THC Distillate – Where Potency Meets Purity

thc distillate

If you’re in the market for a weed product that contains the highest level of THC with the least plant matter possible, look no further than THC distillate.

Through the use of advanced distillation and extraction processes, THC distillates are made with consumers like you in mind. 

If you have no idea what THC distillate is, that’s totally fine. We’re here to explain it to you and outline precisely why tokers like you adore this cannabis concentrate.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know all you need to know about THC distillate, including its benefits and how to use it. 

While there are both CBD and THC variations, this article will focus strictly on THC distillate. 

What is Distillate?

thc distillate definition

Without using complicated science terms, a distillate is basically a concentrated form of a single compound. 

Depending on the extract of choice and extraction process used, producers can isolate single compounds to create concentrates. While CBD distillate is widely used, it doesn’t even come close to the popularity of THC distillate.

Distillates are purely one cannabinoid extracted from the weed plant and made into a consumable product. THC distillate contains only pure THC, without having all the other compounds that buds possess. 

This fact is essential to note because weed produces over 90 different types of cannabinoids

The Impacts of THC

THCA is converted into the bioactive cannabinoid of THC by applying heat. This process is called decarboxylation, and it is critical for activating THCA. 

Inhaling this decarboxylated THC in smoke or through vaping is what gets you feeling all warm and fuzzy and high.

THC is known to produce the characteristic high that we all know and love. Specifically, these effects include:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Short-term memory alterations
  • Distortion of perception of time
  • Anti-nausea
  • Increases heart rate
  • Enhanced appetite
  • And more

This bit of science helps us understand the impacts of THC alone, without factoring in other cannabinoids and terpenes

With new technologies, producers have been able to isolate THC to create high potency weed products. 

THC Distillate Compared to Full-Spectrum Products

We are focusing so much on THC because, with THC distillate, all you’re getting is pure THC. 

These distillate products do not contain a range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. While there are many amazing compounds made by the cannabis plant under each of these categories, with THC distillates you won’t find any of them. 

That said, we recommend going with full-spectrum products if you want an extract with a mix of cannabinoids and terpenes.

With full-spectrum extracts, be they edibles, wax, hash, topicals, tinctures or other cannabis products, you will find that they are packed with terpenes and flavonoids. When it comes to buying these products, including vape cartridges or shatter, the strains used become much more significant. 

The extraction method will also impact how many different cannabinoids get drawn out from the flower and into the oil or other extract.

As we said before, distillates come without all these other compounds. Instead, they contain pure THC extracted from the cannabis plant. You can get distillate products in both THC and CBD varieties. 

When selecting which distillate product to buy, unlike with full-spectrum extracts,  the strains used are less important than the extraction method.

How is THC Distillate Made?

thc distillate how its made

Making these potent concentrates is not an easy process. In other words, do not try this at home. Modern labs use advanced technologies and special equipment to extract THC compounds from the starting material, aka your favourite wacky tobacky plant. 

Given the high-tech equipment necessary for these processes, it is also ridiculously expensive.

The extraction process typically uses a solvent, which is a substance that can absorb all the goodness of THC and its righteous compounds. Later, the solvent is removed from the mix, and all you have left is the pure, perfect THC. 

The technology used is known as short-path distillation. This new and advanced extraction process takes advantage of the ability for pressure to reduce the amount of heat needed to reach boiling points. 

Through the use of high-pressure vacuums, this process allows extraction to occur at lower temperatures.

With less exposure to high heat, this method ensures that the THC compounds are extracted safely and effectively. The process generally starts with the removal of terpenes from the bud. 

Some product varieties reintroduce these terpenes for additional flavour at a later stage, but not THC distillate. 

After the initial extraction process, the second stage involves removing fats and other impurities, along with any leftover solvent.

The result of these steps is a pure, odourless, and potent mix of THC compounds. 

Following this, a wiped film evaporator can be used to turn this thick, ooey-gooey extract into refined oil, a process used to create the liquid inside vape cartridges, edibles, tinctures, and more.

One of the most commonly used solvents is CO2, which reaches a supercritical state under the right environmental pressures, namely pressure and heat. In this state, the CO2 is able to act as a gas by passing through buds. 

The fascinating twist about using CO2 is that it also acts like a liquid in that it absorbs compounds from the weed. This combination allows for a thorough extraction of THC compounds present throughout the bud.

Then, purification processes are used to remove excess plant matter to ensure that all solvent is removed. And just when you think it’s finally over, these concentrates are put through another process called winterization to remove excess waxes and chlorophyll. 

Producers also ensure that decarboxylation occurs, so that your THC distillate contains ready-to-go, bioactive THC compounds.

The labs performing these extraction methods are heavily regulated and utilize high safety standards. The professionals who are trained to do this work know what they are doing. This is critical to ensure that this expensive and complex process remains safe. 

It also means that the extract you consume is safe and reliable. Never try this work yourself, and only buy from reputable laboratories and dispensaries with high safety standards.

What are the Benefits of THC Distillate?

There are multiple benefits for opting for THC distillates. Whether for medicinal or recreational weed use, this form of concentrate can help you reach your goals.

These benefits include:


It is hard to overlook the benefits of having such a pure and potent product. Whether you vape a THC distillate cartridge or use the extracts to make edibles or oils, there is so much you can do with this potent product. 

These concentrates can reach 90-99% purity and potency, which is insane. There is no better, more efficient way to get high at home than through dabbing distillate.

This potent form of weed may allow you to get more high, but it can also mean smoking or vaping less overall. Since there is so much THC packed into a small amount of product, blazers find that they only need to smoke a bit to reach their goals. 

In other words, a little goes a long way.

Lack of Plant Matter

Since THC distillates are 90-99% pure THC, you are inherently smoking less plant matter for the same amount of THC. This means that you burn fewer leaves, stalks, etc. 

The result is less inhalation of potentially harmful carcinogens. These compounds are known to cause cancer and can result from burning weed. 

So, you have less plant matter when it comes to distillates and more of what you want, THC.


It is impossible to beat the efficiency of THC distillates. A consumer who may need large amounts of weed to get high will find they only need a small amount of distillate. 

This can help save you time, and ensure you only need to take a quick dab before heading out the door. Instead of going through the process of rolling and smoking potentially multiple joints, you can instead opt for a dab and get just as high as you’d like within minutes.

Talk about efficiency! 

The Entourage Effect

The one downside of THC distillate is the loss of the potential entourage effect. This notion states that cannabinoids and terpenes work together in harmony to enhance benefits. 

Basically, the total impact is greater than the sum of the parts. This concept relates to the dozens of cannabinoids produced by the weed plant, along with terpenes and flavonoids. 

The entourage effect could potentially be beneficial for medical users, in particular, because it provides a full-spectrum experience. However, as always, be sure to discuss it with your doctor first.

There is plenty of fascinating material to read for those interested in learning more about the science behind the entourage effect. 

How to Use THC Distillate

 thc distillate how to

The two most common ways to consume THC distillate are dabbing and vaping. You can use a dab rig to vaporize your concentrate for easy inhalation. There are also many vape cartridges that use THC distillate to create a potent vaping experience. 

That said, you can also add a bit of THC distillate to your bowls or joints to add an extra boost. This method is a way to enjoy the best of both worlds through indulging in the flavours of your bud while increasing potency so that the effects pack more of a punch.

When it comes to dabbing or vaping THC distillate, temperature matters, when using full-spectrum products, you have to consider the boiling points of THC and CBD, along with other terpenes and flavonoids. 

With distillates, all you have to do is have the THC reach its boiling point and you’ll be good to go.

Since these distillates contain already decarbed THC compounds, you can also ingest it directly. You can also place it under your tongue for a few minutes for a rapid dose of THC. 

Be sure to exercise caution with this incredibly potent extract. Depending on your tolerance, it can really blow you away, so be safe and stay within your comfort zone.

While less common, you can use THC distillates to create infused edibles or topicals as well. This process is not that different from making edibles or topicals using other cannabis extracts and concentrates. You can do this at home yourself. 

The same can be said about making oils or tinctures with a distillate base.  Ensure you find instructions that are designed to be combined with THC distillate, as this is a different starting point than dried flower.

THC Distillate – Take a Little to Feel a Lot 

THC distillate is one of the most efficient ways to indulge in the righteous effects of THC. With the multitude of methods you can use to consume it, it is also ideal for those looking for versatility in their product. 

However, be warned. THC distillate is very potent and should be taken in low doses to start, especially if you are new to this type of extract. 

It’s best to stick to the tried and true method of starting low and going slow. Even if you are a seasoned toker with a higher tolerance, you may be surprised by just how hard THC distillate will hit you. 

As always, make sure that your distillate comes from a reputable and reliable dispensary to ensure that it was made under the appropriate conditions and is safe to consume. 

With that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

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