High Scale – How to Gauge your Ganja Intake

high scale

Ever been so high on the high scale that you have difficulty putting it into words? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. 

The thing about weed is that once you start hitting it, it’s hard to stop quitting it! Stoners are a resilient bunch, which means that it may take going overboard a few times to learn when the perfect time to say ‘when!’ actually is. 

This stubbornness has the potential to lead to some pretty sticky situations. Whether it’s suffering from a rabid case of the munchies or falling victim to the unsavoury green out experience, there are definitely consequences for hitting the higher range of the high scale.

So, with this in mind, just how high is too high? Luckily, we’ve developed our very own high scale to help you determine just that! 

High Scale Rankings

Level 1 – Sober

This high-level ranking is reserved for those who manage to hit a joint once or twice before quitting. At this level, you’re not going to feel much, if anything at all. 

One hit off of a joint or a THC vape pen, unless it’s an extraordinarily large one, will not cause you to feel anything at all. 

At this point, you’re in the clear to keep smoking! 

Level 2 – Are We There Yet?

At a level 2 on the high scale, you’re going to feel something, but you’re not going to be entirely sure if it’s the weed or not. Is it that coffee you had this morning? Are you disassociating? Are you just extremely tired? 

Whatever the symptoms are, it’s hard to pin them entirely on the weed you’ve been hitting. You definitely feel something. You’re just not 100% sure whether it’s solely the weed that’s responsible. 

Anyways, if you’re looking for a more noticeable effect, you’re good to keep smoking.

Level 3 – Buzzed

high scale rankings

Okay, so you’re finally starting to feel something. Maybe some mild euphoria, a hint of physical sedation, perhaps a few giggles have escaped from your mouth. 

There’s no denying it. You’re high, but you’re not high as you want to be. At this point, you’ve most likely burned down half a joint or hit a few bowls. Staying buzzed for too long isn’t fun since it’ll wear off. 

If you want to take things to the next level, it’s still safe to do so at this point. 

Level 4 – High

At this high scale level, you’re going to be high. Red eyes, cottonmouth, the giggles, losing your train of thought – the whole shebang. 

A level 4 is just the right amount of high that you want to be for many people. You’re high, but you’re still functional. Conversations will flow smoother, and jokes will hit harder, but you’re still very much in control of your body and your mind. 

You might zone out for a couple of seconds during a conversation, but you can regain control of your train of thought just as fast. 

Should you keep smoking? Well, that depends if you want to get higher! As we’ve said before, this level is perfect for experiencing weed’s effects. If you want to go higher, you better be ready!

Level 5 – Stoned

You’re high, and that’s the only thing that’s on your mind right now, that, and maybe grabbing a couple of slices of pizza. 

At this level on the high scale, you’re going to be visibly high. Ever go for some late-night grub and see some red-eyed, zombie-like people ordering food with huge grins on their faces?

Yeah. At this point, you’re that high. 

The giggles have now evolved into fits of laughter, and your train of thought is nearly completely derailed. The couch you’re sitting on will feel like it’s the comfiest thing in the world and you won’t want to do anything else except sink into it and eat. 

If you’re eating an edible and you’ve dosed it perfectly, you’re going to end up here. That said, don’t make the mistake of eating an edible, feeling buzzed after 30 minutes, and then redosing again. More likely than not, that edible hasn’t fully kicked in yet. Consuming another dose will take you right to level 8, and you don’t want to be at a level 8 when you’re not experienced with weed!

For beginner smokers, we recommend cutting it off here. There are no more green pastures for you moving forwards.

Level 6 – Baked

So you’ve decided to say “screw it” and burn down another doob or hit another bowl. Congratulations, you’re about to get baked! 

Reaching a 6 on the high scale means that you’ll most likely be approaching couchlock or are already glued to your couch. You’re going to feel heavily sedated if you’re smoking an indica, or experience racing thoughts if you’re smoking a sativa. 

All the usual activities that one might enjoy while they’re high are almost impossible at this point. You’ll lack the coordination to do well in video games, and your focus will be so short that keeping track of the plot of a movie will be nigh impossible. 

For us, a level 6 is a comfortable level for when we just want to chill. However, we know more experienced smokers like to take it to the extreme, so let’s move on to the next high scale ranking!

Level 7 – Fried

What does “fried” mean? In the high scale context, it means that your brain is fried. You’re not going to be able to keep up with conversations anymore, and you’ve most likely already mentally clocked out. Others might think that you’re paying intense attention towards them or a movie, but you’re just zoning out. 

At this point in the high scale, you’re not going to want to do much of anything. Don’t get us wrong. You still have mobility. You’ll just feel so incredibly sedated that even standing up will prove a challenge! 

At a level 7, you’ll understand why so many medical patients look towards potent THC doses to treat their insomnia

Level 8 – Well Done

You’re done. Well done. If we were to compare this high scale level to a steak, it’d be entirely charred. We don’t know why anyone would want to get this high or ever move beyond this point But, hey, to each their own.

At a level 8, things start to get a little bit weird. If you’re an experienced toker, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you’re overzealous with your edibles and bite off more than you can chew – literally and figuratively – you’re going to have a difficult time.

At this point in the high scale, feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and insecurity start to creep in. You’ll be so entrenched in your own thoughts that it’ll almost feel like you’re talking to yourself or as if you’re in a movie. 

For advanced users who’ve experienced this before, they’re well equipped to weather the storm. 

For a greenhorn smoker? Good luck.

Level 9 – Sky High

This is the point of no return. 

You may feel like you want to reach a 10 on the high scale, but believe us when we say that nobody wants to get that high. A level 9 is as close as you can get without suffering extreme consequences, and even that is often too much for many stoners.

A level 9 is much like a level 8, but even more intense. Intrusive thoughts might try to enter your mind, but if you’ve managed to achieve a state of zen, you can just ride it out and maybe listen to a podcast or something. 

Honestly, we don’t know. It’s hard to remember the things we’ve done the times we’ve got this high. 

Level 10 – Green Out

When smoking weed, you don’t seek to achieve a level 10 on the high scale. Getting this high is the result of either one of two things. Either you messed up your dosage and ate too much of an edible, or you’ve overestimated yourself and smoked more than you can handle.

Whatever the case may be, prepare to have your night ruined. 

Nausea, headaches, anxiety, and panic attacks are all possible symptoms you’ll suffer from when you reach this point on the high scale. You’re going to green out, and that’s not a good thing.

Luckily, it’s physically impossible to overdose on weed, and while the symptoms will suck in the short term, there won’t be any long-term consequences or side effects. You might feel like you’re dying, but trust us, you’re not. 

If you or a friend are experiencing these symptoms and it seems to be getting out of hand, now is the time to consider seeking medical attention. However, for the most part, you can handle it without the need for that. 

There are things you can do to survive a green out. Just check out our guide

Where do You Rank on the High Scale?

What are the furthest limits you pushed on the high scale? Are you an easy-breezy 6, or do you like to keep things safe at a level 3 or a 4? If you’re an experienced toker, you might even feel comfortable hitting a 7 or 8! 

No matter how high you prefer to get, we hope this high scale write-up helps you put thoughts onto paper to describe your high experiences. The next time your smoke buddies ask you how high you are, you can be sure to let them know! 

As always, when indulging in some righteous herb, it’s best to stay responsible. Learn your limit and stay without your tolerance level to avoid unsavoury situations such as greening out

After all, weed is all about having a good, but also safe, time.

Happy toking!

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