Fake CBD Oil on Amazon, Here’s How You Avoid it

In the wake of marijuana legalization, companies of all sorts are competing hand over fist in trying to get a piece of the shiny, valuable cannabis pie. But are they all equal? Or rather, is what they sell all equal? When it comes to purchasing CBD oil on Amazon from the many suppliers, you’d be surprised.

Here in this article, we examine whether you can really buy CBD oil on Amazon, while also providing you with the very much important precautions to take, if you do decide on purchasing from the e-commerce giant.

But first, let’s start with what cbd oil is exactly.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabis compound containing a wide array of medical benefits without any psychoactive effects that’s commonly associated with THC (also known as tetrahydrocannabinol). It’s studied and proven to show great promise in treating many common ailments, such as anxiety, inflammation, insomnia and epileptic seizures (just to name a few).

CBD oil is essentially a cannabis molecule CBD in a carrier oil made for the purpose of consumption. There are various forms of CBD oil, including soft-gel capsules, tinctures and tongue sprays. Although its accessibility is no longer an issue, its legitimacy can be for the un-informed consumer.  


Buying CBD Oil on Amazon


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As an e-commerce giant, Amazon dominates the online shopping world, selling nearly everything from books to groceries and everything in between. In the face of today’s hemp renaissance , the sale of CBD oil on Amazon is widely considered.

But, can you really buy CBD oil on Amazon?

The short answer  is “yes” but there’s a bit of a catch…

When searching for “cbd oil”, results display products referred to as “hemp extracts”, “hemp seed oil” and “hemp oil extracts”. If you’re confused as to why there’s no mention of “cbd” whatsoever, it’s because that’s against Amazon’s policy to sell CBD products.

Despite the passing of the 2014 farm bill, which renders CBD derived from hemp legal at the federal level, Amazon refrains from selling CBD on their platform entirely.

In response to this ban and to remain listed on Amazon, product descriptions are made intentionally vague. Because Amazon allows for the sell of hemp products, such as hemp bags, hemp beer and hemp soap, CBD oil is often masqueraded as some form of hemp oil or hemp extract.

At the same time, it’s essential to be wary of what you’re truly purchasing. Afterall, the last thing you want is to be left with a bunch of hemp seed oil rather than the CBD oil you’ve been long seeking for your anxiety.


Is it Safe to Buy CBD oil from Amazon?

Yes, it is. But there’s one thing you should check for when purchasing CBD oil on Amazon.

As CBD oil is often marketed as “hemp extract”, it’s important to keep in mind that such a name can be an alias used in order to stay listed on Amazon’s website.

To ensure you don’t fall prey to online fraudsters view the back label of supplement facts and look for hemp extract as a key ingredient!

Good luck!


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