THC Vape Pen – Your Full Guide 101

THC Vape Pen

The use of a THC vape pen is a simple and straightforward method of vaping, regardless if it’s your first time. 

Initially, vape pens were used for nicotine vaping. However, today we have access to a variety of vape pens that can be used with vape juices, oil cartridges and even dried flowers.

These pens are growing exponentially in popularity due to their incredible versatility and ability to smoke your cannabis in an easy and discreet manner without attracting unnecessary attention.

Curious, how you can utilize this great device in your next smoking session? Let’s dive into it.

What is a THC Vape Pen?

Also known as the ‘hash oil’ pen, this is a kind of vaporizer specifically designed to vaporize cannabis oils and distillates. 

They are commonly referred to as pens due to their compact design and its close resemblance to traditional pens. A THC vape pen is typically consisting of two pieces: a cartridge and a battery.

hooti vape pen

The batteries come in different styles – the button or non-button style, cylindrical or rectangular, large or small. Depending on your reference, there is always a style to match. 

One of the most common weed pen batteries is the 50 thread, and this goes with a large portion of pre-filled vape cartridges on the cannabis market.

The ‘hash oil’ vape cartridge comes with a mouthpiece, heating element and a chamber, which is activated when contact is established with the vape battery. 

The vape cartridge chamber is filled with distillate and oil, which has a large number of cannabis cannabinoids and terpenes.

When shopping for the right kind of THC vape pen for your needs, there are several considerations to make. Say, for instance, the battery capacity and type will dictate factors such as device heat duration and its lifespan.

THC Vape Pen vs Smoking Weed 

Vaping Is Less Harmful

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The vapour in marijuana contains fewer carcinogens, tar and other toxic by-products than weed smoking. 

Burning plant materials trigger several compounds that can harm humans, although opting for vaping reduces your exposure to such harmful substances.

It, however, doesn’t imply that marijuana vaping is entirely suitable for the body. You could still get exposed to those toxic compounds by vaping, but not so much as from smoking weed. 

According to the research carried out by the department of health and social care in England, vaping your marijuana is 95% less toxic than smoking weed.

As with any health-related issue, prevention is critical. If you have any health-related problems caused by marijuana smoking, then a quality vaporizer could be the remedy.

Marijuana Vaping is Cost-effective

However strange this might sound, it’s right in every sense of it. Getting a quality THC vape pen might be expensive; however, it would prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

In cannabis smoke, the cannabinoids concentration is less than what you have in cannabis vapour, which sometimes gets to 80%

The vapour in a vaporizer goes straight from the chamber to your mouth, having no room to dissipate. On the flip side, when smoking half of the cannabinoids wastes into thin air and you have zero chance of retrieving them.

You will require fewer herbs to get the same medication with a vaporizer. If you are a heavy user, this could potentially add up to $1000.

As found in this study, vaporizing marijuana under the perfect temperature will produce for you a higher concentration of cannabinoids.

You Get a Cleaner Taste

Smoking weed directly from a joint gives you a pure, rich cannabinoids taste, but it’s even better when you use a vaporizer. What’s more, with a vaporizer, you feel the different flavours between the various strains.

RM vape pen kit

When smoking a vaporizer, the taste is purer and cleaner because there is zero presence of toxic by-products.

Furthermore, to fine-tune your vaping experience, you have the option of adjusting your flavour in the temperature settings.

Is a THC Vape Pen Right For You? 

According to a recent study, oils and vaping liquids could potentially cause harm to your lungs. 

Vaping experts are still yet to carry out extensive research on the vaping since there could be harmful toxins that are unknown.

A Rigorous Learning Curve

As a beginner, one of the first significant frustrations in vaping would observe that there is a steep learning curve. You have to do your homework thoroughly and perform extensive research in sourcing quality vaporizer or THC vape pens. 

As if that isn’t enough, you also have to begin learning how to use it to get the best out of it.


Purchasing a high-quality vaporizer or a vape pen can set you back a couple of hundreds of dollars, especially if you are buying from government dispensaries.

However, it does not need to be like that. Online dispensaries, also known as MOMs, can provide you with fairly priced products and usually, they carry much stronger options than government dispensaries do.

You can forget buying a $100 vape from OCS. With many online dispensaries, like Buy Low Green, you can buy your reliable and cost-effective THC vape pen for $60.

Constant Battery Charge

Owning a vape pen means that you have to charge your batteries regularly. 

Although, it’s not that bad, because you get to have several vaping sessions before your battery juices run out again. So enjoy it while it lasts!

General Maintenance

In order to get the best vaping experience from your vaporizer or THC vape pen, you have to ensure that it’s always clean. 

Sometimes this can be a drag, especially when you forget to do so. However, cleaning your vaporizer is crucial to lengthen your vaping device’s life and get a better smoking experience.

Vaping Could Increase your Tolerance

vaping weed

Your tolerance for cannabinoids will increase the more you vape. Eventually, it may lead you to consume more vape juices or oil cartridges to get the same effects. 

However, there is good news. To avoid building your tolerance, you can take short t breaks. Known as short breaks from cannabis consumption, they will help you gain your sensitivity and get things back to normal.

Should You Buy a THC Vape Pen?

A vaporizer or vape pen is excellent possession for any connaisseur. 

Either you want it as your trusty backup or as your primary smoking device. Enjoying your THC portably, discreetly and easily is worth every bit of investment on the vape pen.

While vaping and smoking are the same kinds of activity, they, however, possess significant differences in the feel, taste and procedure they both take. Vaping marijuana is considered to be more healthy, cleaner and 95 percent less toxic than smoking weed.   

So if you are looking forward to vaping weed instead of smoking, give it a try! 

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