Cannabis and the NBA Playoffs

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The NBA playoffs are here, which means there’s no shortage of drama coming from the court. The best basketball players in the world are competing against one another to see who will take home the Larry O’Brien trophy. But for cannabis lovers, this exciting time of year also provides a great opportunity to dive deep into our favorite team’s history and find out which player is most likely to smoke with us on game day. Cannabis and NBA playoffs have had a long storied history. The NBA has seen many different players come and go over its history. Many of these athletes have been active proponents of cannabis legalization, while others have been reluctant to give away their private habits. There are currently around 20 former NBA players that publicly identify as pro-cannabis advocates, including several retired players who are now actively involved in the cannabis industry.

The Basics

The top eight teams in each conference will make the playoffs, which amounts to 16 teams in total. What is the format of the playoffs? – The playoffs are a “best of seven” series, which means that each team will play a full seven-game series against their playoff opponent. If each team wins 4 out of the 7 games in their series, the team with the most wins will advance to the next round. What is the prize for winning the playoffs? – The winner of the playoffs will be crowned “NBA Champion”, and will be given the Larry O’Brien trophy, which is considered one of the most coveted prizes in all of sports.

Where to Watch the Games

The best place to find NBA games this playoff season is on ESPN+. ESPN+ is the newest streaming channel from ESPN, which is dedicated to bringing you the very best in sports content. This channel offers the “full basketball experience” and is the best place to catch the games if you’re serious about cannabis and the NBA playoffs.

NBA Teams with Players Who Smoke Weed

– Boston Celtics: During the Celtics’ championship run in 2008, players admitted that they regularly smoked cannabis to help them manage the pain of long-term injuries.

– Cleveland Cavaliers: In a recent interview, Kevin Love admitted that he regularly smoked cannabis during his playoff run with the Cavaliers.

– Denver Nuggets: Star Forward, Paul Millsap, has been very vocal about his medicinal use of cannabis throughout his playing career.

– Houston Rockets: Center, Clint Capela, has admitted that he smokes cannabis and that he enjoys the benefits of CBD oil.

– Indiana Pacers: Former players, Roy Hibbert and George Hill, have both openly admitted to using cannabis as a part of their on-off-court recovery.

– Los Angeles Clippers: Former players, Caron Butler and Ken Barlow, are both very vocal advocates for cannabis and CBD’s ability to heal the body.

NBA Teams with Players That Don’t Smoke Weed

– Charlotte Hornets: No Hornets players have ever come out as cannabis users, although star guard, Kemba Walker, has acknowledged that he’s “open-minded” about it.

– Chicago Bulls: No former Bulls players have come out as cannabis users, although there have been rumors that star guard, Zach Lavine, has used in the past.

– Dallas Mavericks: No former Mavs players have come out as cannabis users, although there are rumors that star guard, Luka Doncic, has used in the past.

– Detroit Pistons: No former Pistons players have come out as cannabis users, although there are rumors that star guard, Reggie Jackson, has used in the past.

Final Words: Which Team Should You Root For?

Overall, there’s no better time than the playoffs to get immersed in the world of basketball. There are plenty of teams to choose from, and each one has their own set of dramatic stories to tell. Cannabis and the NBA playoffs go hand and hand for a great time! No matter which team you decide to support, you’ll be able to find a cannabis lover on the court to join you in your celebrations. Sit back, relax and make sure you have enough weed edibles, flowers, and accessories to keep you going through the roller coaster ride of the NBA playoffs this year!

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