Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads

Fathers day gift guide

It might seem impossible to find the best gift for your dad on Father’s Day, but that just makes it that much better when you do. Whether your father enjoys playing video games or using cannabis, this Father’s Day gift guide is sure to impress dad this Father’s Day. And if you’re still looking for a little extra incentive, think of it as an excuse to get your dad some killer cannabis and spend Father’s Day together. After all, what better way is there to spend an afternoon with someone than sharing a joint?



Video games are a great gift for almost anyone. They are sure to be loved by Dad, even if he doesn’t typically enjoy the same genres you do. There are plenty of dad-friendly puzzles out there, so you can choose a puzzle he’ll love. And many games come with a code that you can use to get him his own copy of the game so he can keep playing it even after the holidays are over. Gaming consoles are great gifts for almost anyone, but they’re especially great gifts for dads because they’re often loaded with plenty of games that are sure to be loved. While you’ll find a Father’s Day gift guide from different sources, ours is mainly focused on the weed products your dad may have not tried before.


CBD Products

Looking for an easy gift to get your dad? CBD products are an easy and effective gift for any man. CBD oil products are popular gifts for many reasons, including their ability to treat a variety of ailments, their consistency (they are always consistent, even when exposed to extreme heat or cold), and their effectiveness. These products are best for those with insomnia, anxiety, and more, and they are becoming more and more popular as people become more knowledgeable about the benefits of CBD. Reach out to one of our customer service agents on the live chat to get a few recommendations on our best CBD products. CBD products are a great gift for any occasion, from birthdays to holidays and especially Father’s day!


CBD Gummies for Fathers day

Cannabis Edibles

A Father’s Day gift guide wouldn’t be complete without cannabis edibles. They’re one of the most popular gifts for all occasions, especially for Father’s Day. We recommend the SugarJacks line of edibles! As they taste delicious and come in a variety of different flavours and sizes. Cannabis edibles are perfect for anyone who wants to take a break from smoking or vaping but still get the benefits of cannabis. They can be great for treating pain, nausea, appetite loss, insomnia, and more. There are a number of different types of edibles, from gummies, to hard candies, to cubes and more. These edibles come in a variety of different flavors, allowing you to pick something your dad will love. Pick out one or two different products your dad can enjoy now and over time to slowly introduce him to the benefits of cannabis.

Fathers day gift
Sugar Jack’s THC Variety Pack


Smoking Accessories

If your dad smokes, he’ll love a new, high-quality pipe, bong, or rolling tray. These smoking accessories are perfect for those who love to get high, and they are great for helping you create the perfect cannabis flower or concentrate. There are a number of different accessories out there, from wooden bowls to glass bowls, from water pipes to glass bongs, and from rolling machines to bongs to help you create the perfect product. These smoking accessories are a great gift for any occasion, from birthdays to holidays. You can also choose a smoking accessory that your dad hasn’t used before, allowing him to experience smoking cannabis in a new way.

Accessories for fathers day
Zig Zag Metal Rolling Tray



If your dad likes to smoke flower, why not grab him a few packs of pre-rolls! These products are perfect for anyone who loves to smoke cannabis but doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of grinding up flower and rolling it. We think that your dad will love the Wonders preroll. They’re discreet and come in all sizes and varieties. Our favourite is the Wonders Mini pre-rolls. These products are a great gift for any occasion, from birthdays to holidays. You can also choose a flower that your dad hasn’t used before, allowing him to experience smoking cannabis in a new way.


Wonders mini pre rolls gift guide
Wonders Mini Pre Rolls

Grab a Bundle

Still not sure what to grab for dad for Fathers Day? Why not splurge and get him a mix and match pack where he can have a little bit of everything. Our AAAA once & edible bundle is a great value and it includes 200mg of SugarJacks gummies and some 28g of AAAA flower. We also have a variety of other mix and match packs to choose from in our store.


Bundle mix and match
Mix and Match Pack

Final Words

If your dad is like the majority of men. He loves gifts that involve playing video games, watching sports or relaxing with some cannabis. You can pick out some of his favorite sports merchandise, such as hats and jerseys, or any of the other items. You can also pick out a video game system loaded with some of his favorite games. Allowing him to experience playing a new game while he relaxes with some cannabis. Video games and weed are a great gift for almost anyone. You can also pick out a CBD product, an edible cannabis product, or a fresh flower. Help your dad experience the complete bliss of cannabis. We hope that this Father’s Day gift guide has helped you find the perfect gift for Father’s day

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