Weed and Sex – Creating a Memorable Experience

weed and sex, send and weed, high sex

Weed and Sex – Creating a Memorable Experience

Want to know how to make a great thing better? Add another great thing, then take your clothes off. This week Buy Low Green is getting down and dirty, bringing you the sensual scoop on High Sex. Which are the best strains for weed and sex? Is weed an aphrodisiac? And finally, some tips on incorporating weed into your sex life. (Hawaiian hotbox, shotgun toke, shower sex)

Alright, so people have been enjoying cannabis for thousands of years – and enjoying sex for even longer. The combination of these two things were obviously a no brainer for ancient peoples. Why should they be for you? Seriously, if you have a partner available who also partakes in the sweet leaf, I would do yourself a favor and get to business, sooner rather than later.

To help ease you along the way, lets list some of the best strains for weed and sex.

weed and sex, send and weed, high sex


This tasty sativa dominant strain is aptly named for its sensual, mellow energy and engaging, social bliss. While it won’t force whoever your blazing with to fall madly in love with you (maybe that’s for the best…) it will certainly accent the feelings of closeness and intimacy between you and your partner. Enjoy in a hookah for that bonus ‘Karma Sutra’ flare, just be sure not to kick over the coals in the ensuing passionate frenzy.

Okay, so this strain is very close to my heart, and I may be speaking out of personal bias but I can anecdotely attest to some very intense sexual experiences on this particular strain. High energy and clear headed, this incredible sativa provides JUST the amount of head trip to kick your experience into 5th gear but leaves you attentive and able to react to the ever-changing needs of your partners body.

Okay, so unlike the aloof ‘Star Trek’ alien species this strain is named for, Romulan has some serious sexual chemistry going on within its cannabinoid structure. The only Indica on my list, this weed led me and my partner into a deep sense of relaxation, all without getting to sleepy (pretty important for any good sexual encounter). Don’t expect any “Jack Rabbit” sex when rolling off of this smoke, as its entire point is to sedate and “slow time”. This is definitely more of a ‘making love’ kind of smoke, so maybe save it for your special lady or fellah. From my experience, there were moments where it was like we could reach each other’s thoughts. Proper alien weed.

Weed as an Aphrodisiac

Alright, with this info in the bank, I think its safe to say that weed can DEFINITELY act as an aphrodisiac. Being in that ‘high’ state increases your vulnerability, allowing you to be your most true self when you’re with that special person. There is nothing sexier than being genuine.

Next up I have a very literal way in which you can incorporate weed into your sex life. Its known as the “shotgun kiss” or “shotgun toke”. This is essentially when you puff on some weed and then blow the toke into your partners mouth. After they exhale, look them in that beautiful smokey face and start making out. As long as nobody coughs this is seriously one of the hottest things two stoners can do.

weed and sex, send and weed, high sex

Another idea you can try out incorporates the “shotgun kiss” with what’s known as the “Hawaiian Hotbox”. Essentially, this is where you hotbox your bathroom while the shower is running on hot. The smoke mixes in with the steam and creates a hot, steamy and undeniably sexual environment. Whatever you and your partner decide to do next is up to you, but I think I have a pretty good idea what you may have in mind…

Alright people, I think I’ve conveyed my point. Smoking weed and sex are some of the best all-natural experiences you can have. It only makes sense to combine the two. Now get out there and get busy.

Enjoy Buy Low Green’s great prices and selection for a sexual experience you aren’t soon to forget.

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