What is Hash: Guide to the Best Ways of Consuming and Making Hashish 

what is hash
Hash, or Hashish, has a mysterious history, but what’s even more of a mystery is its lack of popularity. If you’re just hearing about hash for the first time, then have no worries because we promise after reading this you’ll no longer be asking, “What is Hash?”. With all the new cannabis concentrates on the market these days, like THC Distillate and shatter, and the dominance of vaporizer pens, it’s easy to forget that extracts have been around for quite some time. So you may have some questions.  So first up, what is hash?   

What is Hashish?

Hash is a smokable or vaporizable concentrate made out of cannabis. Hash is derived from kief, or the dried resin of the marijuana plants trichomes, which holds more cannabinoids and terpenoids than the rest of the plant. The resin can be extracted by using a cold water filtration or using pressure to produce a brick-like extract.  This extract is about 20-60% THC. This means it’s derived from the compounds responsible for the plant’s potency when it comes to the psychoactive effects, as well as its taste and aroma. And this is why, typically, hash offers a higher THC concentration than flowers because it is made by removing the plant’s trichomes (usually mechanically), and then compressed with pressure to create the hash.   

THC Levels

If you’re a newbie to hash, then you might want to take it slow; THC levels are 20-60%, depending on the strain and the expertise of the maker. As a comparison point, cannabis dry flower has an average potency of around 17% THC For more specialty types, like bubble hash, THC levels can reach upwards to 60%. When it comes to the liquid hash called hash oil, the potency climbs higher around 90% THC content. And importantly, hash is clean and solventless, which is something that you might value particularly for cannabis patients who are looking into different forms of cannabis for their daily regimen.   

Different Types of Hash and How They’re Made

That’s right – hash can take many different forms, from dry to sticky to oily. You can get solid hash (the traditional form) or hash oil.  Solid hash is more common because it usually involves a simple creation method of compressing trichomes. The quality of the solid hash depends on what strain it’s made of and how its made.  In comparison, butane hash oil and solvent hash oil is made using solvents such as alcohol, butane, hexane, or CO2, to extract the flower’s compounds.   

Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash has gained popularity due to it’s at home DIY nature. Bubble hash is made by taking the whole plant and freezing it to loosen up the trichomes. Once the trichomes have been frozen and made all loosey goosey, we can start to extract them from the plant itself.   By using an ice water filtration system, often referred to as bubble bags, we can collect the separated trichomes and THC while pressing them to form the concentrate known as Bubble Hash.  This solventless extraction is an amazing option for those looking to add a new product to their cannabis repertoire. 

Afghani and Lebanese Hash

Afghanistan may be more famous for its poppy fields, but it’s without a doubt a very important player in cannabis’ history. Afghanistan and Lebanon are among the forefathers of hash, providing the template that would eventually spread to Morocco and other parts of the world.  The climates in Afghanistan and Lebanon are similar, making them both perfect for growing indica style kush plants, the original flower used for Hashish. These plants have been vital to the continued presence of cannabis in modern-day society. To create Afghani and Lebanese hash the cannabis plant must first be dried. This was traditionally done by leaving the plant on the roof and letting the sun do its thing.  Once the plant has been dried, buds are sifted and beat to release all of its trichomes into a bucket or something that resembles one. The product that’s been sifted is then pressed into bricks, creating a dry and crumbly extract.

Moroccan Hash

While many may think that Moroccan Hash is an age-old product, the truth is that “Moroccan Hash” is a mid 20th-century product. Travellers from the “Hippy Hashish Trail” brought the dry sieving methods of making hashish from the Middle East.  Morocco has a very similar climate to Afghanistan and Lebanon, making it no surprise that they have similar methods of producing hash.  Moroccan hash is made in the exact same fashion that Afghani and Lebanese are made, typically using the dry sieving method that’s become world-famous at this point.

Indian Charas Hash

South East Asia also has a long-standing history with cannabis use. In particular, its affection for hash has been well recorded in India. Its first encounter with cannabis was in the form of “Bhang”, a smokeable concoction used for spiritual ceremonies. During the ‘Holi’ festival you’ll find Bhang lassi being prepared, a cannabis-infused drink.  From all this cannabis use, South East Asia is known for presenting the world with Charas Hash, also India’s favourite cannabis extract. This version of hash is by far the easiest to make, however it’s a bit messy and can be a waste of cannabis. Simply take the female plant of cannabis and rub it with your fingers to extract the resin and collect the kief oil.  After you’ve done this process over and over again with many buds, you’ll have collected a ball or brick of Charas Hash!  

Different Ways Hash Can be Consumed

Now that we’ve gone over what is hash, it’s different variations and how to make it, we’re going to get into the fun stuff! Using hash is really easy and can be used in almost any smoking aparatas you may have. Here’s an overview of the different ways hash can be consumed.  [Related Article: Secrets of How to Smoke Hash: Get Your Hashish on in a Hurry]  

1) Vaping

Vaping hash is one of the easiest and healthiest methods. It’s really versatile as you can use it in a concentrates vaporizer or add little bits to a dry vaporizer. Make sure to spread it out for even vaporization!

2) Using a Dab Rig

If you’ve ever done a dab with an extract such as shatter, then you already know how to dab hash. Just in case you’re new to the field, then it’s time to get learnt. Get the dab rig ready by heating up the nail. This can be done via a torch, or by using an electronic nail that self heats. Once it’s hot enough take a dab pick and place a little piece of hash on the nail. Next is to inhale the vapour and enjoy your hash high.

3) Smoking in a Joint or Spliff

For many years this was one of the most used methods of consuming hash. By rolling your hash into a snake, you can then place it in joint or rolling tobacco with a paper. It’s best to use cannabis but tobacco will also work.

4)  Glass Jar and Pin Method

This one is a bit odd, but a very successful method in consuming hash. First, you need to gather the supplies, a glass mason jar or a drinking cup, a push pin and a straw.  Start by taking your push pin and placing it upside down on the table with a piece of hash on the tip. Light the hash until there’s a flame and blow it out once it has caught flame. Place your glass jar over it and watch as it fills with smoke. Use the straw to inhale the smoke and repeat the process until your hash will no longer catch fire.  

5) Eating and Ingesting Hash Orally

This is one of the more debated methods, as science has shown us cannabis must be decarbed (Use decarbing article here) to produce effects. However, many claims to have consumed hash in larger amounts and fall into a psychedelic haze. What we can guarantee is if you use hash and bake an edible with it, you’ll have no problems feeling the effects!

6) Using a Pipe or Bong

As you could expect, using a pipe or bong is an easy and great method to smoke hash. You’ll want to use a layer of cannabis to keep the hash from falling through the bowl.  Breaking up the hash into little pieces will greatly help with the burn and create an overall better experience.  

What is Hash? Final Thoughts

In conclusion, hash is a very versatile extract that’s made by extracting the resin from cannabis trichomes. You can see that hash is loved all around the world and has been getting people stoned for centuries.  Now that you know what hash is, the question is, which method are you going to use to enjoy that hash high?    Have fun!

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