensity and high concentration of terpenes relative to its weight. Due to these characteristics, honey oil offers a unique tasting experience for those who are both new and experienced with cannabis.

The dense concentration of terpenes can accentuate the intricate flavor profiles of many strains and highlight otherwise sub-perceptible flavors providing a unique experience in its own right. 

How to Use Honey Oil 

THC concentrates have been around for quite a while, although recently they have become increasingly potent.

This characteristic of high potency lends honey oil to be highly popular in dabbing.

Aside from dabbing, honey oil may also be consumed by means of ingestion by incorporating the oil into cannabis-infused food recipes.

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In terms of dabbing, the devices needed consist of vaporization pens akin to the design of electronic cigarettes and specialized glass pipes also known as “oil rigs.”

How to Make Honey Oil at Home

While making honey isn’t the most difficult thing to follow, it also isn’t a cakewalk. There are a few different angles you take to extracting honey oil, but for the most part, they all largely involve the use of solvent-based chemicals, including butane and high proof alcohol. Here are a couple of ways you could go about this.

Using Butane

WARNING: Butane is highly flammable. It is highly advised to work with extreme caution in an open area outside as failure to do so could lead to serious injury.

As stated, this approach is best left to the hands of professionals as the nature of working with highly flammable solvents could lead to disaster.

What You Will Need

Step 1:  Begin boiling some water in a pot. Once a pot of water is set to boil, you can begin unscrewing the cap off of the Honey Bee Extractor.

Once unscrewed, top it off with some ground weed, ensuring that it is not packed too firmly or too loosely as the butane will need to be able to saturate every bit of marijuana in the tube.

Once completed, insert a coffee filter on the interior of the screw cap and reattach it to the extractor.

Step 2:  At this stage, you’ll want to start filling the Honey Bee Extractor with butane. Locate the solitary hole at the end of the  Honey Bee Extractor and insert the butane nozzle.

Begin filling the tube with the contents of the butane canister. You’ll notice a dense green liquid coming through the coffee filter and dripping out of the holes of the screw cap. You’ll want to catch this liquid with your glass tray.

Step 3: Place your glass tray containing the green liquid on top of your pot of boiling water (without having the dish actually touch the water). The goal here is to separate the butane from the honey oil by means of evaporation. The removal of butane will create even stickier resin and render the concentrate as safe to smoke.

Step 4: Once the butane has been removed from the oil, begin extracting the remains from the dish with a scraping tool and then place the honey oil on either tin foil or parchment paper. Set the honey oil to dry and then store it in your mason jars at room temperature until it is ready for use.

Using High Proof Alcohol

This method is usually a lot safer than the previous butane method, however, it does require some prep work as you will have to freeze some ingredients before you begin.  Making a hash oil is a process, but you can pick it up fairly quickly if you follow these instructions and do your mixing in a safe and controlled environment!

For the uninitiated, secure a room that has plenty of ventilation with a few windows. Making hash oil oil will cause a few fumes to concentrate in the room you’re in, so it’s important to keep air in the room circulating while you’re making hash oil.

What You Will Need

  • High-quality cannabis
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A pot to boil water (optional)
  • A freezer
  • A glass tray or dish
  • Two mason jars
  • Some coffee filters
  • A scraping tool

Step 1: Freeze your ground marijuana and isopropyl alcohol for at least 24 hours before starting.

Step 2: After winterizing your marijuana and isopropyl alcohol, fill your mason jar with your ground marijuana and then proceed to pour your isopropyl alcohol into the jar (use enough to completely submerge all of the weed). Once all of the ground weed is completely submerged, seal the jar and shake it for about 30 seconds or until the isopropyl alcohol and ground weed are adequately mixed into a green liquid.

Step 3: Once properly shaken, remove the lid of your mason jar and pour the mixture through a coffee filter into your glass tray or dish (Ensure only the liquid passes through to the glass tray). After filtering the mixture, let it sit until the isopropyl alcohol has evaporated. Alternatively, to speed up the evaporation process, you could boil a pot of water and place the glass tray over the pot (without it touching the water) as this will accelerate the alcohol’s rate of evaporation.

Step 4: As soon as the isopropyl alcohol is completely separated, use your scraping tool to remove the honey oil from your glass tray and put it into your second mason jar or container.

Now that it’s all ready, store your honey oil at room temperature until it is ready for use.

You can also store the oil in the refrigerator by combining it with herbs and freezing it in the form of ice cubes!

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If you want to skip the at-home science experiment, you can get some weed oil yourself to use in cooking and baking by visiting our shop!

Final Thoughts

Is honey oil worth trying? For us, the answer is yes. Like many other cannabis products, the dangers and precautions of honey oil remain parallel with one another without much deviation.

When it comes to trying honey oil, the ability to experience your favorite strain’s flavor profile to its fullest extent is worth the price of admission alone.

That said, whether you decide to make it at home or buy the concentrate outright is up to you. As always, stay safe and enjoy!

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