How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

Okay, so we’ve all been there before. Either at our parent’s house, in the college dorm or living beneath a pesky landlord – at one point or another we have ALL had to deal with the eternal question plaguing the stoner in our closet toker days: How to get rid of weed smell?

Well not to worry my friends, Buy Low Green is here once more with another no-nonsense guide on how you can toke in utmost security and secrecy, free to blaze the sweet ganja with comfort and impunity. The methods range from simple to complex, depending on the level of odor control needed.

We’ll start with some simple methods and work our way up.

How to Hide the Smell of Weed

weed brownies, marijuana brownies, brownies, how to get rid of weed smell, what is a sploof, sploof, how to hide the smell of weedFirst and foremost, we have the classic towel trick! In case your older brother never showed you this one, I’ll break it down for you right now. Basically, to stop the smoke and hide the smell of weed from entering another room, one thing you can do is place a wet towel in the crack between your door and the floor. This may not seem like much but it can mean the difference in getting caught when stuck in close quarters with those you wish to hide your blazing from.

While effective, this plan is far from perfect. The second someone OPENS the door, the jig will be up and your ass is getting grounded. What can we do to combat this you may be wondering? Well, this method ALSO dates back to time immemorial, and has probably been used to cover the smell of illicit substances for thousands of years. Incense!

Simply have one burning VERY close to the door that someone may barge through, and this should be enough to at least get rid of the weed smell. Keep in mind, if you’re hotboxing your pad there is only so much an incense can do. I would recommend blazing with the window wide open, blowing smoke outside as much as you can. Once its outdoors, its your problem anymore! It was probably the neighbours smoking up right? Yah, right, that’s all you need to say.

Another option you may want to look into giving a try is by smoking a hookah with flavored Shisha. This stuff has a very powerful odor, and very well could be enough to cover the smell of cannabis. That is of course, if the people you’re trying to hide the blazing from are actually cool with you smoking a hookah in the house. No doubt for some of you this is not an option, but for the few that it is, please enjoy and pass the hose on to the left.

Using A Vaporizer

how to get rid of weed smell, what is a sploof, sploof, how to hide the smell of weedIf you’ve ever wondered how the neighbours of the Vapor Lounge don’t get annoyed from all that cannabis consumed. Well it’s in part due to the fact they prefer their patrons to use a vaporizer. Vaporizing cannabis doesn’t require the combustion of cannabis to deliver THC and other cannabinoids into our system. By vaporizing cannabis we can skip the burning and therefore turn down the volume of your weed. Not only is it a healthier method of cannabis consumption, your parents won’t be banging on your door while you have a spliff in your mouth!

What is a Sploof?

Okay, finally we have one more method you can try. It requires a bit of work, but when done correctly it can eliminate the smell of

how to get rid of weed smell, what is a sploof, sploof, how to hide the smell of weedweed almost entirely. It is called a “Sploof”.  You’re probably asking, is this guy serious? What is a sploof? To which I would assure you, I am totally serious.

Essentially, a sploof is a way to combat the smell of marijuana smoke the second it leaves your lungs. Some of the more primitive models are as simple as a cardboard tube with a bunch of dryer sheets wrapped around one end. Simply blow your toke through the cardboard tube, and what exits the end will have its smell SIGNIFICANTLY reduced.

If you don’t feel like going all DIY on this project, you can always purchase a sploof from a headshop. It’ll last quite a bit longer and save your bounce sheets for dirty clothes! Most sploofs are rated for about 250 sessions, which can be an eternity or a month.

Well there you have it friends, a few tried and true (and a few more exotic) methods to keep your blazing habits under wraps. Now you know how to get rid of weed smell, visit Buy Low Green for a wide variety of Cannabis and related products. Hope you enjoyed this guide, and thanks for reading.

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