What are CBD Edibles? Benefits & Delicious Types

cbd edibles

If you’ve never enjoyed a CBD edible, you are in for a special treat! 

CBD edibles are a great way to enjoy all of the benefits of CBD without any THC. 

This means that you don’t have to worry about being impaired or high or experiencing any unwanted psychoactive effects. What you do get is the powerful calming energy of CBD that provides a subtly stimulating buzz.

Curious to find out more about CBD edibles? We’ve got you covered!

Keep on reading to discover what CBD is, why CBD edibles are gaining popularity and what CBD edibles options are available to you.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the most popular compounds produced by cannabis plants. CBD is a cannabinoid like THC, but the similarities end there.

While THC gets all the attention because it makes people feel high, CBD comes with a unique suite of effects.

For instance, CBD has been shown to help alleviate anxiety and promote better sleep. It also helps reduce seizures in those with epilepsy. Other significant benefits of CBD include anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and neuroprotective properties.

The World Health Organization has broadly recognized CBD as safe

Furthermore, CBD has no potential for abuse, addiction or dependence. 

Finally, it has caused no known public health effects. Add the fact that CBD edibles remove the need for smoking or vaping and you’ve got yourself a winner. 

What are CBD Edibles?

The term ‘edibles‘ is used to describe food and beverages that come infused with cannabis. These cannabis-infused edibles contain various cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant. 

Generally, THC has been the focus inside delicious psychoactive pot brownies. 

However, consumers have become increasingly interested in CBD in recent years as they experience the health benefits this cannabinoid provides. And thanks to CBD’s growing popularity, we now have a wide variety of tasty treats for CBD users.

We mentioned how THC is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the familiar cannabis high. By not containing any THC, these CBD treats provide none of the impairing psychoactive effects described as being high. 

Instead, consumers get all the benefits of CBD without having to worry about THC. 

That being said, if you are looking to find some THC in the mix, there are also plenty of options to choose from.

Still, the majority of CBD edibles are made using industrial hemp. These industrial hemp plants have been bred to produce plenty of CBD and under 0.3% THC. The difference between CBD edibles depends on what extraction method is used and which cannabinoids get into the final product.

Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum vs Isolate CBD

Within the world of CBD edibles, there are broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolated CBD.

With broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD infused edibles, the small THC content of the hemp plant is extracted and included. 

On the other hand, CBD isolate is pure CBD that has been extracted from the hemp plant. Therefore, CBD edibles made using pure CBD isolate contain no THC. 

Benefits of CBD Edibles

cbd edibles benefits

CBD edibles may take longer to produce effects than smoking or vaping, but they last longer. These long-lasting and consistent effects of CBD edibles make them ideal for those suffering from chronic pain. 

How Long Do Edibles Last? How to Dose Edibles

In other words, consumers can easily get the dosage they need to provide balanced relief that lasts all day.

Whenever you need to take another dose, it is as easy as enjoying your treat. You can conveniently and discretely eat an edible just about anywhere, whether it be your home or work. 

Did we also mention how you get to enjoy delicious treats like CBD capsules, CBD protein bars, CBD shots, CBD drinks, CBD chewing gum, and more? With so many options to consume CBD, we thought we would help you out!

CBD Edible Options

There are so many amazing options out there that you can try!

Types of Edibles & Their Various Benefits – What’s Right For You?

Ultimately, it is up to you to go with your preferences and find the perfect way to dose out your daily CBD accurately. 

That said, we wanted to highlight the top three most popular CBD edibles on the market. Spoiler alert! The last one may surprise you!

CBD Gummies

cbd edibles sugar jacks

CBD gummies are as delicious as they sound. You can get them in all sorts of different shapes, flavours, and potencies. There are CBD gummy bears and other wonderful little snacks just waiting for you to enjoy. 

Make sure to read the label closely when eating CBD gummies, as CBD inside each gummy can vary dramatically.

This variety also gives consumers all the choices they need. There are vegan CBD gummies that can meet most dietary restrictions, as well as gluten-free and sugar-free options.

The world of CBD gummies is so vast that anyone can find the perfect treat!

CBD Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? 

It is such a fantastic treat that provides many benefits by itself. So why not take these benefits to the next level by adding some CBD to the picture. 

CBD chocolates are some of the most exciting options out there while also feeling so safe and familiar. Whether you like dark chocolate or milk chocolate, there are plenty of delicious chocolate options out there in the CBD industry for you to enjoy!

CBD Pet Treats

We have focused mainly on humans, but we shouldn’t forget our furry friends. 

CBD pet treats are trendy! Pet lovers worldwide have discovered how CBD pet products are not only a nice treat, but they really help pets. Dogs and cats appear to receive many of the same benefits as humans do from CBD due to the similar endocannabinoid systems in their bodies with respect to the cellular processes and organ systems. 

Ask your veterinarian about CBD treats for your pet on your next visit.

CBD Edibles – Delicious Medical Treats 

You now know all you should know about CBD edibles.

CBD edibles are quick and easy to enjoy while also providing numerous amazing health benefits. There is nothing wrong with smoking cannabis or ingesting CBD oils and CBD tinctures, but none of these options are as tasty as CBD edibles. 

Give your lungs a break and instead take your mouth on a delicious journey into the world of CBD edibles. Remember to read all product labels and follow instructions closely. 

Finally, always store cannabis-infused edibles in a safe place away from pets and children.

For a huge selection of CBD edibles and CBD products, check out our online dispensary!

Stay safe and well!

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