What Happens If You Smoke Too Much Weed: A Survival Guide


Can you smoke too much weed? What will happen if you do? And exactly how much weed is too much anyway? While it’s been scientifically proven that you cannot fatally overdose on weed, it is possible to go overboard with it.

Cannabis can have some great positive side effects, but smoking weed too much also has a downside. No one likes the moment of dread when you realize you’re way too high. 

Maybe you’re a newbie with low tolerance, you took a few more puffs than you usually do or you tried a concentrate and it knocked you about more than you expected.  

If that moment does ever happen, we’ve got your questions with solutions covered.

Let’s explore what happens if you smoke too much weed and what you can do about it.

Does the Intake Method Matter?

Yes. Oral ingestion of cannabis in the form of edibles or capsules is much more likely to result in an overdose than smoking cannabis.

Edibles tend to be very potent, and many people take too much, not realizing they are highly concentrated. It’s also easier to recognize if you’re getting too high when smoking.

By comparison, edibles can take an hour to react. The body must metabolize an edible – that makes the cannabis effect much stronger.




What are the Signs I’ve Smoked Too Much Weed?

1) Dry mouth

The first sign you’ll probably notice is a dry mouth and throat. The dryness occurs when the cannabinoids bind to your salivary gland receptors.

While this can happen even when you smoke a little, the condition will worsen as you smoke more. The dryness can actually become quite uncomfortable; even drinking a glass of water won’t help.

If the dryness persists, use a cough drop or go to the pharmacy and get a demulcent to coat your mucus membranes.

2) Paranoia

Smoking too much weed can also make you paranoid and anxious. Cannabis affects everyone differently. Some people build up a tolerance over time, and when intoxicated, they no longer have these symptoms.

For others, these symptoms will always be present. Some research studies show that cannabis will elevate your current state of mind. So, if you’re already nervous, smoking too much can increase your mental state to full-on anxiety.

It also depends on what strain you’re smoking. High CBD strains are not known for this effect, but strains high in THC do lead to heightened paranoia in half of all smokers. The best way to prevent these feelings is to smoke only when you are in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

3) Increased heart rate and blood pressure

Many smokers report an increased heart rate and blood pressure, and if you already have a heart condition this can aggravate your issue or increase your risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Sometimes, when you smoke too much weed, you may get tremors that can last seconds or up to 30 minutes. This effect has not been studied specifically by researchers, but cannabis is known to affect the central nervous system’s dopamine signaling system. Tremors may be part of a withdrawal from the dopamine.

4) A drop in blood sugar levels

Marijuana over-users may also experience blood sugar drops. If this happens, drink a sugar-loaded drink or eat a sugary snack to counteract the effects. You might experience what is known as a green-out, meaning you may become pale, weak or sick or might even lose consciousness momentarily.

Always make sure you are smoking in a safe place where you can’t fall or injure yourself. Never smoke by yourself, particularly if you aren’t really sure how cannabis will affect you. Have friends nearby and at least one who is designated not to smoke so that he or she can help if your blood sugar falls too low.

5) Memory loss

Tasks that involve memory function do get harder if you smoke too much weed. You also might find that you become very complacent with the status quo and are not really motivated to do your normal day-to-day activities.

6) Coughing

Smoking too much or too often can result in excess phlegm production and a persistent cough. Your risk of getting a respiratory tract infection goes up and your eyes are constantly irritated. Over time, you can develop lower cognitive ability or have frequent hallucinations, or even psychosis.




What Should I Do if I Smoke Too Much Weed?

First, get some fresh air to clear your head. Open windows to get rid of the cannabis smoke, or go outside for a walk. If you’re impaired, make sure someone walks with you. Exercise gets more oxygen to your brain and that can counteract the effects of too much cannabis.

Splash cold water on your face to calm your nerves, or take a warm shower or bath. Make sure that someone is with you because you certainly don’t want to fall asleep in the tub. A shower is a better option. It can rejuvenate you and calm your nerves.

If you haven’t eaten anything, have a meal, but make it a healthy one. Your blood sugar may be low because of the cannabis, so eating something will give you more energy. If you aren’t hungry enough for an entire meal, still eat something, like a healthy snack. 

Make sure you are also well hydrated. Dehydration can really enhance the effects of smoking too much weed, so make sure you drink water. You can drink other beverages too, but make sure they do not have alcohol or caffeine.

You may just want to sleep it off. Go to bed or take a nap to give your body time to metabolize the marijuana intake.

Final Thoughts

It’s always advisable to take breaks between sessions of smoking cannabis. Give yourself some cannabis-free days in between.

Remember that the best rule for indulgences of any kind – including marijuana – is “everything in moderation.”

Follow these tips to ensure you don’t smoke too much, but if you do, follow our tips for shaking it off. Go forth and be safe.


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